– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp? If I’m not mistaken you are now touring the States with KITTIE, BLACKGUARD and THE AGONIST. How is everything going so far?

This Kittie tour is awesome! We have all become great friends and all the bands are just awesome. Its a great tour that i think needs to branch out to Europe at the very least.

– First off, I guess there isn’t a person who doesn’t know BONDED BY BLOOD is also an EXODUS’ album. Was this one of the reasons why you pick this name for the band?

Honestly, we get that so much. We didnt think it was a big deal and it actually has turned into a burden. Some people use it as an excuse to not give us a chance, and automatically assume ridiculous things. People will react differently, we dont think its a big deal and its just a name. We would love to have had something more original and simple, but this is just what happened. We never thought we would be where we are today, if someone lets something so simple as a name turn them off from the music, then thats just sad.


– Next July you will release your next opus, “The Aftermath”. What are your expectations with it? Are you guys happy with the final outcome?

We are actually thrilled with the way the record has turned out! We hope everybody in the metal world gets a chance to check it out, we want everyones opinion good or bad, we dont care. This is the first record we can actually be proud of. So fucking listen to it!


– Since your previous “Exiled to Earth” the band has been through different experiences. Could you please make some rundown on what has BONDED BY BLOOD experienced since then?

Wow we have been through everything! Financial strain, member changes, personal issues, van problems, gear problems you name it. the fact that we are still playing today is a fucking miracle. Its very disturbing to know that so many people lose faith in you when everything goes for the worse, it shows their true colors. Its taken a LOT of hard work and planning to us get back up to speed. We are just glad we got to get this album out there whether things get better or worse afterwards.


– In fact the new album’s title refers to these problems you have been through. Does this mean you are facing a new era for the band?

Yes. This band was a joke before, when we think back in the old days, we had a lot of awesome memories, but as far as the music and the business side of things, its embarrassing . We got to express how we felt about everything on the record. It was also just pure fun, taking all the stress and annoying things out of the equation makes it much easier to make a solid record.


– And what does the cover artwork represent? As it has a different vibe to the previous ones, evoking a more “social” or “urban” feeling.

Well back in the day, none of us had any control over album artwork, tshirt designs etc. When we finally got our chance to figure out something, we got really creative. We wanted to be taken seriously but also stay with our roots, the artwork is basically a sum of pollution and corrupt governing and distracting social habits that will eventually have a seriously bad outcome over time.


– You have always had a marked musical style so, what differences are we going to find between this new “The Aftermath” and your two previous CDs?

Our last two albums were a joke. We had little experience, we couldnt get comfortable writing and were also very limited with our creativity. These days, we dont give a fuck. We know what Bonded’s sound is, we dont let other people determine what we should sound like, fuck that. Me and Juan know what we want, we are serious musicians trying to make a name for ourselves with music we enjoy playing and listening to. The music is more serious and straight forward. Blending all of our influences.


– In fact this new opus contains all your essence with a bigger dose of emotion. Was this just something spontaneous? As I guess the songwriting may be something more honest and easier with each new release.

Interesting accusation, but its actually much simpler than that. We have always had this type of fire inside us, we just havnt been in the right setting at the right time. You learn more everyday about yourself and what you are capable of doing creatively and musically. We have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to show what we are capable of, and maybe even more in the future.


– All this being said; how could you describe “The Aftermath” in 3 words?

Wickedly Mind Blowing


– This time well-known Logan Mader took production duties. Are you guys satisfied with the work done by him?

Logan is a highly under rated guy. He had all the tools and the right mindset we needed for a successful album. He showed us so much, it would be a great honor to work with him again.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for BONDED BY BLOOD?

We will be touring North America and Canada extensively and we hope for Europe, Mexico, south america and Japan!


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Enjoy The Aftermath! We Look forward to seeing everybody on the road

Tania Giménez


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