– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT?

Having released the sixth chapter earlier this year we took somewhat of a break and are now slowly starting to work on new material. Despite this temporary hibernation things are going well for D. N. Slaughtercult.

– First off, how and why did you choose «Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult» as the band’s name?

Although this question has been answered in pretty much every interview back in the “old days”, we can go into detail one more time. The band started over 15 years ago. It was important to us to find a unique name with a strong personal meaning. It was definitely not an option to just pick another bands song title as our band name. Furthermore choosing a given name from some popular author was also not much too our liking. Back then Black Metal was already turning partially away from its roots, which for us remained the same until today. We’ve always regarded old school black metal as Satanic – if this term is redefined with an own definition – or otherwise as simply Occult in general. Thus, the thought arose to manifest our very “heart and soul” in not just a single label. Picture a union of great powers during a midnight mass. Their rudimentary powers are deeply stirred as they commence their ascent towards the climax of the ritual. Different entities molded into one superior greatness. So, if we are speaking of “Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult” it stands for different aspects whose nature falls under the term “Darkened”, “Nocturn” or “Slaughtercult”. Traverse from the highest to the lowest, from the broadest to the narrowest and you’ll begin to comprehend the purpose of such an usually long name.


– Last January you released your newest album, entitled «Necrovision». How did this record work? Did everything fulfill your expectations?

The sixth chapter “Necrovision” was recorded just like every other DNS release by Armin Rave (SoundsightStudios). In comparison to the previous album “Saldorian Spell” we decided to make a few adjustments soundwise. “Necrovision” demanded for a more obscure and dark atmosphere. Our expectations are fulfilled, yes. We have been working with Armin as a producer since 1999. After so many times together in the studio it is a very “pleasant” atmosphere. He knows how we work and vice versa.


– Your previous album came out in 2009, 4 years before so, how could you say has the band evolved since then?

Let’s not argue about four or three years, as a matter of fact D. N. Slaughtercult is not bound by any contracts to release an album every one or two years. This allows us to simply take the time until we think that we are ready for a new album. As we put our very heart and soul into the music every new chapter will contain both the evolution of us as a musician as well as that of an individual. In the past there has always been a constant progress in between albums. Of course we’re just taking one step at a time, but the stride between Necrovision and the predecessor Saldorian Spell might be a bit wider than let’s say between Nocturnal March and Hora Nocturna. We’ve broadened our horizons so to speak. Necrovision taught us to not just stain the canvas called life with blackish and crimson colors but to furthermore depict more of an interior side of ourselves.


– On my opinion «Necrovision» is your best album to date, shows a more mature and selfconfident DNS. It has melody, some easy-listening moments and a brutal aggression and hatred along with a superb instrumentation. Could you say this is your ultimate album or is there always room for evolution? Anyhow, do you think like is the best definition so far of what DNS is all about?

“Necrovision” has turned out to be a very strong album indeed. D. N. Slaughtercult is our life work thus each album reflects a specific period in our life. Slaughtercult started out in 1997. At that time we were everything but mature. At a younger age there is not much you have to worry about. The older you get the more mistakes you’ll have made. Fools will remain in the imbecile chrysalis stage, while crowned individuals will walk the heavens and the hells. Thus it is a normal process to adapt lifes imprinting. Once an individual has awoken there is always room for evolution. The task to “find yourself” – the task of becoming a “complete man” expands over several life spans. Even in “death” there is room for evolution. “Necrovision” is a closed chapter – a very interesting and important chapter to us. We’ll continue just like we did before. We’ll do what feels right to us. The 7th chapter has to satisfy primarily our own expectations.


– On this album you have perfected a lot of things, specially the songwriting as, like I said, it has interesting melodies and harmonies, which helps enhancing the overall brutality so, was the songwriting process different this time around?

Basically we’re still working on new material in the same way as we did in the past. The basic idea and arrangement is worked out by a single person, while the entire band is asked to add finishing touches to it. One of the benefits of modern times is the possibility to work out entire songs for all instruments even without being able to actually play for example drums. A great part of Necrovision was worked out in this way. Thus the song writing resulted in more diversity. Yet, there is one thing that can’t be replaced by any modern approach of composing. This irreplaceable something is called creativity.


– It also has more contrasts, was this something you were aiming for?

Whenever new material is worked out we are not aiming for a specific mood or direction. Creativity should not be limited. A wise approach is to leave creativity all the freedom it needs to express itself. Although Necrovision has been clothed in necrocosmic garments this doesn’t mean that all of the music as well as the lyrics have to go strictly in the same direction. Diversity, contrasts and different moods make an album interesting. Apparently these attributes are more obvious on the last album than before. Consider these two seemingly opposite terms “life” and “death”. One seems to represent the beginning and the other the end. But isn’t the end just the beginning of something else? Isn’t the termination of one condition ineluctable in order for a new condition? Several extremes are closer to one another than we think. Pain and Pleasure, grief and joy, love and hate, etc. are just some obvious examples.


– Atmosphere has gotten even darker and more suffocating, anyway ambiences have always seem like an important element for you so, do you really focus on them or do they just come out naturally as the music grows?

There is nothing on Necrovision without a purpose. We have focused on every single aspect – no matter how insignificant it might seem to the listener. The ambient genre has unearthed some very interesting soundscapes. In combination with “music” it can be used to strengthen a desired sentiment. Think of some black metal albums starting off with an intro. Right away these releases are attempting to set up a desired atmosphere. Now imagine such an album staring off directly with the music without any introduction. Most likely your perception will be different. Ambient elements have a slightly different approach in altering the state of mind. Usually we have a specific sound or element in mind that we would like to integrate. So these ideas arise while “the music grows” as you say.


– On this opus I noticed certain new elements, as more Thrash Metal elements. Have you broaden to new influences or do you always try to have some perspective and try new things?

Indeed there are some other elements on Necrovision but a slight thrash metal influence has been part of us since the very early days. We are definitely not narrow minded concerning possible influences. Anything that is capable of mesmerizing the mind can be used as initializer or catalyst for creativity. It would be foolish to close all doors right in the face of new perspectives. Life is a constant learning process. If our own solidified perspectives are never again questioned and rephrased from different angles and points of view then most likely our spiritual soaring would be bound. As long as new elements suit the cause it is legitimate for them to be procreated within the music of D. N. Slaughtercult.


– Sound-wise «Necrovision» sounds excelent and the kind of sound you got fits perfectly your music so, would you mind to tell us how did you work on the production process?

We speak in favour of a good production in terms of providing enough space for each instrument to be audible. On the other hand an album shouldn’t be too sterile. In comparison to Saldorian Spell we wanted a “dirtier” production. This desired change mainly affected the guitars. We ended up taking a step back from high end tube preamps towards old-school stomp boxes. Furthermore we had a more distinct idea of what the album should sound like. Entering the studio with a vivid picture in mind definitely also helps the producer.


– All this about «Necrovision» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult


– You are hailing from Germany, a country that has always had a really excelent and ever-growing Metal scene but, how do you see the German Black Metal scene as insiders? Has it changed that much since, for instance, «Saldorian Spell» was released?

We’re honestly not paying close attention to any metal scene. There are definitely some great “newcomer” bands every now and then, but just like anywhere else there are way too many bands and labels. The few noteworthy ones are drowning in a foul reeking swamp. Nowadays, recording and releasing an album is not a challenge anymore. Inevitably sooner or later it is impossible to keep track of new releases.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

As there are not many concerts left for the remaining year, we’ll slowly start working on new material.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

There is nothing else to add at the moment.


Sergio Fernández


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