– Thank you so much for answering to our interview. How is the band currently doing?

A: Right now we are getting erady for a Festival here in Arizona on May 4th with Stone Sour, Chevelle and others. We are excited Ugly Noise made album of the week in Revolver Mag. #9 on iTunes.

– It has recently been released via Metal Blade Records the 2012 album entitled «Ugly Noise». Tell us a bit about this reissue and the reason behind it.

A: Originally we released through Pledge Music but we still needed distribution to every crack and crevice of the world. Not everyone can do Pledge and a lot don’t trust it 100% yet. Metal Blade has been with us on and off throughout the years and so it made sense to have them distribute our release.


– «Ugly Noise» is your latest studio effort, as I said, an album released last year. How has it worked throughout this time?

A: We are very happy with the responses we have been getting. Now it is a matter of touring and getting it to the people. We missed the Euro festival circuit so we are focused on doing what we can in other areas and possibly rerecording No Place for Disgrace in the meaintime.


– On this opus your sound is darker, heavier. Did you have clear how did you want this record to sound like or did it just come out like this?

A: Production was a big deal for us and we wanted a wall of sound. We tracked all the guitars in our studio so we had the time to get it right.


– Since your previous album until now, you have always been updated to the current times in terms of production and sound. How could you sum up all these years of career and your discography?

A: Very difficult to answer but I will give it a shot, a couple words come to mind for me. “Growth and Maturity” We always evolve and the more we have control of our destiny the better our growth. We had some timelines and restrictions in our past with the majors and with Metal Blade, we always had the majority of control over our music. This time we have 100 % control and ownership. Now Metal Blade it partnering with us to distribute UN and still a big part in it.


– And has this evolution worked as a benefit for you or rather the opposite fans-wise?

A: yes/no It was a benefit because it kept us pushing to grow and move forward in our ideas and direction. We had a lot of setbacks from bass players to label changes and management changes that put delays in nearly every album cycle.


– I can’t help but talking about earlier albums as «No Place for Disgrace» or «Doomsday for the Deceiver». Two of the most high quality albums into the Thrash scene. What are your thoughts on these albums after so many years?

A: Doomsday was a ground breaker for us for sure still love it, No Place was a great record but after time we aren’t happy with the sound of it. We are starting to look at retracking a current version of No Place to get the sound into a better place more like UN sounds.


– A lot of bands nowadays play shows reviewing some of their classic albums; have you thought about doing so as well with any of the aforementioned releases?

A: We see that and it may happen after No Place has been re-released. For now I don’t see that happening anytime soon


– And about the touring and gig situation; how is everything doing right now with the band?

A: Currently right now we are preparing for some Festivals here in US and looking for dates worldwide. Ugly Noise just released so we are letting the noise to the talking for us while we hone our sound.


– Do you already have plans for an upcoming record?

A: Mike has some new ideas on tape and we are probably going to rerecord a new release of No Place.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and lots of thanks.



Paco Gómez


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