– Thank you so much for answering our interview. First of all, how is the band currently doing?

Absolutely awesome.we are on tour with the german guitar legend axel rudi pell and all shows here in Europe so far a freaking amazing all sold out!so how much better can it get?

– This year you have released a new album entitled «Another Night of Passion». Tell us a bit how has this opus been developed.

It all strated before a very important speckbrett world championship tournament.my double partner juergen and me discussed a way to start this project.so we were listening to an old sweet track..called—fever of love—so from an artist point of view it all began here.moreover I met olly han from spv in cannes at midem and he really kicked it off,offering us a comeback album.


– Listening to this new offering I’ve noticed, in a certain way, you have gone back to your old compositions; straight-forward songs and really catchy choruses, the album name’s also can make us think about another «Night of Passion» from 1987. Was this your idea?

The record company had a clear vison to produce the perfect follow up album to our classi 87 nop output.

The most important thing is that the band plays in the original line up.


– When you unleashed «The Night of White Rock» you switched «passion» for «white rock», and this time around you go back for another «Night of Passion». What are the differences between this new effort and the record you released in 2006? Is it a coincidence or does it exist that word game on both CDs?

It just happened.blame it on the universe.the old spirit is back these days and the direction was this time to go for more metal thematics.


– Since your last reunion in 2006 you have been publishing new albums usually. How have all these years been for you? Are you satisfied with everything you’ve done?

All went ell and we really enjoyed the outputz.but it feels better now ro join the champions league of rnroll and hit the stages,settin them on fire.


– Checking a bit your whole history, you are hailing from Germany. How did MAD MAX born and how were those first years with albums as «Rollin’ Thunder» or «Stormchild»?

was a blast..we were young wild and untamable..had the chance to support malmsteen,heep,stryper,pretty maids and played club gigs in uk and Benelux.great and restless time..we were hungry..still we are


– Why didn’t you have the good luck other German melodic Heavy Metal (as SCORPIONS or BONFIRE) had? Do you think you were an underground, as STEELER, STORMWITCH or V2 or, on the contrary, you just didn´t have good luck?

We were signed to roadrunner and had the offer to kick off in America 87 as a german versionb of dokken.the tapes were ready to be mixed by max Norman (ozzy fame),our rec company wanted to sell their complete catalogue to the us major labe,but they were only interested in mad max..so they blew the deal!!!


– Back in 1987 you released your «Night of Passion» and you didn’t release any other piece until, «Never Say Never», in 1999. What happened during those years and how did the idea of recording again in 1999 come up?

We all went astray and everybody concentrated onto his affairs.it took a wee bit long but in the end we are here to rock now.


– Then some other year passed until 2006, when you recorded again. Did you hesitate during those years or did you feel that was the ultimate reunion?

No everybody was tied up in different projects so that we didn’t have the chance to let loose again.sometimes in life u gotta wait for the right effective moment to strike back and grab the chance that’s been given to u.


– Coming back to these current days; how is the live situation and the promotion for your new effort?

With spv steamhammer we have a worldwide record deal which means worldwide promo and most important distribution of the new album.


– And on a view to the future; what can we expect? Do you have new ideas or any project you would like to do which you haven’t done yet?

New songs are in the makin..furthermore we ll go to braisl in june.oktober u will find us hopping on tour to do the leg number 2 with herr axel ridui pell over Europe again.


– Something I’m curious about; did you ever have trouble because of the «Mad Max» name? How did you come up with this idea?

Never had any trouble.guess he stole it from us..blame it on mel..haha..))))))


– That´s everything from our side. Our best wishes and hope to see you again in Spain. Thank you so much.

Yeah…muchas gracias..see u soon out in spain..sorry for not getting one team into the final…hehe ))))))

Paco Gómez



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