– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the THE POODLES’ camp right now?

We are happy as can be! Everything is rolling now and we are excited about the future.

– You have recently finished your Spanish dates so, how has everything been?

We had a fantastic time in Spain! We love our audience and fans in Spain and Juan and the guys in “Overloud” we a pleasure to work with. Many thanks for all their efforts and to everyone who came out to see the band!


– And how has the crowd reacted toward the new songs?

The audiences in Spain are very engaged and interested in the music of the band so we felt that they gave the new song, “40 days and 40 nights” the chance that it deserves and that they took it to heart. It will be nice to be able to provide that song with some additional context when the album is released. We think “Tour de Force” is going to appeal to all fans of the band’s music.


– Your new album is entitled «Tour de Force». How is its feedback being thus far (both from the fans and press)?

We have only had really positive reviews of the album so far. Our fans that have had a good listen to it also like it very much. We have great hopes for this album and feel that it is a worthy follow-up to “Performocracy”.


– This new opus was preceded by two years of silence, something unusual for you. Maybe after so much touring and different releases you needed to take some time off?

We did. After going full speed for close to 6 years we needed some time to explore other things, both musically and personally. Now we have found our way back to each other and we feel energized and happy to be around each other again. I think the new album reflects this feeling.


– In fact after giving the record some spins it seems you are back with renewed energy. Did these two years off had something to do with this? Maybe they gave you more perspective?

The break has been good for the band and ourselves as individuals. It has provided us with a pause to evaluate things but also the opportunity to realise other projects and ideas that we have carried with us for a long time. Jakob’s solo album being one example of this.


– By hearing the record’s title, «Tour de Force», some people may think is a live album, but it isn’t, is a new studio album by THE POODLES. Why did you pick this title? Maybe this effort is actually your «tour de force» or did you also want to reflect you are also a live band and how do you sound like on stage?

“Tour de Force” is a title that signals our return to the lime-light but it also reflects the properties of the new album. We think this is our finest hour and that the album is a “show of force” that will get the attention of our fans and newcomers alike.


– It also caught my attention the fact for the new cover you haven’t used your logo. Have you changed it or was it just for this artwork?

We wanted to explore some new ideas for the artwork of the new album. We haven’t done away with the old logo, but we felt that using a more pure kind of artwork could benefit from another type of font as well. It’ no big thing, but we are happy with the results.


– As I said earlier, it seems you are back with renewed energy, in fact you mare remarked a bit more your essence and, this way you have managed to show better your musical diversity. Is this versatility something important for THE POODLES, or an important element of your personality?

I think it is a result of our identity as musicians and as a band, but it also has to do with the creative process and the collaborations that underlie that process. All great albums display a measure of diversity in their make-up and we have never shied away from drawing on different inspirations and ideas for our song writing. So far, it seems that this has been in agreement with what our fans think, too.


– On all your albums you have had epic songs and orquestations, but I would dare say on your previous «Performocracy» you went a bit further into that, also providing a darker album. Now «Tour de Force» is way more straight-forward, more Rock n’ Roll and with several influences from the 80’s. Was this how you envisioned the CD since the beginning or do you just let things flow naturally?

I think we wanted a positive and forceful sound on the new album. It is interesting that you think “Performocracy” was a darker album and I agree with you in that we explored some melancholic sentiments and sounds on that album. An epic sound to some of our music is something that we look for and try to achieve in different ways. The back-bone of our musical influences are in the 70s and 80s, but we like to remain open to the current music scene and let that have an influence too.


– And talking about such, how was the songwriting process for this release like?

It is difficult to summarize this process because it is quite long in duration and involves different constellations. Sometimes Pontus has a riff; that is the starting point for quite a few of the songs that Henrik and Pontus writes. Other times, Henrik has a chorus or Jakob has a riff and a melody. The creative process is both mysterious and simple at the same time! We write and play all the time. Eventually something good is going to come out of it;)


– Once more Mats Valentin took production duties. What makes this team so good for any THE POODLES’ album?

Mats sees things the same way we do, musically, and at the same time spurs us on to perform to the best of our abilities. This is the prime ability in a producer, I think. He rules with a gentle touch, if you know what I mean? Mats has a really clear vision for what the album should sound like and he feeds off the material that we bring to the table in shaping that vision. Also, we like the same stuff, which is important.


– All this about «Tour de Force» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– Great news is that one of the songs on the album will be the official theme song for the Swedish team on the World Championships of Ice Hockey. Would you mind to elaborate a bit on how did all this arise? And how are you guys feeling about it?

First of all, we are very proud to perform “En För Alla För En”. Basically, the Swedish Hockey Association wanted a new anthem to gather around and they hired two well-known song writers to do this. Then there was the issue of finding the appropriate artist to perform the song and this honor fell upon us. We accepted this with pride and humility, as always;) and we are very happy with the results. The song sounded quite differently at the outset and we molded into a Poodles song. Enjoy!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We are getting ready for the Swedish premiere of the summer tour in a couple of weeks time. “Tour de Force” is released on the 17th of May and after that we are just going to roll along and enjoy performing some of the new songs for audiences in Sweden, Europe and beyond. Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to come back to Spain in October for some more shows. Keep an eye out for that!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for supporting The Poodles and we hope to see you very soon! Stay positive and keep love in your heart!


Tania Giménez

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