– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

Hello, only busy answering these questions 😉

– First of all, as you are a relatively new band; would you mind to share some history of CARACH ANGREN?

It all started somewhere in 2004 when we were all 3 in the band «Vaultage». Carach Angren started as a project. We started to rehearse during the breaks of the Vaultage rehearsals. We liked it so much that we decided to record a demo (The Chase Vault Tragedy). Now it was time to actually call it a band and we started to perform. Lot’s of people liked the demo, so we started to record the new songs we made. This resulted in the mini cd Ethereal Veiled Existence. We did several gigs in the Netherlands and in the end all demo’s were sold. I think it was somewhere around December 2006 / January 2007 when we were introduced to Maddening Media by another band. After tons of emailing the collaboration started. After recording in the summer of 2007, «lammendam» was released early 2008. We didn’t know what to expect, so we were very surprised when we received a lot of very great comments. Carach Angren has now been put on the map. We did much more gigs in 1 year than before this release and performed in our neighbour countries as well. Because of the success of Lammendam we signed for another release at Maddening media. Early 2010 we’ve released «Death came through a phantom ship». Reactions on this album were great as well. Directly after the release we got on tour through Europe with Dark Funeral and did 38 shows during 6,5 weeks. Late 2010 we’ve contacted Season of Mist to see if there was a possibility to arrange some shows in France…but the result was that we started to talk about a contract. So things start rolling and we booked the Tidal Wave Studio for the 3th time. We’ve recorded «Where The Corpses Sink Forever» in the Summer of 2011 and it was officially released last Friday (18th of May).


– And why did you pick that name for the band? I mean both its origin and meaning.

Carach Angren is a place on one of the maps created by Tolkien. It should be a «ghost portal». When we started the band we decided that our main focus would be ghosts and other paranormal stuff. Seregor came up with this name. We think it fits well to our theme.


– You’ve just released your new album, “Where the Corpses Sink Forever”, which has hit the press so, how are the first reactions being?

We’ve got very good reactions about it, which is really great of course!


– All your previous records have been highly acclaimed so, have your expectations changed for this new album or are goals the same?

I think all albums are quite different, so we never know what to expect. You can recognize same things like the intro’s, outro’s and interludes on each album but there is no typical structure in our song writing which matches with each other. When we decide to create a new album, it’s because we like the music our selves.  So we start without having any expectations. A goal is to get more and more listeners and it gives us a good feeling if people admire your work of course.


– You have always mixed in a superb way extreme Metal with several orchestral parts. Is it easy to compose such a good combination?

Thanks! Ardek is a real wizard. He’s almost all the time in writing mode. He basically records everything which comes into his mind which results in hours of music. But not only orchestra, he manages to add basic drums and sometimes even guitars to his orchestral stuff. He delivers complete ideas. So with this constant supply of music, it’s quite easy for me personally to start to make some real drums. Sometimes I make something completely different and sometimes I just copy Ardek’s Ideas. When it sounds good, it sounds good right?


– In fact I’ve seen good improvement on the songwriting, which seems to be more mature. How was this process this time around?

On our previous 2 albums the songs were less prepared for recording than on our latest album. Our sound guy (Rob Fox) said «you guys should record as much as you can before entering the studio». We’ve got ourselves some extra equipment so I was able to record drums at home. This way everyone could work on his own ideas and send it over to each other. In the end you get a very clear vision of how the actual thing will be.


– This being said; how could you describe your new release in just 3 words?

Violent, pounding, «Carachian».


– “Where the Corpses Sink Forever” is your first CD with Season of Mist; how is everything working with them? Do you think working with such a big label will open new doors to the band?

I personally think we’ve got a very good contact with the guys at the office. We work very well together so far I must say. I think those «doors have been kicked out of the door posts» already. I mean you get so much attention and exposure it’s amazing!


– Anywway your fan base has grown really fast in a short time; did you expect such success when you started CARACH ANGREN?

Yes and it’s great to see! We’ve never expected it. As said before, we just like what we do. We would also exist if we didn’t have more than 100 fans.  And I will never forget the early days when people from other bands said: «why are you guys starting a black metal band? It’s over with this genre. And what’s with the corpse paint, are you guys serious?!?» Answer: Because we like it, cheers!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

It would be very nice to do another tour in the Autumn/Winter of this year! Bookers, feel free to contact us via the website:


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

No problem of course. Thanks for all the great comments on Carach Angren and see you at some concert in the future, cheers!

Tania Giménez


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