15 years of Queens of Steel: Leather Leone


-We Queens of Steel have been annoying people for 15 years now. During these years a lot of albums have been released. What albums do you specially remember or are your favourites of these last 15 years? Those you have pretty much worn.
I have actually been dwelling on all Dio’s material since we lost him. Esp ‘Magica» and his Rainbow years. Believe it or not I am a late bloomer to Pantera, Slipknot, , Lamb of God, White Chapel. I dig them all . I find extreme Metal fascinating. I have also really enjoyed the record «We bleed Metal». I don’t usually listen to myself, but that one grabbed me.

-Even some new bands have born. Which ones are your favourites?
I am addicted to Code Orange….The tension they create musically moves me! Jinjer is also killing it.

-And the split up you regret the most?
I have no regrets….I don’t live my life that way. Much too short to dwell. I just move on and do my best.

-All of us tend to attend gigs, festivals… During 15 years we’ve spent a lot of time in airports, trains, cars. What is the show or festival you recall with special affection?
The one that comes to mind is so anti-metal. LOL I had an opportunity to go see Sting and Peter Gabriel with stage side seating! It was fucking insane. The band, the sound, Stings bass. It was quite an experience.

-They are a lot of years if you think about it. Which would be your most memorable moment(s)? A milestone or achievement, on a personal and/or musical level.
The making of «Leather II» was huge for me. It was my first real step in my mind musically out of Chastain. I met the boys from Brasil and we just ran with it. I had never been involved in songwriting from start to finish. It was heaven!!! I am extremely proud of that record still. The respond from the Metal community was outstanding.

-Everything evolves (involutes sometimes) with time, so does the Metal «community». What do you believe has been the biggest change the Metal scene has experience or is experiencing during this time? For the better or for the worse. Because if we stop and think about it, not even Spotify existed 15 years ago!
There are intense pro’s and con’s to all of this media. It is harder to stand out as everyone can now make music. Much harder to exist financially. But the ability to spread the word without an actual label is phenomenal. Myself as a smaller artist, I have been able to find all my hardcore Metal friends all over the globe.

-Looking to the future, what would be the best possible scenario for you if you think about the next 15 years?
To still be here.
Love and Dio

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