15 years of Queens of Steel: David DeFeis

-We Queens of Steel have been annoying people for 15 years now. During these years a lot of albums have been released. What albums do you specially remember or are your favourites of these last 15 years? Those you have pretty much scratched.
I enjoyed all the albums released by THE CULT…also TYPE O NEGATIVE and the various ROBERT PLANT & BRYAN FERRY releases.

-Even some new bands have born. Which ones are your favourites?
I have no idea…..wait…hmmm…of the last 15 years….Eternal Winter…..

-And the split up you regret the most?

-All of us tend to attend gigs, festivals… During 15 years we’ve spent a lot of time in airports, trains, cars. What is the show or festival you recall with special affection?
Too numerous to list…but off the top of my head…the last GRASSPOP FESTIVAL that we played…That was excellently organized….and we had an absolutely great time there…..

-They are a lot of years if you think about it. Which would be your most memorable moment(s)? A milestone or achievement, on a personal and/or musical level.
For me and for all of us in VIRGIN STEELE every album is a milestone as it captures a slice of what life is like for us during those moments…and for me personally in addition to doing the albums, having created the LILITH METAL OPERA (my third one), was certainly a milestone, and actually managing to unleash that massive SEVEN DEVILS MOONSHINE BOX SET and the «Movie» about it were also certainly milestones. And speaking of «LILITH» we recently re-issued the VISIONS OF EDEN album on vinyl and we have completed several more videos from that album, GOD ABOVE GOD & THE HIDDEN GOD, plus a kind of «BEHIND THE MUSIC» segment about it….All that will be issued momentarily….

-Everything evolves (involutes sometimes) with time, so does the Metal «community». What do you believe has been the biggest change the Metal scene has experience or is experiencing during this time? For the better or for the worse. Because if we stop and think about it, not even Spotify existed 15 years ago!
Probably this so called «social media» stuff….I think it has ruined the musical experience in a lot of ways….That and cell phones…I loved it when Fans would hold up real, actual fire during the show….lighters, candles that sort of thing…now it’s the cell phone….which I find to be an invasive species…..

-Looking to the future, what would be the best possible scenario for you if you think about the next 15 years?
The Internet dies….and we go back to real face to face experiences…..with people being in the moment…not distracted by something or someone outside the immediate area….
All the best to you….Cheers, Hail and here’s to another 15 Years of QUEENS OF STEEL!!!

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