– Hello, thanks for dedicating us part of your time. What’s currently keeping you busy? How are you guys feeling being near to release your new album?

Well, we released the album a couple of months ago actually. We are very delighted with the great and supportive response. Mask Of Malice is like a new beginning…it feels like the beginning of a new era.


– First of all, why did you pick such name for the band? How did you come up with it?

Our former guitarist came up with the name. The name characterizes our intention for the music and the effect that it has on the listener. It sounds old school and has also a timeless vibe. We like it.


– The new album is «Mask of Malice»; what are your expectations and what can your fans expect to hear on it?

Expectations? None… I just hope that our fans will like it. We did our best to record a strong, energetic album that sums up the last ten years and gives an outlook on the near future. We are very happy with the result of all of the work, the hours we spent writing and recording this album. I love the production, the lyrics and the artwork. It is an outstanding Death Metal album. So, yes…I really would like our fans to worship this dirty piece of Death fuckin´Metal!


– Your previous «Gospel of the Wretched» was produced by mighty Dan Swanö but this time I couldn’t found any info. Would you mind to shed some light on this? Anyway, I think the mix depicts quite good the band’s heaviness.

we worked with T-Low, our producer, on this one. He did a great job. He understands Metal in general and us of course. He is a very dedicated and honest person and owns the Desert Inn Studios. We trust him and therefore the atmosphere is very relaxed and open while working with him. It is always a relief to work with someone you can trust with all your creative input.


– And what about the artwork?

It was realised byToshihiro Egawa. It combines parts of the lyrics in strong pictures with a sinister atmosphere. We were thrilled when we saw the final result. So far everyone liked it.


– As always, you went for the Desert-Inn Studios to record the album; why does that studio work so well for LAY DOWN ROTTEN?

It is our home base there. The studios are near our rehearsal room and the rooms and the equipment are very good. Why go anywhere else when you have such a studio around your corner? There is no need in complicating things, you know. Recording an album means a lot of stress and tension. So you need a place where you can focus on the recordings and work fast. That is why the Desert Inn Studios will always be our first choice.


– This is your first album with guitar player Kensington (after Jakobi left the band). What could you say has he brought to the band? Specially considering you have always had plenty riffage and your music has always been quite guitar-driven.

Kensington brought to the band: a shitload of ideas, riffs and inspiration, a very good sense of humour, dedication beyond the call of duty, a professional attitude, experience and faith in the band. I am very happy with him being in the band. This is what we needed. He came and it felt so damn right. And it is! He knows what we are about and now for the first time we all are a strong unity. I am very pleased!


– Musically I could say this is your heaviest and darkest effort so far; was this something intended? Maybe this approach fits better lyrics on the album?

We wanted an album that represents our live sound in every detail…this is what we achieved. We wanted the sound to fit the attitude of the band. Heavy and direct. No compromise. No fooling around. I think the album has a very wide and open sound .Yet every riff is straight into your face. Also the lyrics were intended to be somewhat different. We gained a lot of experience over the years and wanted to record an album just like Mask Of Malice…and we succeeded!


– And this being said, what do lyrics on «Mask of Malice» deal with?

Human malice. That´s it. Really! There is so much to write about malice. I sat down with my brother and we worked on an open concept that was supposed to be based on this character defect. Then, piece by piece, we put together these lyrics. I wanted to express the nature of malice, the lies that feed malice and detect the truth behind this chaos that malice brings into the world. We chose strong metaphors to emphasise the effect of malice on our society and on ourselves basically. We all get hurt. We all suffer from someone´s behaviour. Sometimes people try to fuck you up on purpose and hide behind a smile. During a lifetime everyone has to go through this scenario of being betrayed and then getting over it.


– Anyway you have always remained true to yourself and sound. Is this something easy to get and keep on doing without copying yourself?

I always wonder why this question comes up! We feel it in our hearts. Death Metal is in our veins. So there is no danger of copying ourselves or being a sell out. I will never wake up one day and say: that´s it! I have had enough. Death Metal and especially the lay Down Rotten sound is a part of me and a great part of my life I couldn´t live without. As life continues, our sound will continue to flourish and expand without losing touch to the one great source: DEATH METAL!


– I’ve seen your will soon play at the Burning Ballroom Winterfest; do you already know how many songs off the new album will you play?

Not exactly ..any favourites you want me to play? Write me! We will definitely play Hades Resurrected! That is for sure as we shot a video for this great tune. Other than that nothing´s settled yet. We will see and trust our intuition.


– And beside this fest, do you have any other live plans or offers? How’s the current situation to promote this new piece on stage?

We book as many shows as possible. We will play a tour with Cannibal Corpse and a live show with the almighty MORGOTH is one of this year´s highlights! Check out!!!


– Finally, what does the future have in store for you guys? What would you like to get with LAY DOWN ROTTEN?

More albums, more tours, more videos. MORE! We live it up 24//. No time to rest. No need to sleep.


– That’s been everything from my side thanks once more. You can now add some final words.

Yeah! I salute all of you and hope to see you one day on tour or at a festival! Support Lay Down Rotten! Support Death Metal!

Tania Giménez


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