– Hello, thanks for dedicating us part of your time. What’s currently keeping you busy?

Release our new album, «Elation»!!!

– You will soon release your new album, “Elation”. After being over 30 years on track with the band and after releasing so many albums; is still this an exciting moment?

Always has been, always will be, is the joy of seeing how the fans respond to new music.


– Your new album will come out later this month but it has already hit the press so, have you already got some feedback? How is it being so far?

The reviews have been great, very fair and they seem to understand what we are doing with Terry.


– You guys appeared with the “Hair Metal Boom” but have always had a distinctive sound, quite inspired by Blues. Do you think having a personal sound has helped the band making its own path far from being compared to some other of your contemporaries?

Blues has always been our staple, even when we play aggressive, the Blues is in everything.


– Jack left the band, I know he’s having some problems but, why didn’t work with him anymore? And how are you feeling about this current state and his version of GREAT WHITE?

Obviously, we are unable to speak about this at this time, when possible we will make our feelings known.


– You’ve found replacement on Terry Illous, whom was already in GREAT WHITE. Why did he leave and why did you decide to have him back? Is now the steady vocalist for the band?

Steady, rockin’ and fun. He’s such a great dude to work with and be around.


– Terry besides being a known artist has also written songs for different bands so, has he had input on the songwriting process?

His input was fantastic, he is a really good songwriter.


– And what has Scott Synder brought to GREAT WHITE?

His bass groove and personality ROCK, and he is quite a good voice, our harmonies sound very strong now.


– This being said, this new offering dislodges energy; maybe the new members had something to do with this? Are we in front of a new period or reborn for GREAT WHITE?

Very reborn, a new beginning with our usical heritage connected to our past. It’s an amazing place to be at.


– This record has the band’s essence, and it also contains your usual diversity so, could you pick your favourite or favourites of the album? If so, which one/s and why?

It’s hard to pick favourites on his one, but I like «Lowdown», Complicated», «Love Train» and «Shotgun WIllie’s».


– All this being said about the album; how could you describe “Elation” in just 3 words?

Unbridled complete freedom.


– I’ve read you shot a video for this album. How did the shooting go? And what song is this clip for? I think the catchy and rockier “Shotgun Willie’s” (similar to “Lady Red Light’s” style) would be perfect for a video or single.

Starting with something for you, we will do 1 or 2 more. And thank you for the compliment on the song.


– You’ve been around with GREAT WHITE for over 3 decades now. After so many years having your ups and down in different terms; what does keep you motivated?

The love of playing music for our fans.


– And what has both the band and the music world taught you?

That we are so blessed to have the opportunity to do what we do every day and the fact we always need to appreciate that.


– Finally, what does the future have in store for GREAT WHIRE? What are the band’s near-future plans?

Shows, shows, shows, promoting the new record and a live album from the Key Club in Hollywood will be released later this year!!!


– That’s been everything from my side, thanks once more. You can now add some final words if you want.

Thanks to the fans for giving us the opportunity to still be relevant after all these years. We appreciate you more than you know. ROCK ON!!!


Tania Giménez


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