– Hello, thanks for taking your time, how’s the band currently doing? You recently released your new “Carved into Stone”, how are you feeling about it?

I think it came out amazing. Probably the best Prong record ever. I just wish we released it years ago. I worked very hard on it. I wish more people knoew it was out. I wish more people have heard it. I want more people to hear it.

– Your previous album was “Power of the Damn Mixxxer”, a remixes album of “Power of the Damager”, how was its feedback like? Have you thought about doing something like this again?

I’m not interested in doing any remix records at this time. I like “Damn Mixxxer” because there was a lot of quality control over it. It was a cool thing even if the idea is dated. We were doing metal remix records back in the early 90’s. It wasn’t promoted well. Almost a waste of time really.


– Getting a bit into this new opus, “Carved into Stone”, how is its feedback being?

For those that have heard it, has been great. Why not? It’s close to perfevtion as far as Prong records go. Some reviews have been weird because they raved about it then gave us three k’s . it’s because of Prong’s style. We don’t play extreme arpeggio ridden metal which is the flavor now. Whatever. Most reviews have been fantastic, We just need more.


– I personally think on this opus you have found the perfect balance between all the elements you have always used; are you satisfied with the final output?

Yeah I’m extremely happy. But I focused on getting great songs. I didn’t focus on what the style was. It’s all about the hooks, riffs, drum performances, arrangements etc. The production is outstanding. The record wouldn’t have come out nearly as good without Steve Evetts producing.


– And how could you describe this record in just 3 words?

To the point


– The band has with this album a new line-up; how’s everything going so far?

We’ve been having the usual bass player problems. Tony Campos joined a whole bunch of bands after leaving Static X just waiting what was right for him financially, so he chose to tour with Soulfly. So we’ve been using different guys. Right now we have Dave Pybus formerly of Cradle Of Filth rocking it with us. Fortunately Alexei Rodriguez has continued with Prong because he’s the best drummer I’ve ever played with.


– Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting process like; is everyone involved or do you have the last saying?

Being the singer , guitarist a lot falls on my shoulders. But there are a few outside writers like Mike Longworth from MEST who wrote “Revenge…Best served Cold “ with me. Tony and I put a couple of ideas together. Alexei helped with arrangements and of course putting slamming drum parts on the songs. Steve Evetts had a part on picking the songs that would make it on the record. We had 23 or so songs, written and demoed out. He helped arrange some songs. He grabbed a few parts from songs in the garbage heap and made great suggestions in replacing weaker parts in better songs. It was a long, long painstaking process. From initial riffs recorded on mp3 players , to preproduction, we are talking two years.


– “Eternal Heat” shows a really strong rhythm rhythmic basis; is this a result a good chemistry maybe?

Yes I agree. We couldn’t pull that off without Alexei, for sure. Tony came up with one of the main riffs initially. I loved it and started adding parts to that.


– On “Carved into Stone” I’d dare you are going back to your dirtiest, rougher, even thrashier roots. Was this something you were aiming for?

No. In fact I think it’s a polished reocrd. There is a lot of precision going on. Take the vocals for instance. I ‘m very happy with the vocals on this record. More than any other Prong record. There are crazy harmonies, something I’ve never done in the past. There are some really cool planned out solos, not just improvised noise like Ive done in the past. This record on the whole is a more sleek effort.


– Anyway your music has always been really diverse, with opposite influences I could say. Have Alexei and Tony brought new influences or elements to PRONG?

Tony has been a fan of Prong and Static X always noted Prong as an influence. We were definitely on the same page throughout the process. Alexei has a lot of more extreme metal chops that added a lot. He’s also a great hardcore drummer. These guys are pros and that really shows


– “Carved into Stone” is a really aggressive album; does it represent in any way this concrete moment?

Sure. There’s a lot of passion here. That’s something that has to be renewed all the time. It’s a tough business with a lot of ups and downs. There are lot of crooks in the business. There are plenty of things to get angry about all around you. I generally get totally disgusted with everything, try to numb myself, then rebel against that. I seem to try to get spiritual, and make that attempt finding myself getting viscous again. It’s a weird cycle.


– Producer Steve Evetts (SEPULTURA; HATEBREED, etc.) took production duties; are you satisfied with his work?

Yeah we covered this. He’s awesome. One of the most talented guys I’ve ever come across in my career.


– And the artwork was crafted by Vance Kelly (DOWN, THE SWORD). How did you work on it?

Our managers, label rep and I came up with the concept to reflect the album title. Vance had no problem coming up with the representation. He was great to work with,


– I’ve seen you will be soon touring again the US but you have any other live plans? Any chance of seeing you guys in Europe?

We were recently over there playing 7 UK shows, 3 Dutch, a Belgian show and 23 German ones. Early 2103 we hope to hit the rest of Europe.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, is your time.

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Tania Giménez


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