– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

Hello Tania, Thank you so much for reaching out to me. As you know, Knight Fury has released their debut album “Time to Rock”. It is available from Pure Steel Records in Vinyl format to be released in August with an exclusive White cover as compared to the CD Black cover.

We have also just signed a deal with Rubicon Music in Japan for the Japanese release which includes 2 bonus tracks. That will be available world wide in September. The “Time to Rock” CD has been available from retailers worldwide since the release and you can also order signed copies from

So as you can see, we have been quite busy between the music, the marketing, the promotion, and every other side of the business. The last 2 weeks have been crazy getting the bonus tracks done for the label in Japan. Excellent songs and they fit right at home on the album.


– You have just released the first KNIGHT FURY’s album, your new project. Could you introduce this band to all our readers and what prompted you creating it?

There was so much that went into the arrangement and production of the album that I couldn’t have anyone but the best players on the CD. Everything had to be just right. After I had written all the songs I knew what I needed to fill in the gaps and to allow other professionals to add to the songs.

David Ellefson (Megadeth) played all the bass tracks. He did a great job and fit in exactly where I wanted him to. Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Impelliteri, Fifth Angel) played all the drums tracks. We both had a similar vision for what we wanted. All of us wanted to push the envelope of great song writing and musicianship. The tracks we recorded are what made the album so great alongside the great song writing. William King (vocalist) really was what pushed us over the edge. He was able to write the lyrics that truly showed the passion of the music. At times I swore he was just looking at my life and writing songs about it. I still ask him that but he denies it….lol His voice is legendary and often compared to Geoff Tate or Midnight.


– Despite this is a new project, you are not a newcomer at all into the Rock world. A few years ago you joined LIZZY BORDEN to play some tours with them. How was that experience like?

Who? Never heard of them! lol…… That was always the response we got from a waitress when we ordered at a restaurant. It got to the point to where when we were asked what band we were, no one ever said anything…! In all fairness we had some great times and played some great shows. I grew up listening and playing their music so I really was at home and they will always be an influence from my early days. There are also a lot of lessons I learned on how not to do things from them.


– You also worked with LONDON’s vocalist Nadir D’Priest, and with that cooperation some critics compared your guitar style to Randy Rhoad’s. How did you feel about it?

Nadir had the biggest impression on me understanding that this is the entertainment business and not just music business. I would compare him to and having very much the same presence as who I consider one of the best front man, David Lee Roth. These guys know how to entertain and they do a damn good job of it. As for the comparison of me to Rhoads, I could see how some could see that. I was invited by the Rhoads family to perform at the Graveside service for the 25th and 26th memorials which was filmed but have not been released yet. I have always play Jackson RR-1 guitars. But that is not because he played them. I just think they are the coolest and most radical shape guitars and I love them and Jacksons are the best. I studied Randy early in my career, as well as Joe Holmes another former Borden guitarist who took lessons from Randy and that is really where my roots began. And I added to it with the other guitarist I really enjoyed. But they were the first metal guitarists I really thought were great.


– And on 2009 you recorded with NORTHERN LIGHT ORCHESTRA. How did you live that experience? I mean, several well-known international artists were apart of that project as well.

That was a cool project. That is where I first met David Ellefson and Ken Mary who now play on the Knight Fury albums. It was Christmas music and much like the Trans Siberian Orchestra. There have been so many great musicians on those records. They do an album every year and I played on the first album, “The Spirit of Christmas”. I was not able to put more time into the recording side as Knight Fury is my full time band. I have been offered the live gig in the event of a tour but that is a huge production that has yet to be finalized. That would be fun. I think Christmas albums are cool and they should be done. But I didn’t want to work myself into a niche where I was the Christmas Guitarist and HO HO HO and that stuff…


– But coming back to KNIGHT FURY, you’ve also got a really interesting line-up. You’ve got artists as David Ellefson or Ken Mary. How did you get to have them on board?

Well, like I said, these guys are my friends. I had met on the NLO album that we all played on and after that was completed I presented them with the Knight Fury music and they loved it. So it was pretty much a Hell Yes, That Rocks!


– Due to this, do you think the fact of having such a line-up has opened new doors for KNIGHT FURY?

LOL, perhaps in some ways and some ways hurt. You just can’t replace legends. Without a doubt having them on the album and their support created a great launch platform for Knight Fury and an epic CD. Ellefson is the bassist for Megadeth first and foremost. So it’s hard to say to him, “Hey David lets go tour”, when he is already booked out for the next 4 years on an intergalactic Megadeth tour.


– With your debut album, “Time to Rock”, it seems like you are bringing back the 80’s Metal spirit. What do you think it lacks on the current Metal scene? How has it changed since the 80’s?

I think the music has changed. The look has changed. For better or worse it has definitely changed and probably always will. I do think less people know how to really play their instrument. I also believe there are less people who really know the art of capturing an audience and really performing. People pay good money to buy a ticket and see a show; the bands had damn well better put on a good show. I don’t see the exceptionalism I once did. Bands don’t really go out there to be the best anymore. Well I sure as hell do. I bust my ass 12 hours a day playing great, sounding great, and looking great to make sure that when fans leave the show they feel they got what they paid for.


– With that I mean KNIGHT FURY’s music seems to be just about having a good time, providing a straight-forward and easy approach, which is not at all opposite to technical abilities (as you’ve proved) so, what are your thoughts on this hype of kind of prog bands trying to set up the most complex structures and instrumental parts ever? As I personally think the late urge for this kind of acts has made people underrating a bit catchier and straight-forward sounding groups.

Well, like I say….Don’t try these guitar solo’s at home because you might blow your fingers off. We without a doubt proved technically ability on this album from the start. The songs are meant to convey feeling and emotion to the listener. I want them to hear that and feel it. I don’t want music that turns people off or they are unable to follow it. Music should be about having a good time. People from all walks of life, all cultures, all everything come together for music, and it is to feel good. It doesn’t matter how bad life is, music can help heal you and get you through tough times. I think if you want to go for over the top music that’s great. Get it out there and see what happens. If you’re not enjoying yourself, then what the hell are you doing it for…


– Anyway you also add to your music certain symphonic sounds/elements so, is sounding traditional but fresh something important for you? As this is something that makes stronger your personality.

I’m sure that is from my background in music. Before I ever picked up a guitar I was playing trumpets in Symphonies and Orchestras. I hear music as if I’m reading score and that is how I write music. I want to hear all the notes of the chord I am using. I don’t just stick to 1,5 chords. I want to hear the 1 b3 5 and the b7 then add 2. I am always recording a minimum of 4 rhythm tracks to get all those notes in there. I love the layers and texturing of symphony; so much fuller and much more powerful.


– In fact I think the album’s title portraits quite good what KNIGHT FURY’s all about; was this something you wanted to capture with it?

You are absolutely right. “Time to Rock” the title itself is about going out there and kicking ass. Don’t be lazy. Give your life meaning and make it count. It doesn’t matter how bad you screwed up yesterday, it’s done, it’s over and you can’t go back. You only have a limited amount of days in your life. Make it worth it and live life. I do believe you can write your own life story with a heroic and positive ending. Carry that honor and courage with you every moment. Think of those that have given it their all. Honor them by you doing the same.


– On this album you show you have different musical influences but all of them mainly rooted on the 80’s so, what could you say are your main musical inspirations are? Both as musician in general as guitar player specially, as it seems you mix some Hard Rock, with Power and Heavy Metal.

That’s the truth. The first bands music I ever learned how to play were Led Zepplin and Aerosmith. I studied Jimmy Page and Joe Perry and every note they played, their riffs and the scales they used to solo. It progressed to guitarists like Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee, Chris Impelliteri and Tony MacAlpine. I still listen to those albums today. Great music will never die. But it’s not just about influences, it is about who I am. I am not one dimensional. There are many facets to my life as there are with most people. My music reflects the various elements of my life and others can relate to them.


– If I’m not mistaken you formed the band last year, and short after your debut album came out so, how much did it take you to write this opus? Did you have a clear vision of what you wanted before forming it or before start working on this effort?

I started writing this stuff around 2010. It was a clear cut sound of who I am. I knew what I wanted and I knew how to achieve that sound. The band logo/Crest itself came from a culmination of my European family history and the roots of all the nations crests. Knight Fury was a clear cut name to define that. We go into battle kickin ass and when you see that Crest you know what is up…Like I said, It’s Time to Rock!


– All this being said; how could you describe “Time to Rock” in just 3 words?

True Power Metal


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? What can we expect from you from now on? With such line-up; can we expect regular shows and more studio albums?

Knight Fury is in the final stages of pre-production/song writing on the 2nd album. I hope to have this released as soon as possible. Also be looking for 2013 European tour dates!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Visit it us and tell us what you think!

Thank you,

Chris Sanders

Knight Fury


Tania Giménez


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