– Hi, thanks for your time. What’s currently going on with WHITECHAPEL?

No problem. Currently, we just got done recording a new album awhile back and directly after that we did a small headlining tour. Currently, we are taking a small break and getting prepared for Mayhem Festival this summer.

– You will soon release your new album, “Whitechapel”. What are your expectations?

The reviews so far have by fans have been very mixed. The two singles we released are kind of the more “odd” songs off the album just to show that, as always, we are trying to grow and change. Some people have straight up said they don’t have faith in the new album due to the fact that the music is so different from older material. Others have said they love it and are glad that we keep growing and changing as a band with our new material. I suppose we’ll just see if this album we’ll keep Whitechapel a float or if it will make us sizzle and fade away.


– This opus is entitled “Whitechapel”. Why did you decide now, after being for a while with the band, to release your first self title offering? Is what we find on this release your actual personality?

I believe that the self title idea leaves more to the imagination. Granted, a cool theme and title can implant an idea that you’ll automatically associate with the music but on the other hand, this leaves more to the mind’s eye to create your own ideas about the songs and associate those feelings with it. I think the title and album cover speaks for itself. You’re getting whitechapel and nothing less.


– After giving some listens to the album I must say its quite fresh and different so, are you satisfied with the final output?

I’m actually really pleased with the outcome. I was more stoked on this album than the last record just because i felt i dug more of the songs. Then again, just because i like it doesn’t mean everyone else will. It is different but we’re really trying not to step on our old fan’s toes by totally alienating them. We’re trying to keep the whitechapel theme along with some fresh air.


– Overall it stands out for being really dynamic. How important is this for this new record?

Everyone accuses this genre of metal to be very monotonous and boring. I feel that since we always get cornered as a “deathcore” band and a lot of people seem to dismiss anything with that label on it that making the album dynamic shows that we are much more capable than what a lot of people assume of us.


– This showcases a really elaborated songwriting process so, would you mind to tell us how was the songwriting process this time around?

Honestly, its the same as always. Everyone writes and everyone has input on the songs. We really concentrated on trying to write good songs and not trying to cram all these riffs we have in our library just because we want to use them. There’s still a lot of old riffs that we still want to use but sometimes, we’ve realized the song just doesn’t call for it and we just did more what felt right.


– All songs have different parts and several and tempo changes, and I think the drums play a big role on this. How is everything going with Ben thus far?

Ben is amazing. he’s the tightest drummer we’ve ever had. Kevin will always by in the heart of whitechapel because he was a very creative musician, but i don’t think we could have found a better replacement than Ben to fill Kevin’s shoes.


– You have also added some more melody still being brutal. Has been easy to create a good balance between both opposite elements?

Well, i’ve always felt that having melody with such gruesome vocals makes for an over-all more dramatic affect. Obviously, it has to fit the theme of the song but at times, it can really bring out a song and make it stand out more in the mind and hopefully you walk away remembering parts that stood out to you. For us, it is easy because we all seem to know when a part can give you cold chills and having melody definitely does that.


– And as I said earlier, it also sounds fresh still keeping the band’s essence so, what about this balance? Is something easy to renew your sound still being recognizable?

Honestly, that’s always the hardest thing to do. Keeping the whitechapel theme along with changing it up but not going too far overboard with it. We’re always trying to change because we just don’t want to release the same album over and over again. It makes us want to pull our hair out at times because everyone always wants us to repeat our very first album and record a new record like that. In my opinion, every album has essence of our beginnings in it.


– Due to this, could you say creating and playing “Whitechapel” has been a challenge for you?

It was, yes. I’m still nervous about what people will think about the new album. There’s a lot of material on this album that goes way outside the box of older whitechapel. So once again, it’s finding that balance without going too crazy with it.


– You have featured “Section” off the “Recorrupted” EP. Why did you have to have this track on the album as well?

We just felt that since we were so rushed to record it the first time, we could do it better and since we’d been playing it live for awhile, we had a few new ideas on it. I think it’s recorded better this time around and sounds better all-together.


– Seasoned Mark Lewis has taken production duties; are you satisfied with his work? And why was Mark the best choice?

We are very satisfied, yes. He’s always done great work. When we did the previous album, Mark was in the studio helping with drums and this time around, we just felt he had a better understanding of what the band was going for plus, he really wanted to do this album.


– All this being said about “Whitechapel”; how could you describe this brand new album in just 3 words?

Fresh, Pissed, and Different.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

Currently, we’re just going to try and make it through the Mayhem festival and play some new material on that tour. After that, we have a few things lined up but i can’t announce them just yet.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

You are most welcome. Thanks to all our fans that stand by us. We will always try and write for you and always try to keep you satisfied but without boring you to death. We’ll see you all on the road!!


Tania Giménez



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