– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

We are playing shows all over the place in support of our debut CD.

– First off, as you are a really new band; would you mind to share some history of EARTHEN GRAVE?

Jason Muxlow (our guitar player) met Scott Davidson (our drummer) at a party at Rachel Barton Pine’s Condo. They decided to start a Doom band. Scott called me and got me on board. Its been a few years since I left Trouble, so I thought it was time to rock some Doom again. Mark Weiner (our singer) answered an add for a vocalist. We played our first show two weeks later at the Metro in Chicago. My buddy Tony Spillman had a birthday that night,so I asked him to jam with us. He has been our 2nd guitarist since. Rachel wanted in soon after, So we had the six of us to round out Earthen Grave…..


– And how did you com up with the band’s name? What’s its origin and meaning?

Jason came up with the name. The Earth is going to Hell in a handbasket unless we do something about it. Our days are numbered and the clock is ticking.


– Since your demo you’ve shown a really unique style, blending different elements. That’s why I guess your musical influences may be quite varied so, could you tell us which are they?

Many mixed influences we ALL have. From Sabbath, Priest to Pagannini to Metallica, CandleMass , Soundgarden to Iron Butterfly, Slayer. Slough Feg, It’s a mixed bag of musical madness!


– You have recently unleashed your debut album, “Earthen Grave”. Considering has just come out and your demo was released in 2009; how long did it take you writing this first full-length?

A little over two years. We had to play them live a few times to figure out the arrangements.


– This being said; how was the songwriting process? Is everyone involved? Is it a spontaneous effort?

A lot of it starts spontaneous, Jason usually is the one who starts things off. Tony comes up with great riffs as well. We start jamming on the Riffs and the magic happens…………


– On this record you’ve featured all the songs included on “Dismal Times”. Why did you decide to do this? Do you have more stuff written?

We never intended to release the Demo EP. Those were songs that we were working on at the time. We needed a demo to send to Record Labels. The demand from fans all over the place was Too great not to eventually release it. The songs on our EP are part of the “Whole” that was to become Our debut CD. To us, It would not be a complete debut CD if we left those songs off. We released it ourselves so we can do whatever the fuck we want. Its nice!!! We have about 5 new songs closed to finished.


– This means you have also included the covers of PENTAGRAM and WITCHFINDER GENERAL. Why did you feel the need of covering these tunes? They are both mighty bands into the Doom/Rock scene so, have they been an influence for you?

Jason and I each picked a cover song that we wanted to do. They have evolved into Our songs it seems like over time. We like playing covers songs, it is a way of paying respect to your influences. A lot of bands hide their influences, we don’t. We had to include both on the CD because they both fit in with the ‘Whole’ I mentioned before. We do what we want and enjoy the Hell out of it……………


– You have on your line-up the great violinist Rachel, which is something quite unusual into the style. What do you think both the violin and Rachel provide to the EARTHEN GRAVE’s sound and atmosphere?

We consider it a unique and challenging experience. We ALL have to step it up musically. When you are pushed to your limits you can achieve great things!! Rachel brings out the greatness we all in the band have inside…


– Production sounds really fine, quite raw, but I think sometimes guitars don’t sound as thick as they should. Are you 100% satisfied with the final product regarding this? And would you please mind to shed some light on how was the production process like?

We mixed the record a few times a few different ways. When we had the guitars thicker, they buried the violin. I wanted everthing to be heard. I ,as the producer made the decision to pull back a little on the guitars so the violin would be heard. We wanted Rachel thrashing and chugging on the rythyms as well as playing leads and atmospheric melodies. I think the songs are Heavy as Hell without mucking up the sound.


– The own band has released this CD; what made you took this decision? In these rough times for the music industry, do you think has been a good choice?

At first we were a bit unshure, like sailing in uncharted waters. I think about Columbus discovering the “New Land”. It’s the way of the future and I like it!! Paving new highways……………………..


– Moreover it seems you are also handling most part of the promotion; is this something easy to manage? Is there anyone supporting you concerning this?

It’s a Big pain in the Ass!!! We finally got EarSplit Media and Tee Pee records (to name a few) helping out. It’s a New era in the Music Buisness and Distribution is the Key.


– All this being said; how could you describe “Earthen Grave” in 3 words?

Heavy Fuckin Metal


– You played for a long time in TROUBLE (among other well-known acts). Do you think this has given an extra push to EARTHEN GRAVE?

It has not hurt, It has opened some doors, but most of what we have accomplished has been by our own merit! It has been tough getting to this point.


– Anyway Doom Metal scene in US seems to be quite strong and growing but, how do you see it as an insider?

It is getting better, The bands are not as lazy. They are trying harder than ever to make a mark on the scene instead of just being part of it.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for EARTHEN GRAVE?

Touring, writing and recording. Getting our asses over to Europe and South America!


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Beer is Good!


Tania Giménez



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