– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now into the VREDEHAMMER’s camp? What’s keeping you guys busy?
Hello. All is good in the Vredehammer camp. At the moment everyone is just living normal life, going to work, relaxing, etc.


– First off, for all those who may not know much about you yet, could you please briefly make some history of the band? And what does «Vredehammer» mean?
The band was formed by me, Per Valla back in 2009. At that time it was only a solo project. First Vredehammer released 3 EP`s through smaller labels before signing with Indie Recordings. After this signing we have released 2 full length albums. Vredehammer means”Hammer of Wrath”.

– You recently released your second album, entitled «Violator». What are your expectations on it? And how are so far the reactions its getting?
The reactions have been really good, almost only good reviews and our general sales and fanbase has grown remarkably after this latest release. This ofcourse makes us very happy.

– To me «Violator» perfects your sound, improving your debut «Vinteroffer» in several aspects but, what could you say differences both releases?
I feel that Vinteroffer was more of a black metal album and some of the material on this release was actually vredehammerquite old. The new album Violator has a more modern fell to it and it`s more groovy and catchy than vinteroffer was.

– It’s a really diverse album, with really aggressive Black Metal parts, special atmospheres built upon synths, epic moments… How important is diversity for VREDEHAMMER?
I think the diversity is just something that comes natural in many ways, but ofcourse it`s always good to have some changes in songs. If not, they might get too intense.


– In general your sound its quite «Scandinavian», but certain parts on the album reminded me to US Black/Death Metal bands or even to acts such as DESTRÖYER 666, due to this I would like to know what are some of the most influential bands for you.
I wanted this album to have kind of a “Metal”-feeling to it, and that to me represents bands like Pantera, old Metallica and Megadeth. The references are not audible i know, but i am talking about making songs groove and make you want to raise horns and bang your head.

– Lyrics on «Violator» were inspired by the works of Stephen King and some other horror authors. Would you mind to elaborate a little bit on the topics and the specific inspirations?
The only clear reference to anything really is the song “Deadfall”. This one is inspired by the book “Pet Semetary” by S. King. The rest of the songs are only inspired by these themes, but do not have direct references to any book or movie.


– Something that caught my attention is that in this new opus we find less songs and a shorter length than on your previous album. Was this something planned? Were you looking for something that could feel more straight-forward?
Yes and no. We definately wanted it to be more straight forward, but we actually had two more songs when we started recording. However, through the process from recording to release, we decided that the two songs left out didn`t quite fit the album.


– All this about «Violator» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Punchy, heavy and extreme.

– With your debut album, «Vinteroffer», VREDEHAMMER left such a mark into the Norway’s scene. Just one album and the band was already nominated to the «Metal album of the year» category by Norwegian Grammy awards. What did that mean to you? Was somehow bonus pressure or rather motivation?
It was fun. We were ofcourse very surprised and it was an exciting experience. However, i don`t think the nomintation had a big impact on anything really, other than some exposure in mainstream Norwegian media.

– And finally, what are now your near-future plans?vredehammer 3
Actually, we have to work our asses of to get back on our feet financially at this moment. After having done a tour with a german booking agency last year, we basically ended up being screwed over and they owe us alot of money. This means we have to spend alot of time getting back on our feet instead of being out touring and promoting the new album. It sucks, but we will get through it and be back on the road hopefully already at the end of the year.

– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanx yourself man.
Per Valla.


Sergio Fernández

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