– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going with VOMITOR?

Cheers mate, Everything is cool always

– «The Escalation», your newest album, came out last 2012 so, now that has been a while since then; how did everything go with that release? Are you satisfied with the final result?

Very satisfied with this Album, we had three labels release this album, so the budget for this records was actually more than the first two albums combined, it gave us a lot more freedom to make a nastier record


– You have always been loyal to yourself and the roots but, how do you think did VOMITOR evolved from «Devil’s Poison» to «The Escalation»? What could you say were the main differences between them?

A bigger budget to get nastier guitar sounds and more time to mix was definitely a benefit for this album, and the writing process was different for this one, as I live in Ireland and the rest of the guys are still in Australia, I flew back to Australia for 2 months and we wrote the record in 4 weeks, the other albums have baan written over a much longer period before recording them


– It caught my attention a certain improvement on leads. In fact for this record you had two guitars; how did affect the sound? I personally thinks it makes the whole opus sound dirtier.

Yeah, we have another lead guitar player now, so we could work on sound a lot before we hit the studio, weve been asking him to join since the band started, he was always busy with PORTAL, it wasn’t til now he finally said yes hahahaha, he has a completely different style to me , and I think it works well to add to the Filth


– If I’m not mistaken you recorded the whole album live on the studio, and I think that helps giving the album a really honest feeling, would you agree on this? How was the recording process like?

yes, we records all of our Albums Live in the studio, no separation, I like the sound this way, it makes it a lot harder to mix , but its worth it for the sound I want, I have no interest in the over produced stuff that has been done since the early nineties, it does add to the feel of the record cause its just 4 guys playing like hell, no second chance, if you fuck with a song too much it sounds sterile


– For the recording you worked again with Mick at Vibrafeel Studios. After so many years working with him, do things get easier? I mean, I guess after several years he may understand the band’s sound pretty good.

Weve been using Mick at Vibrafeel studios for over 18 years, he has stopped arguing with us years ago hahaaha, these days he actually suggests things to make it nastier, rather than tone things down, unfortunately we were the last band to ever record there as he has closed the studio for good, he mainly works on film production these days, so we have been testing out studio`s in New York and Dublin for the next Album


– In fact you have always had a really 70’s/80’s feeling but, is it easy to keep it alive nowaydas? I specially refer to the production camp, as now there are a lot of bands that sound too mechanized.

we have always recorded to Tape, either half, inch, two inch or Beta Tapes, the studio in New York we recorded a couple of trax in December last year has 3 two inch machines and the one in Dublin has a nice two inch aswell, so were hoping they can get the same feel out of those studios if we decide to use them for the next

Album, playing live certainly takes the mechanised feel away too I think


– «The Escalation» is a really dark and evil album lyric-wise, due to this (if you don’t mind) I would like you to elaborate a little on what do lyrics on this CD deal with.

Lyrics as always are from the dark side, all metal should be total horror madness, satan, death, destruction and of course a preyer to the ancient ones


– I also noticed a bit of Lovecraft’s influence but, how of an influence is literature for VOMITOR?

The Necronomicon has always had a huge influence and for this record there was a lot more Lovecraft/Brian Lumley and also Crowley in the feel , the music comes from blackness


– For all your releases you have had pretty simple and straight-forward covers, which I personally think fits perfectly your music. Maybe you aim to, somehow, make everything fit and feel as a whole? And how did you work on the process for the cover of «The Escalation»?

for me the cover is just as important as the music, I make our records as if it were something I was gonna get in the mail, it should be great even before you put the record on, for this album I had drawings done for the cover that I just couldn’t get right, over and over I kept darwing the same mistakes into it, I got a phonecall from Polish Artist Zbyszek Bielak who has done covers for Watain/Destroyer666/Ghost/Vader and a lot more , our record label had sent him the music and we talked for hours about the concept and feel of the music, I sent him my drawings and he made what I was thinking, im very happy with this new cover, it is very simple, but it sais alot


– All this about «The Escalation» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Total Fucking DEATH


– Some time ago you moved to Europe, to Dublin so, how could you say has this affected the band? Is it being easier to get gigs or rather the opposite?

the only thing it has affected is regular rehersals, we never really rehearsed that much when I lived in austrllia anyway, only for shows or recording, I write all of the music/lyrics so it hasn’t affected the sound at all, we`ve actually been more active since I moved to the other side of the planet hahahaha


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We are touring Europe in 6 weeks time and recording one or two trax in Dublin while the band is all together, then I will start writing again for the next Album, which should be done around mid 2014


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Cheers For the Support, Long Live Metal, Death Metal or DIEEEEEEE.


Tania Giménez


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