– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you guys currently up to?

Hi Tania and thank you for letting us in. We’ve been really busy since we finished the Cult Cthulhu recording. We even managed to squeeze in a couple of gigs in between recording and mixing, probably not the best thing to do but what a fuck, if we can – we do.

Well, we’re at the moment finishing the first video from the album and we’re looking to release it prior to the album release, which is June 1’st. We re-recorded ”Flesh Architect” and that’s the song you all can watch soon on our official youtube/vimeo channels.

And also a sort of making of, or ”watch us rant about the album” video will follow the release of the album.

– You will soon unleash your sophomore release, “Cult Chtulhu”. Considering the great feedback your debut album (and even your early demos) got; what are your expectations with this new opus?

We all feel more certain about this release, as it is more focused from our point. I mean we now know more how we all work and know what to expect from each other. And in the demo stages, or riffing stages, we’ve really looked at each song from different angles so to speak to make sure everything meets the standards or visions we have. In the end, we’ve managed to make a really strong album, and with elements we all are happy with AND which of course follow in the footsteps from our first demo, we’re not a band that will progress into something else than what we once were. So, we’re all excited to see if others agree us on this! Go dissect our music and let us know!!


– Once more you have worked with Andy LaRocque for production duties so, after working with them several times (no only with PUTERAEON), what makes Andy so good for your albums?

Yeah we did. And as working with Andy goes way back it’s just like an old friendship, you know what to expect and he knows what to expect. I guess that’s the bottom line really, we can communicate on the same level and understanding. Of course there’s a big point that he is really talented.


– Still with the production, I think this time you have achieved a filthier sound; was this something you wanted to get?

YES. That was really one of the things we felt was lacking on the debut. And one big difference is, of course, the guitar sound. Last time we did mix up the classical hm-2 sound with re-amped yaddi-yadda (can’t recall exact how Andy did), but this time it’s hm-2 all the way, masterfully crafted by our technician mr. Risza. I think that is the main thing going on here to make it more filthy.


– In fact I think thisfits perfectly your new opus, as it’s more brutal, more dirty. Is this how you envisioned the album since the beginning?

You didn’t kind of nailed it – you nailed it. That’s the vision we’ve had throughout the writing process to final master. Good one Tania.


– I read this time all the band has been involved with the songwriting process; how do you think has this affected the final output? Would you mind to elaborate on how was the writing process this time around?

It has of course done a big difference as up to the ”The Esoteric Order” album it was Jonas all the way. I mean he had all songs already done and just for the rest of us to learn.

From there and forth we’ve worked on every level as a band effort, of course some of us construct a skeleton but we’re all in the work of forming that skeleton to a monster of flesh!

Even though we all might be old fucks and playing tired old school death metal we sure as hell embrace what the new technology has to offer, that means we can arrange and construct our songs from our couches and get almost instant input from each other before we put the final touches to songs at the rehearsal room. I mean, there was a time when we (in previous bands) spent hours and hours making songs from scratch at the rehearsal room.


– I personally notice less influences from Black Metal or Thrash Metal; this record is just a pure Death Metal release. Maybe the songwriting approach had something to do with this?

Maybe, haven’t really thought of this. We haven’t done it on purpose and maybe it is that the production makes the album to sound more to the bone death metal. I mean there will never be a limit to where we will go as long as it stays within the limits of our vision of death metal. And as the saying goes, if it is a good riff, use it. That’s what we’ll keep doing.


– You’ve had some guest vocals on “Walking with Shadows” by Rogga Johansson. How did you come up with this idea and why Rogga? What could you say has he brought to the song?

Because he’s a bad ass person with the same vision within the death metal scene as we have and that part of ”Walking with Shadows” really suited his voice good. No really, Jonas made a lead for a song in one of his bands and in return he was forced to do this haha.


– When we interviewed you in support of “The Esoteric Order” you told us you would have liked to add a little bit more of the DISMEMBER’s Crust sounding guitars. Do you think you have success with that on “Cult Cthulhu?

Yeah, and as I said here earlier, it’s HM-2 all the way. That’s the way to do it. And oh, we played around with different stacks at RZA mobile recording studio when recording the guitars and found a suitable mix of Jonas and Runes guitar sound. They are happy with the sound, as are me and Daniel.


– You are influenced (for lyrics) by Lovecraft, and that’s something obvious considering the album’s name but, how important is his work for PUTERAEON? This time it seems like his work has had an impact not just on the lyrics, but also on the album’s name and cover artwork.

Lovecrafts’ work really suits this genre and his work has been one of our thematic inspirations since the start of the band, so he’s definitively really important.

”The Esoteric Order” album cover is really Lovecraft all the way too, the imagery is the temple for ”The esoteric order of dagon” so it’s there as well. However this time it is even more obvious.


– All this about the album being said; how could you describe your new CD in just 3 words?

Total Lovecraftian Armageddon


– For your debut album you filmed two videoclips; do you plan shooting any video for the new record?

As you know by now we’re in the final stages for the first video based upon the song ”Flesh Architect” – a real hammer of a death metal song. And we have plans on making at least one more, hopefully we can do even more than that too. Videos are a good weapon in promoting an album and we do like to reach out to people that can’t watch us live, videos are a good way doing this I think.


– There are coming out many «revival» Death Metal bands, in fact just in Sweden we can find some good ones as MORBUS CHRON or BASTARD PRIEST among many others showing impressive skills. Does this «competence» make things harder for bands like yourself or maybe the opposite, as it seems to be a huge interest for this music style?

It all goes in circles and good music will always be good music, so it is indeed a good thing this. And it sure doesn’t make it harder, we don’t look at others and try to do things better. We just do our thing, and I guess these bands do the same, otherwise they wouldn’t be on your lips, right. Again, you see through what’s not genuine. And also I think one of the better is Crucifyre who released an absolute magnificent album. Job well done!


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for PUTERAEON after the release of the new album?

We have no tours nor festival dates booked this coming summer unfortunately so I guess, besides promoting the album, we’ll start writing new songs and planning the next video. Hopefully though we’ll be hitting the stage somewhere in europe soon because we want to be out there too you know!


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the support Tania and keep it up. Also be prepared for us, check www.puteraeon.com to keep yourself updated. The cult is alive!

Tania Giménez



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