– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with ACHERONTAS?

Just returned from Death mass festival in Prague.It was Great fest with many Strong names and we had a Unique Ritual there as well.

– You have been several years now with ACHERONTAS, that at the beginning had different names. Due to this I would like to know how have you evolved as artist and if your musical influences have changed.

No,Early 90s Black metal and The ritual Dark Ambient Scene remain a strong Influence for me till Now.


– You have recently released your latest album, entitled «Amenti – Ψαλμοί Αίματος και Αστρικά Οράματα». How are the first reactions being? Have the reviews it has gotten so far fulfilled your expectations?

We have a strong Feedback till Now.W.T.C Records working Hard for the Promotion of Amenti and Support well our Mission through Art.To be honest i have no any Expectations when i create a release.I create for myself to express my Inner self through Art..Although if few feel this Call and my Music managed to REVEAL THEIR POTENTIAL TO EMBRACE THEIR SHADOWSIDE IS SOMETHING THAT SATISFY ME AS WELL.


– Digging deeper into this new record; what’s the main concept behind its lyrics? Where do you draw inspiration from to create such interesting lyrics?

The new album is entitled Amenti. By this name, we wanted to charge the release with the vibrations of a glorious Egyptian symbolism, to denote the route of the Work and reveal one more element of the Coven’s quintessence. Τhe Halls of Amenti were a vortex of unlimited energy according to the Papyrus of Ani, the center of the World — a place of judgment and deliverance. The Drakonian force reigns supreme to offer to those with the potential a touch of Initiation in Her waters. The Catacombs bear a strong symbolism, the great spiritual ascension, the forging of a God. The Halls are judging, allowing only the spiritually ascended to proceed and unite with the Omniscience of the ancient gods. Within this meaning, we can find the essence of Amenti as this album crowned an ascension for the coven and a huge step, a passage to a higher level which is baptized and celebrated within this opus of musical, lyrical and philosophical work. I will reveal no more though, as this album should be regarded as a journey that the listener should make, and discover for themselves the essence that dives into the Stygian waters, and witness the mysteries. The Halls of Amenti are now open for those of the blood; a call for the individual to be Initiated — or a poison for the ignorant.All the Lyrics of our Coven found core in our Nightside Activities.Nothing More,Nothing Less.


– The cover artwork is full of darkness and mysticism. Could you please elaborate a bit on its meaning and the whole artistic process?

It would be better Each Individual Give his own meanings and Enjoy the Journey by his own View and Understanding….is Enough Real to those with Eyes to see and Potential to Feel.


– For this album you have almost renewed completely the line-up. How do you choose the band’s members? What do you look for? And what have Scorpios, Seevus and Gionata brought to ACHERONTAS the previous members couldn’t?

I am satisfied from all members that had passed these 17 Years..Each one had his own Void to Offer in our Art…The last Line up for now is the Most Strong and Complete Circle we had till Now…Loyal members full of professional attitude and passion.


– After giving the album some spins I could say this is your best well-balanced and mature opus to date, I mean, you have managed a perfect mix between the atmospheres, your Egyptian influences and raw Black Metal. Do you think this opus is the one that reflects the best what is ACHERONTAS all about?

Till Now yes i will agree with you…Is our Most esoteric and Complete magical work..We combined great many other elements of traditional East Music,Ritual Ambient parts and Physical East Instruments like Baglama Saz, Esraj, 12-string guitar, Steel String guitar, Sistrum, Frame Drum, Darbuka, Doumbek and miscellaneous percussion instruments.


– All this about «Amenti» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– After several years into the music world; what’s left for you to get with ACHERONTAS you haven’t done it yet?

Creativity never find a dead end…even i dont have inspiration to perform black metal anymore,for sure i continue to create Esoteric Art for Higher Purposes.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

To focus in our Upcoming Shows we have till the end of the Year…


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for the Interview and Support..

Spread the words of Frozen Stars….


Sergio Fernández

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