– First off, thank you so much for answering our interview. If I’m not mistaken you are now recording a new album; how are currently being the recording sessions of this new effort?

You are quite welcome,brother.And as far as recording Steels new álbum Dark Castle,everything sounds good but is moving a Little slow.

– You haven’t released any new material since a long time; could you tell us how is going to be this new MEDIEVAL STEEL’s record? And how did arise the comebacj of the band?

Dont really understand the first part of this question,but,as far as Steels new álbum it is going to be heavy and Steels best álbum to date. We realize that people around the world are still interested in Medieval Steels music.Hence, the comeback.


– This year you have released a compilation album entitled “The Anthology of Steel”, and in 2005 it alsocame out your “The Dungen Tunes”. Didn’t you think about publishing new material between those years?

I had a hard time finding the right lineup of players for the band.But,now |I have them.They are Jack Hardin-guitar,Cary Scarbrough-guitar,Chuck Jones-bass guitar,JR Grant-drums.\which is a killer lineup.


– Probably MEDIEVAL STEEL is one of the most cult bands into the metallic underground. Your 1984 EP is one of the most precious collector pieces, and also one of the most expensive ones. During that period, did you think years later things would be like this?

Honestly,no.But, I did know those songs were strong and would stand the test of time.


– How were those times like? Did you play many shows with this 1984 recording? Whom did you share stage with?

They were good times.We played all over the states.We shared the stage with band like Anthrax,Raven,etc…..


– Nowadays thanks to the Internet is easier have access to unknown albums and bands. Have you noticed this due to the new technologies and younger Metal fans?

Yes I have noticed and we love it.Because without it we would still be trying to get our music out.As far as the younger fans,they are the next generation to carry on the metal code.


– Something I would like to know is why didn’t you have continuity and recorded more albums? Other bands into the US Epic Metal as WARLORD, OMEN or CIRITH UNGOL had more luck, and others as MANILLA ROAD are still releasing great albums. What as the main reason behind this?

We really never had a stable lineup,for one reason.A bass player is really hard to find for one reason.We had two bass players pass away and a number of guitar players explode on stage,hahaha.


– Coming back to the present, next year you will be playing at Germany’s Keep it True. I’m devoted to that fest and I can tell you anticipation to see the band is just maximum. Could you anticipate us something about how will those shows be like?

High energy and tight.


– Do you have any other gigs planned for next year?

Yes we do.So far Greece,Japan.and hopefully others.We would be honored top lay there too if oppurtunity arises.


– And on a view to the future; will there be more abums by MEDIEVAL STEEL? Do you considere the possibility of rereleasing on vinyl your 1984 EP?

Yes,After Dark Castle we have another LP coming out called Inquisition.It is going to be heavy and high energy.Hopefully it will be released the beginnng of 2013.


– So that has been everything from our side, our best wished and hope we could you in Spain.

Thank you so much. You Are so welcome brother.And we hope to see you soon,Hail to all Steel fans in Spain,keep the faith.


Paco Gómez


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