– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s GOSPEL OF THE HORNS currently up to?

Currently we’re up to plenty! We have been touring, & just came back from Lithuania which was a killer show. We have relocated the band to Germany (me 2 years ago and Howitzer recently), so it’s all guns blazing for Gospel in Europe from here on in!

– You have recently released the “Ceremonial Conjuration” EP, just 5 years after your previous full-length album, “Realm of the Damned”, came out. You have always taken your time when it comes to release new stuff, is this something necessary in order to provide good material?

I suppose by the looks of it you would definitely say we’ve taken our time over the years. We didn´t really rush album’s/releases in the past because yes, quality is 1st, and 2nd of all we just did’nt feel it necessary over the years especially being based in Australia so far away from Europe to release an album every year or two!


– I guess you have learnt new things throughout these 5 years so, what could you say are some of the differences or development we can find on this new MCD compared to the “Realm of the Damned” album?

The new MCD was put together in a matter of say 9 weeks from me writing the riffs to putting songs together with Mersus and Howitzer. It worked so quick, there was just a great connection with our new drummer, it would look like it was rushed but everything just fell together easily! Realm was written over a longer time, but then rushed at the end to get enough material for the album.


– I personally think you have gone a step further on songwriting and production terms. Would you mind to tell us how were both process like?

With Realm it was the songwriting was written a lot by the individual and only a few sections here & there where the other put input in as where a riff should go to help finish a song etc. The production on Realm was influenced by the engineer and ourselves. With the Conjuration MCD, Mersus recorded & produced with myself & Howitzer, and we wrote the songs together so it was just a dream situation as the recording studio was our rehersal as well. Mersus done a great deal of work with the production, also with kicking mine & Howitzer ass too get the best out of our abilities, something before that other engineers would not have cared for….and it shows!


– The aforementioned “Realm of the Damned” was released on tape as well. As always, your new MCD has been released in vinyl and CD, but will there be a tape version as well? Do you think there’s any concrete format specially suitable to your style?

I don’t think there is a concrete format specially for us, but we do love vinyl, that’s always foremost in our minds when we have a new release coming out! Tape was only through an Indonesian label I believe, so if someone wants to do that again, by all means but, it’s not a necessity!


– The new songs on this MCD are, of course, surrounded by a great dark atmosphere and deliver a really extreme sound, but there are also catchy moments. Is this something planned or is your songwriting just something spontaneous?

When I write the riffs, I always have in my mind that the riffs must be catchy! That you must come away with the riff stuck in your head! This also go’s for the song structure and lyrical content and the way they are positioned in the song. In saying this, a lot of the good stuff we come up with is Spontaneous!


– On this EP there’s a the GOATLORD’s song “The Fog”. How did you come up with this idea? Are GOATLORD a meaningful band for GOSPEL OF THE HORNS?

We came up with idea over a few beers or 20 haha, as we had a few cover songs in our minds, then Howitzer came up with the Goatlord song as Gospel use to cover it back in the beginning.

I cant say there a meaningful or influential band for myself, but I do think there a fucking brutal band.


– And if you could choose 3 songs to covers; which ones would you pick and why?

We already have covered many times live Sodomy & Lust (Sodom), Sacrifice (Bathory) and some others I forget, but personally I would like to maybe cover an early Kreator song, maybe Slaughter (Canada) or the likes, I cant really say for the others.


– You have always remained loyal to yourself and the band’s essence; is this something easy to get without boring yourself and your listeners? As I think you have always created enjoyable releases.

Ever since joining Gospel I haven’t really had interest in doing other projects as we have all gotten along well, and also with friends & fans of the band which are the heaviest and the best loyals fans you could hope for! So when music is written and also playing live, I always think of the fan as much of myself as to what they want to or expect to see & hear!


– Leaving aside the musical aspect of this EP, what do some of the lyrics on it deal with? It seems like you have always taken your lyrics quite seriously.

Lyrically Gospel channels all that is independent & aware..stripping back then tearing apart religious dictates, mass media propaganda etc…Never give way to conformism. Face your fears, stand alone in the crowd. If you are prepared to go along & to get along & not think outside the box.

Then you risk being caught in the undertow of a doomed society or worse! Awareness is empowering / be the master of one’s own fate. Activate! Dominate! Obliterate! Crush!


– Talking about such, what’s GOSPEL OF THE HORNS for you? Is it a way to channel your thoughts and feelings?

I think thats more for the lyrics, but I suppose when writing the riffs, if im in a fired up state of mind or in a good (angry) state of mind then this will pass over to the music as well! Gospel for me is being with my best mates at the end of the day and writing/playing the heaviest music that we can muster up, and having the best time in world doing it!


– And what does the cover artwork represent?

Victory or Valhalla!


– This being said; how could you describe “Realm of the Damned” in just 3 words?

Proud, Heavy, Necessary!


– It seems like lately Australian extreme Metal bands are getting more recognition in Europe. What do you think has played a role on this?

I just think that Australian extreme Metal bands keep coming up with original ideas whether it be musically or artistic or lyrically. Australian bands hate when they sound like another aussie band or vise versa which keep them coming up with these original ideas. Having seen bands such as D666 & ourselves being able to come over to Europe often, or to relocate, also would make other bands realise that it’s not that hard to do when you really want something, therefore these bands are getting over here now & getting the recognition they deserve.


– Anyway, is it easy for Australian bands to tour outside Australia? Do you think if you were hailing from Europe or the US you would get more attention?

It’s definately not easy at all. Earlier we funded our own airfares, and hoped to get money back on the tours, so these sorts of situations are not ideal especially when you have to get extra days off work etc… We are now based in Europe so for us it will way easier than before, but in saying that, If you have a record labal that looks after you and pushes for bigger better things, then i doesn´t matter where you live!


– And finally, what the near-future plans are for GOSPEL OF THE HORNS?

It’s full steam ahead for Gospel now. We have some really great shoes coming up… Party San, Eindhoven Metal meeting, also the all Australian shown in August in London with D666 & Hobbs Angel of Death..etc. Looking at releasing a Full length album next year as well!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Extract the Betrayer!!!



Tania Giménez



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