– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with SCORPION CHILD?

We are currently writing some new material as well as rehearsing for the next tour. Things are fantastic, we just got off the road where we played Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma. We are very excited about the upcoming release this month and the tour that will coincide!

– First off, you are about to unleash your debut album so, would you mind to share some history of the band?

Scorpion Child consists of Aryn Jonathan Black, Shaun Avants, Shawn Alvear, Tom Frank and myself (Chris Cowart). Aryan and Shaun Avants started the band about six years ago. The band experience a couple line up changes and two and half years ago Shawn Alvear and I joined. With a new breath of fresh air we began honing our craft in Austin and the surrounding area’s. The new line up and show caught the attention of producer Chris «Frenchie» Smith. We hit the studio a few months later to start production on the record. Since then we’ve been logging some serious miles with several tours across the US. Tom joined us just before the Clutch/ Orange Goblin tour and has been a great fit. This past January we signed with Nuclear Blast and our Debut comes out in Europe on June 24th 2013!


– Though you were formed in 2006, as I said earlier, you will soon release your first record, entitled «Scorpion Child». What are your expectations on it? How is its feedback being so far? And will we have to wait that much until an hypothetical next album?

I feel like we made one hell of a record! My expectations are extremely high for this album. We’ve put together a solid record and have a great team of people behind us working hard to push it. We’ve gotten killer reviews on the album from people all over the world. Like I said earlier we are currently working on new material. I would like to hit the studio in early spring but we don’t have anything booked. We are going to tour on this record through the rest of this year and most of next. So we’ll have to see when the next record will happen.


– Listening to the opus, it sounds simply superb; you haven’t just taken really good the old sound to the present days, but you have also brought a lot of feeling to the production. Are you satisfied with the final outcome? Has it ended up as you expected?

You know as an artist you always say «I could do that better or play this part better» but you have to know when to stop. Sometimes you record a piece and while you may not have played it exactly the way you wanted to. The right performance for the song was captured. I think that was what Frenchie did a great job of. He pushed everyone of us to get the most out of our performance and knew when to move on. I feel like we ended up with a truly great record and everyone involved with the record is extremely proud of what we have created.


– It’s obvious you are quite inspired by 70’s psych-Rock but, what have been some of the most influential bands for you?

As far as «classic» bands, Cactus is a big one for me. I love the gritty, no bullshit, Detroit rock thing they had. Jim McCarty’s guitar tone and style was a huge influence on me. Also bands like Free, Sir Lord Baltimore, Leaf Hound, Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex. More modern influences would include Melvins, Soundgarden, Sleep, Alice in Chains, Black Crowes, Fugazi, Helmet, Witchcraft. We all love 70’s rock but we’re not a «retro» band. There are many other influences and elements to our band other than 70’s psych rock.


– Digging deeper into this opus; what do some of the lyrics on it deal with? What are some of the main topics covered on it?

Depends on who you ask! I think Aryn writes in a way that people can interpret the lyrics how they want and I think thats what he intends. You would really have to ask him to get the true meaning or understanding of the lyrics.


– I have read you have been several years working on this effort, so I guess this may be the best musical’s reflect of SCORPION CHILD, as I imagine you must have been able of perfecting anything on it but, now that you can hold the album in your hands; is there anything you would like to change on it or have done differently?

It feels great to finally have a finished product. I think the record captured a moment in time for us and is a reflection on where we were at the time. Like I said earlier, you can always look back on a project and find little things might have been better but we feel the record is strong and excited for the fans to hear it! I don’t think its perfect but I don’t believe rock n roll should be. I am very proud of the album and excited for it’s release!


– And is what we find on this «Scorpion Child» your true personality or are you still shaping your very own sound?

I think as artists we are always pushing our boundaries. There are certain elements of our music that will always be there, but we also want to explore our sound. I think the beauty of this band is we are not limited to a particular sound. The different musical taste and influences of each member has, contributes to what is Scorpion Child.


– In accordance with your sound, you have given the album a strong live-vibe. In fact a lot of times you just find out classical bands that are recording with a modern production and everything sounds so mechanized, but in exchange a lot of the current productions into your style don’t just sound so modern, but they are also primitive. Is this a style that, doesn’t matter in which period you are playing it, it simple always remains loyal to is playing style?

We recorded the record with both analog and digital formats. I think by using tape we were able to capture that big, thick, warm sound. It’s harder to fix mistakes on tape so it pushes you as a musician to play better. I think this also contributes to the live feel and over all groove of the album.


– Talking about such, how was the recording and production process for this CD?

Well, we did the record in Austin, TX at the Bubble with producer Chris «Frenchie» Smith. The record took longer than expected to complete but the end result was amazing! Frenchie really pushed each of us to play to the best of our abilities. It was all about capturing great performances and no settling for good enough. We spent time with each song and played with amp, guitar, pedal combo’s to get the right tone and vibe for the track.


– All this about «Scorpion Child» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– I guess working with a really big label as Nuclear Blast may make things easier in terms of promotion but, on the other hand, may make you feel more pressure. Anyway, what are the pros and cons of working with such a strong and well-known record label?

We are honored to be apart of such an amazing team. It’s really cool that the record is getting the attention and push it deserves. That could only happen with a label like Nuclear Blast. I don’t think there was any real pressure with this record because it was already done before we signed the deal. I guess sometimes on a bigger label your band can get overlooked or neglected but I feel the label is really behind the band and believe in this record.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

Currently we are preparing for the Mayhem festival tour and working on new material for the follow up album. We’re stoked to get on the road and I believe we will be heading across the pond in the fall!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you Spain! Hope to see you this fall!!!


Sergio Fernández

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