– Hi Andy, thanks for your time. What’s currently keeping BANGALORE CHOIR busy?

David: Sorry it’s David, Well B.C. is of course excited about our new record Metaphor and we are currently booking shows for the U.K. and Scandinavia for early fall 2012.

– You have just released your new «Metaphor». How’s its feedback being so far?

David: Like every new record we have had a a mix of great reviews and not so great reviews. It comes with the territory when you are in this business, there are some reviewers who just have bad attitudes and think what they say and feel is the truth. It doesn’t bother me anymore like it used to though because I feel every album we do is the best album we could have done.


– As I said, this new effort is entitled «Metaphor». Why did you pick such title? Does it have any hidden meaning?

David: I’ve been asked this question before I like the definition of it, the wordplay and one song is titled Metaphor that’s it!


– I couldn’t say you have drastically changed with this new offering, but your new record has a more similar sound to «On Target» and its less heavy than «Cadence». Was this how did you want the new opus to sound like?

David: I think the reason is, with ‘Cadence’ Andy Susemihl and I wrote most of the songs and Curt and Danny played their parts on it. With ‘Metaphor’ Curt and Danny were more involved with the writing and arranging of the material so it has more of an On Target sound.


– In fact guitars are quite better, even catchier. Did you approach differently your guitar work?

ANDY: well this time we all played on this record…danny and curtis did bass & guitars in curt’s home studio and sent the files over the internet to me…I did my parts in my studio and mixed the whole thing…so there was more interaction this time.


– And how do you think has your evolution been since your previous «Cadence»?

ANDY: well we did some shows, I got to meet curt & danny and we all came deeper into contact with the spirit of Bangalore Choir since we had to play almost the entire on target record…so that made for quite some evolution towards the original BC sound.


– So, is what we hear on «Metaphor» the actual BANGALORE CHOIR’s personality in 2012? Or is there always room to change and evolve?

David: This is Bangalore Choir


– You have also mixed and produced part of the album. How was this process like? And what are the pros and cons of, beside being the band’s guitar player, taking such duties as well?

ANDY: the process I’ve described above…luckily we’ve got the internet although it’d be more fun to sit in a studio with the guys… I’d say the pros are being in total control of the sound and the songwriting and all creative aspects – the cons are definitely being a loner most of the time and having to self motivate yourself and the lack of input and real physical interaction…


– BANGALORE CHOIR has always been quite Blues laden but, what are your personal influences?

David: For me I love the old Delta blues sounds being from America and I also listen to alot of old country music since I was young.


– All this about the album being said; how could you describe this release in just 3 words?

David: The real deal!


– This is your second album alter coming back with «Cadence» after a 18-year hiatus. Do the founder members have renewed energy? As it seems BANGALORE CHOIR is back to stay.

David: It’s a great feeling to be working with Curt and Danny again and of course with my music mate Andy Susemihl!


– You have played with SINNER and UDO among others and you are now (if I’m not mistaken) only playing in BANGALORE CHOIR. What does this band provide you other couldn’t?

ANDY: well, UDO and Sinner – that’s 15-20 years ago…I was working hard on becoming a better musician so I’m doing lots of other musical styles in the meantime and you can check this on my personal website – with BC it’s the fun to be able to rock out again…also David Reece is just one of the best rock’n roll singers in the business and I’m honored to play with this guy.


– I have always thought BANGALORE CHOIR could have been a really big band, next to «mighty» names into this style so, what do you think is the main reason why BANGALORE CHOIR never became as big as other bands into this scene? Could you say technology has now helped you in some way?

David: Well this business is about timing and when we released ‘On Target’ the tide changed which put an end to our plans.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

David: As I said earlier we plan to play the U.K. and Europe this fall 2012 and Andy and I are going to keep writing too! I’m also writing for a new project of heavier rock music which has a feel of what I did with Accept on ‘Eat the Heat’ so stay tuned!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

David: we hope the people in spain like our new album «Metaphor» and also we hope to play live in spain sometimes soon!

Tania Giménez


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