– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Starting a run of summer festivals before starting the 2nd leg of out Tragic Idol European tour

– You have just released your new album, “Tragic Idol”. How’s its feedback being so far?

So far , very positive, which is obviously good


– And how could you describe your new piece in 3 words?

New paradise lost


– I think this album is more straight-forward, stripped down and it also has less keyboards than “Faith Divides us – Death Unites us”. Was this something you consciously wanted to get?

We dont what to do anything for the sake of it, If you dont miss keyboards then they dont need to be added, also theres less complications in a live scenario


– Anyway it has plenty melody. Maybe this was due to a different way of approaching the songwriting?

We approach the songwriting pretty much the same on each album, maybe different ideas but the way in which we write is the same


– In some way this new effort is like going back to two of your best albums ever: “Icon” and “Draconian Times”. What do you think was the main reason behind this? Were you or are you still listening some of the bands/albums that inspired both records?

We still listen to the bands that we grew up listening to , those bands will always remain a part of life, similarities may be that its more a riff driven album than perhaps our last few albums , that were more melody driven I guess


– Last year you released “Draconian Times MMXI”; maybe this fact affect the “Tragic Idol’s” sound in some way?

Maybe subconsciously, Although its our best known album, It isn’t my favourite, and is something we wrote a long time ago, but the same people who wrote that , also wrote the new one so there’s bound to be similarities


– Talking about this, how has both the band as you as individual changed since the “Draconian Times” era?

Apart from ageing ,having children and becoming slaves to society, not that much


– Though he has been in the band for some years now, this has been your first opus with Adrian Erlandsson. How much input or what has he brought to the CD? And is having a steady drummer working better than doing albums with session drummers?

Adrian has done a great job on the album, He learns & records very quickly, Apart from feeling like a “band” from a touring pov its better to tour with the guy who played on the album and is a friend of course


– Once more seasoned Jens Bogren produced the album. What makes him so good and fitting for PARADISE LOST? Moreover this time went to England to record it.

It was half UK/Sweden. where we record is usually about logistics thesedays! On a different note, Jens did a great job on the last , and it felt right for this one too


– I read in some interviews the recordings in Sweden for your previous effort were too much like “The Shining”. What does this mean?

The studio was very remote, It turned into cabin fever for one or 2 members of the band


– You have done a video for “Honesty in Death”. How were the

creative process and the shooting like? I think this is one of the most representative tunes of the whole album; was your decision to choose this concrete track?

Its a good all round rep of the album, We just wanted a miserable mini film for the video, As we always find short stories infinitely more interesting that 5 blokes headbanging in a factory. Although I guess we will do that in the future again too!


– And do you plan filming any other clips for this album?

Yes, There has been talks! Although nothing confirmed as yet


– You have been around for several years, always been quite active both in studio and on stage. What’s the secret recipe for such longevity? What does keep you motivated?

Apart from the love of music,There little else we could actually do. Its a lifestyle we lead , not a hobby and its been that way for 25 years. I guess we are institutionalised


– As I said, you have toured a lot, which I guess can be hard some times. What are both the high and low points of touring?

If people enjoy the show, then thats the high point, nearly everything else is just par for the cause , travelling , bad food etc. low points are long times away from home and being ill on the road.


– And finally, I’ve seen you have some European dates and shows at festivals but, no plans of coming back to Spain anytime soon?

Unsure about club shows, but We have at least one Spanish festival to come this year, Also The Spanish Sonosphere show was a real highlight and a great way to finish the 1st leg of the Euro tour.


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Cheers, Drive safety and look after Mum.


Tania Giménez


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