– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with VULCANO?

Nowadays VULCANO was formed with me, Zhema on guitars, Arthur “von barbarian” on drums, Luiz Carlos on vocals and Ivan on bass. We finished our third European tour last week. We toured together NIFELHEIM from Sweden and The Stone from Serbia. The tour was named “THUNDER METAL TOUR” and I can say you it was really great. By the other side, VULCANO just released its new album called “THE MAN, THE KEY, THE BEAST” in 18th of April. I recommend you guys to listen this album, it’s killing!!! The Brazilian Tour will start in 12th of June together Avenger from England and it’ll continue in some Brazilian Festivals. We hope to promote that new album and maybe started to think in another one.

– You have just toured Europe with NIFELHEIM, how has everything been?

In 2009 VULCANO play together NIFELHEIM in Göteborg, Sweden. It was a great gig. The guys from NIFELHEIM specially the Brothers are crazy fan of VUCANO, so was born a great friendship between the bands. This last tour was so great, so we are working very hard to bring that tour to South America.


– In fact you have always had a really good response in Scandinavia. Could you say you are better received there than in your own country?

I really don’t know (!!!?). Actually, we are much more respected for older headbangers that know our history. In ours concert 80 percent have more than 38 years old. But I can guarantee to you, always that a young guy watch our gig, he becomes fan, because we play intense and devoid of vanity. We play because we like to do this, nothing else!


– You were formed back in 1981, so you were probably the very first South American band playing extreme Metal so, where did you take inspiration from?

We are inspired by Black Sabbath and Motorhead. Personally, I come from 70’s and my favourite bands were, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and after this, the NWOBHM


– And how has the band changed since then? Not to speak about the line-up changes, as you are the only founding member remaining.

Yeah, I’m the only original member if you are speaking since 1981, but I must to say Arthur “von barbarian” the drummer is together me since 1987, so I consider that “we are the originals member”. The main change is that currently we play better than before, I think!


– In fact you have gotten a cult status. Does this affect you in any way? I mean, it might be an honour to see the stamp you have left, and how you have inspired a lot of newer bands but, does it also mean more pressure? As people will always have high expectations on anything you do.

I have an exact idea of what I helped build a metal scene in South America and also contributes in some way to the European scene, but in no way I want the credit for that. I always do songs that I like in the first place, so do not feel pressured


– I even read you were going to participate on the DVD documentary «Brazil Heavy Metal», but haven’t found any more info on this. Hasn’t been released yet?

Oh! We were interviewed 3 years ago and we compose an unpublished song called “The Hexagram” for that documentary, but, I really don’t know what happen. It was not released yet! – Anyway you took a 14 year-long hiatus. How necessary was this for you? Considering your latest albums, it seems it had a positive effect on your writing skills. I think so, because I had enough time to play in others bands and learn to respect my own roots. This was positive because I got more experience in dealing with my narrow skills


– And now you have just released your new record, «The Man the Key the Beast» so, what are your expectations on it? And how are the first reactions being? I also mean how were the new songs accepted on your live shows.

We just released this album in 18th in April and 1st of May we started the tour, so there was not enough time for the public to know the new songs, but we felt they were very well received when performed live. Regarding the album, here in Brazil already won high praise from critics. I think the result was great! I really hope this new album of VULCANO allow to open a window and so allow us to get more live shows


– Getting deeper into your new opus; what does its title make reference to?

The man, The Key, The Beast refers to the rot that exists within the Catholic Church. For two thousand years, the Vatican has done only bad things about the dark mantle of God.


– The title track, «The Man the Key the Beast» is one of your few (if not the only one) instrumental tracks so, how did it born?

If you hear the last few bars of this song, you will understand why the track became instrumental. I started this song for those bars and I both enjoyed the atmosphere of this section of the music that I decided to let it just because of the instruments.


– Anyway you have always respected your roots and tradition but, after so many years, is it easy to do so? Specially in production terms, as technology is one of the biggest changes the music world has experienced during the last years.

I really running of technology! The most technological device that I have is my cell phone. My pedals of effects are totally vintage from MXR and BOSS. I like to hear a musician play what he can know to do, no presets, no samplers.


– Musically I could say you have lately been adding some more groove to your songs. Is this something you aim for or do you just go with the flow?

I usually play heavy metal NWOBHM with friends for fun, and then I decided to put some of this things in the new album. Nothing more!


– This time I even noticed more rockier touches, specially on guitars. Have you broaden your limits and/or inspirations?

I think you are talking about the solos! I think in this time I feel free to put more my 70’s influences on arrangement of guitars, only this, I think!


– This about «The Man the Key the Beast» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

The Man – The pope

The Key – The key of heaven. Peter was the guardian of the key

The Beast – To put out the Pope


– And finally; what are your near-future plans? Where do you see yourself in 30?

Dead! I’m 54 years old !!!!!!!!!!! But, anyway I hope in next year to do a tour in Iberian Peninsula, because we have not played there, and possibly a new album


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer this interview and so show some of my ideas about VULCANO, mainly to Spanish readers. I hope to soon go through your country and if it happen, to find you for a beer. Enjoy our new album

Keep Banging!


Tania Giménez

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