– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with TROLLECH?

Metal! Hello Sergio, all Metalheads and readers. We are fine, I think he he he… Thanks for asking of it. Some shows at festivals are before us and we are ready to destroy the stages. There is a still interest about our last and previous albums. I must say that it is good in this way. But what makes me a bit nervous are strange feelings inside of us. We feel that we are on the crossroads and we have to do a decision about the future of band. But these things happen.

– First off, what does «Trollech» mean and why did you pick it as the band’s name?

Ordinary question I often get. It means nothing in its essence. But for us Trollech means our own free expression of our thoughts, feelings, attitude. As I wrote many times before, it is our “realm” to where we can go (notionally) and leave for a while this fucking world. We have picked this name just for it means nothing and we can express what we want to.


– You describe your music style as Forest Black Metal so, what makes the differentece between Forest Black Metal and plain Black Metal?

The difference is just in the word “Forest” he he he But seriously… I try to explain it. We are all interested about Mother Nature, Forest, old mythology, history and old mysteries. And our music has roots into Black Metal. We are not a “hey – ho” pagan or folk pagan band or other shits like that. We want to express real Pagan Black Metal in its essence and in its roots. Evil, furious, fast music with lyrics about Nature.


– Some months ago you released your newest album, entitled «Vnitřní tma». How was its feedback like, both from the fans and press? And now that it has been a while since it came out, is there anything you would like to change on it or have done differently?

The responses or most of them are really great. Many fans take it something new from us, a step forward with a taste of old Trollech. We are satisfied. I am not personally intersted about reviews because it is a just subjective point of view. For us are important feedbacks from our fans, because they support us, buy our CDs and merch, visit the gigs. Fans are very important part of band. Without them we are nothing. On the last album I would like to change some melodic links in the song “Zatmění země”.


– You are not a new band at all, you have already released several albums and have been around for a while, due to this I would like to know what’s new on «Vnitřní tma» we couldn’t find on your previous records?

Take this answer as my personal opinion. I see new things in lyrics and in production of album. The raw sound, new topic in the lyrics. And important thing was our approach.


– I could personally say this album has the darker stuff the band has ever written. Is each album you release a reflection of a certain moment in your life? Or was it rather something you were looking for?

I must sincerely say that you are right. Each album is a reflection or mirror of that time in which it was created. And it is also answer for the second part of your question. It is something we were looking for. These things are closely related, you try to fulfil your visions and feelings. We were on the same wave. The whole life is about finding. If you feel that you have found the right way in your life from this point you begin to develop yourself. And it is same process as in the band. A thought is spark of big fire.


– I also think it’s really well-balanced, with a proper dose of melody combined with the usual Black Metal brutality. Is it easy to get a good equilibrium between these two, apparently opposite, elements? Maybe is a good way to enhance both musical sides of TROLLECH?

Thank you for your words. Hmmm I don´t think about it in this way that you subscribed. The process of creation was a natural for us, and we don´t see something “unique” in it. It came naturally. I´m sorry but I don´t know if it is right way for us. As you say – maybe. The future will show us…


– Your lyrics have always been in Czech but, have you ever considered singing in English? And what are some of the main lyrical concepts covered on this new «Vnitřní tma»?

There is a song on demo tape sung in English – “I see the ships again”. In the beginning I thought about English. I remember that I recorded all guitar and bass parts for this song. Vocals (in English) should be recorded in the few days. But Morbivod recorded vocals in Czech behind my back and play it to me. I liked very much and we have decided to sing all songs in Czech. He he he… This is true story… But back to “Vnitřní tma”. Two elements permeate the whole album – dark side of Nature and Man. Simply said. “Vnitřní tma” means Inner darkness, the inner darkness inside of you. Your darkest yourself hidden deep inside of you. You know about it, you are afraid of it. You can not speak about it, you always keep it locked inside of you Every man has it inside.


– The cover artwork is way more minimalistic than some of your previous arts, with the band’s logo as main element. What did you want to express with it? Maybe you wanted to give more importance to the music itself?

Yes, the cover is minimalistic. You can see or imagine what you want. The cover can express these things for me: The circle of blood, broken soul, the pain of being,

uneasy state of mind. But the others see just a circle or something else.


– All this about «Vnitřní tma» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Disgust. Contempt. Pain.


– Czech Republic doesn’t seem to be a really prolific country for Metal so, how’s the Metal scene out there? Any interesting bands worth suggesting?

Really? He he he… I know we are not big country and we have not a big bands. In Czech Republic there is scene small but with the same “joys and problems” like anywhere else. Maby you know something about our history. We were more than 50 years under the rule of communism, from the year 1968 occupied by the army from ex-SSSR. A part of “East Block”. All metal bands have a problems to play in these times. There was not possible to records albums, buy quality amplifiers, instruments or play live shows. And yeat were bands that formed Czech UG Metal scene and became the cult. I like very much old stuff ftom Czech Thrash Metal band ARAKAIN (they have also lyrics in Czech) – they played with band such as Coroner, Running Wild. We have a cult band (known in the world) MASTER´S HAMMER and first Death Metal band was KRABATHOR. Also very known bands are ROOT and MANIAC BUTCHER. It was or it is past. I recommend these bands, try them: BRUTALLY DECEASED, HEAVING EARTH, HYPNOS, MORTIFILIA, DYSANGELIUM, INFERNO, CULT OF FIRE, SILVA NIGRA, DARK STORM, try to our band 1000 bombs, LAHAR, KILL KILL KILL, EXORCIZPHOBIA, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, AVENGER…


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

Next year (in May 2014) we will have 15 years as band. In this time we slow prepare a special songs for special show. And as I was writing before we are on the crossroads and we don´t know what happen. The special 15 anniversary show is our primary goal. And we have some new riffs for new album.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you too for interesting interview. I am not a messiah nor visionary but I would like to say this: Don´t waste your time with Dickheads, live your lives to fulfill your dreams. Metal!


Sergio Fernández

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