– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the TORMENTED’s camp right now?

A: Hi Tania, Andreas here answering the int.everything is going well, we are rehearsing the album and also writing new stuff (we always are) also we really excited about the upcoming release of the album to see what all the freaks out ther will think of it because we are really proud of it…

– You will soon unleash your sophomore release, «Death Awaits». Considering the great feedback your debut album (and the EP and split) got; what are your expectations with this new opus? Did you feel some kind of pressure while creating it?

A: we always feel pressure but only from our selves, the outside world does´nt exist at all when we write songs we just want to create horrorfilled, dark and eeire death metal and I belive thats what we did once again, our expectations from this release is that we will play more liveshows and have a better promotionteam working behind us and so far that is surelly the case.


– Have been 4 years since your previous effort came out, but throughout these last years you’ve done some other things as playing live or releasing the 10» split album with BOMBS OF HADES or the EP «Graveyard Lust». Tell us a bit what kind of activity have you had during these last years and when and how did «Death Awaits» start to develop.

A: as you said we have done 2 more releases and also we have been playing live a bit to other than that we have been really focused on writing a lot of music and then picking out the best parts for the album, recording demos and so on…in the middle of the demoing of the songs when we was supposed to record the album Black Breath wanted us to follow on their european tour so we did! looking back that was a really good thing for us because we could go back into the demos and change what we did´nt like in the demos. that month or so of touring got us lots of time to think the songs through witch in the end made the album so much better, and also we had a great time touring.


– I think the new album’s title, «Death Awaits», reflects quite good what the band and the album is all about. How did you come up with it or how good could you say it describes the whole CD? Did you want to give with the title an idea of how does the whole album sound like?

A: I could´nt belive that it wasn´t allready taken!I would surelly say that it is multifacetaded, as in you buy the album and you know what to expect and also a nod to Slayer of course. And on top of that there is nothing that´s more true in life than that death awaits, death awaits you all…


– I think this new effort follows the same pattern as your previous «Rotten Death» but, how could you say has the band evolved since then?

A: we are still doing what we consider is death metal and of course we have evolved as musicians and song writers but the main thing on the new record I would say is that we are more about dynamics now and thats something we will keep doing.


– Besides the usual D-Beat and Crust elements and the huge influence from Swedish Death Metal of the late 80’s/early 90’s, you may also seem to be influenced by DM from other countries, I specially noticed on this new album some AUTOPSY vibe. Are they an influence for you? What could you say have been the most influential bands for TORMENTED?

A:Our Inspiration comes from everything I guess, we all like Autopsy and thats really cool if you hear some of that in our music, we think we sound more like Death though not intentually but we hear more of that than Autopsy…our inspirations in the metal world is still Slayer and Venom for the most part, the bands that were there before death metal.


– I also noticed more variations on the guitar camp; did you approach the guitar work in a different way?

A: not really we have just become better at our instruments over all, maybe we are a bit more focused on what we want to hear on the actuall recording though and Claes did a kickass job in getting that through this time.


– It also seems like bass plays now a bigger role (as we can notice on songs like the really complete «Funeral Fire»), giving even more heaviness to the album. Was this the bass sound you were looking for? As in a band with such thick sound it can actually bring a lot.

A: In fact the bass sound on the earlier stuff wasn´t that good and also the guitars where really in your face and the bass just blurred in with the guitars, so we worked a little bit more on that this time and as I said Claes really got everything great in the mix.


– In fact production is also really low-fi and organic, giving even more depth than on «Rotten Death». Would you mind to tell us how did the production process go and who took such duties?

A: Claes is our main man when it comes to the studio, we know how we want it to sound but he really gets it to sound that way like a fucking wizard, we recorded the drums and one guitar and the bass and more guitars and the vocals, and then there was countless hours of getting the sound just right and we are all involved in that but its Claes that makes the magic happen.


– All this about the album being said; how could you describe your new CD in just 3 words?

A: violence, horror and death


– There are coming out many «revival» Death Metal bands, in fact just in Sweden we can find some good ones as MORBUS CHRON or BASTARD PRIEST among many others showing impressive skills. Does this «competence» make things harder for bands like yourself or maybe the opposite, as it seems to be a huge interest for this music style?

A: I think it´s just healthy, the weaker bands will die faster and the strong ones will just carry on doing great stuff.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

A: to play live, we really want to get out on the road, other than that we´ll just keep on writing great death metal and deliver the goods again and again and again….


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

A: Stay Rotten!


Tania Giménez

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