– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently keeping The Way Of Purity busy?

Hello, you are welcome. At the moment we are working hard with our label Wormholedeath and an amazing journalist wich name’s is Ray Holroyd to release our new album «Equate» in USA and Canada. This means that we will be able to spread our message in bigger countries to bigger audiences and this is what really matters. We are also preparing the live set for our upcoming tours and experimenting new cooperations with new musicians…We need to open new horizons everyday or we will be artistically dead.

– You will soon release your sophomore album, that’s why I guess some people won’t be familiar with you yet so, could you please share some history of the band?

We are not a band and there’s no history. The Way Of Purity is a project, created to push a message, so everything we do is related to our mission. There are some events that can be described as our «history» but instead of showing the world «how cool we are» with this tour or that thing, like the «bands» do, we prefere to talk about what we are doing in terms of action. Yes we have achieved some incredible goals in terms of promotion of our message, creed and religion. Lot of people started to understand and support what we stand for and they are fighting to protect our God, mother nature, and everything is included in, like animals, natural events and environment. It’s never enough…we have to fight more and more. Life is short and we have to leave something that has to be continued to the ones that understand.


– And why did you pick the name of “The Way of Purity”? Both its origin and meaning.

The meaning behind The Way Of Purity is painful. The Way Of Purity is the sacrifice that every man should do to keep his own integrity alive. Life is a way, a quite long way when it comes to integrity, honesty, friendship, beliefs, marriage because everyday we have to give proof of our integrity in front of temptations. For most of the people is really hard not to betray their friends or partner, it is really hard to only eat vegetables, it is hard being 100% honest in front of interests…Well, I guess you understand what I mean. The Way Of Purity is the way that ONLY FEW can understand and only few can «walk on». For all the people that betray, say lies, only think about sex or surface we are the fucking painful mirror. That’s why we take 100% of our inspiration (in life and music) from animals…They never fail when it comes to integrity.


– And will we ever know who the band’s members are? Why can we only see Tiril Skårdal? Maybe this shows your music and lyrics is the main thing?

Well, since we are not a band there are no members…People come and go in this project. There are some of us that are, let’s say, «the core» (Tiril is no more one of those) but everyone is subject to change. If after some time a guy or a girl has given as much as he/she could and cannot grow more, TWOP will not need his/her help anymore and that person will be gone and maybe will rejoin later if his strength will be back again. There are no rules here, cause we have nothing to lose, there’s only to gain for our message and religion. And yes of course we are not that crappy band that wanna show the people how cooln they are…We don’t give a shit in appearing in the media or whatever…Nobody cares…We are not the nice looking screamo or metalcore or metal, trash bla bla bla faggots. We are ugly and rotten to the core so you better do not see our faces or know our names.


– Talking about this, what has Tiril brought to THE WAY OF PURITY?

Tiril has been the voice of TWOP for one year, she has recorded one EP (Biteback) and the new album (Equate) and in the end she felt that her mission was over and that she’d given TWOP everything she could, so for the new productions/live ecc there is a new voice wich will continue the good job done by Tiril with new strength and vitality. That’s the rule here and nobody can change it.


– As I said, you will soon unleash your new “Equate”, which I think has a more mature sound than your previous album, it also more emotional. Could you say this is a more complete and solid effort than “Crosscore”?

Well I am glad to read that. I think it is just a different approach to the production actually.

I explain…At the beginning we wanted to sound cold, glacial without any human feeling or intervention. So the production of the album was approached to reach this result. When we started to write «Equate» we were in a different mood and we wanted the album to sound real, emotional and more human…This was done to represent the human desperation, sadness and dark future. We just changed the approach and we used more analog gear, drums, guitars were left natural with no digital processing and that’s the result. The melodies are not submerged by the icecap that characterized Crosscore and you can feel a little bit ot warmth that represents the hope that we all are tryng to keep alive in this hell.


– And how could you describe “Equate” in just 3 words?

Sad, Dark and Epic.


– You mix elements from different extreme styles, and also not so extreme ones. What are your main musical influences? Was “Crosscore” a good description of your sound?

Yes as I told you Crosscore and Equate are written by the same hands so they both represent, let’s say, the cold and warm sides of TWOP. We are still influenced by the same artists and we even didn’t change the instruments actually. Our influences come from the urgency of hardcore, the dreamy and melancholic influence of New Wave and post punk and brutality of Death and Black Metal. That’s it, that’s our sound. All these elements can «live» together in «Equate»…There will be the ones that will say, » I don’t like the brutal songs/parts because I like you when you sound like The Cure or Interpol » and there will be the ones that will say «I don’t like the melodic parts, you must be 100% brutal». Fuck them all…If they don’t know what the Sisters of mercy, Bauhaus, The Pixies or Sonic youth are, they are fucking ignorants and will not know where the music they listen to comes from either. Fuck them.


– Due to this blend of different elements I would like to know how was the songwriting process this time around or how does it tends to be like in THE WAY OF PURITY.

There’s no songwriting process. We entered the studio, 3 months, and the album was ready. We just worked everyday to keep focused on the direction and identity of the album and with some hard work, patience and creativity «Equate» was done. After that we have been helped by some great friends to track, mix and master it …. But this was the fast part…recordings took less than 10 days.


– On this album Giulia (RAVENSCRY) and Stielas Storhett brought their cooperation. How did everything start?

Well, these are 2 of the best uprising projects around so we asked them if they would like to cooperate with us and they said yes. Giulia, with her band, is signed to the same label we are so it was easy, she did it all with the label manager and producers of the album…We trusted the 100%. She sings in 2 songs. With Stielas we got in touch to make an album and t-shirt trade and then after having listened to the respective albums we understood that there are many things in common and we decided to write some songs together. We featured one of these songs on the album, but another one is recorded already for future proceedings like bonus tracks, compilations or promotion. they both have been fantastic and we will thank them forever.


– What does the cover artwork for this effort represent?

The cover represents the eye of God (that watch us) embedded in the Sun…God is on the top of a triangle and a circle containing the number eleven. The triangle is again the symbol of GOD and the number 11 strands for «one against one»…»me against you» or «man against god» or «human against animal». It’s the war we are fighting…The circle strands for the infinite, means forever. Into the circle and triangle you can see a magic formula that represents the higher powers, so the winner is easily determined also due to the signatures of the souls of first humans called to be the judges (and they deny what we are now and approve the plan for destruction of humanity) everything supervised by the elements and lunar phases…The upside down man into a virus shell and the animal into the sun are the result of this war. Everything means that humans cannot fight against the higher forces…If one day they will act together, like it is, symbolically, in the plan in our cover, humans will be erased in a few minutes. That’s the meaning of «Equate»…Do we really think that we can Equate with God??


– Your lyrics and pictures always have a concrete meaning. What is the message THE WAY OF PURITY wants to spread?

People MUST HAVE concrete examples to choose their true way. The only thing we care about as long as trying to show people how horrible will be the end and that there will be no Jesus or Satan saving them from the wrath of the one who cannot be named. We want people to understand that is important, if they want to save this world, to completely remove unnecessary self-importance and deny the fucking ego. Some people on this planet fight for the truth and fight against the evil that is the main guide for self destruction in all human beings. Humanity claims to be a «superior race», based on rules that are about to fail. The war against ignorance, money, death, disease is over. We are just trying to leave «something» for the «race» (as they call it) that will follow. We want «them» to understand that humanity evolved in darkness but some individuals did not. Just wait and see.


– In fact you are a band that covers many subjects, so I would like to know what’s your view on the impact the Internet had on music.

Unfortunatly if we look at the reality there are the big corporations that need to sell ipods, ipads, computers, broadband, telephone contracts and what is making people buy that shit is because they can steal music, films and softwares. if Music, films and softwares would have to be paid, you would see how smaller these corporations would be. That’s the impact that internet had on music…We are just the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the corporations…think of it. Also the big sale of computer and softwares made possible for everyone (even people that cannot play) to record music and upload it on the internet…these corporations destroyed music 2 times because with that huge «music» production/offer the quality is gone down, down and further down. Now it’s an ocean of shitty music all around us.


– On your songs you defend, among other things, animal rights. In Spain a lot of people are still fighting, after so many years, against horrible bull fightings (in fact have been banned in different cities). What are your thoughts on this shameful act unluckily considered part of the Spanish “culture”?

I have no thoughts on it…it’s just scum…and what thoughts could you have on scum??


– From Queens of Steel we have always brought special support and promotion to women into the Metal scene, so I can’t actually help asking you a couple of things about this matter. First of all, could you say there’s discrimination into the Metal world? In any way, as I don’t just mean giving women into this music a wrong role or undervaluing their work, but also making differences just because the gender.

Well, a lot of people think that women are not strong or serious enough to play in some oustanding or why not devastating bands….But that’s not true cause there are so many girls that kick men’s asses so…It’s all about bullshit. Discrimination has always a bad meaning and ending.


– I would also like to know your view on the role society use to give women into this scene, as it seems to be harder for ladies to be noticed at first because of their skills and not because of the physical “skills”.

Yes, that’s waht I said before…people think that testosterone makes the difference but unfortunately for them is not like that. it’s like in the real life…the brain makes the difference and unfortunately for them there are so many girls with biggesr brains they have. You don’t know how many weak and crappy male musicians I have seen and how many strong and great girls…Discrimination=ignorance, ignorance=you lose.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

At the moment we are getting ready for the promotion of Equate, both live and with media…we will start writing new songs as well and fight to spread our message…the same things we always do. It’s something that has no beginning and no end, it’s just a perpetual cycle.


– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for your time. Now feel free to add some final words.

Please always keep in mind what we stand for.

We believe there is a god that cannot be represented by shallow icons because it is a superior force: for us this superior force is simply Nature. We can see everyday the power of nature around us: if any of its elements, water, wind or fire, decides to destroy us, it does so effortlessly. This force is something that all animals can still feel inside them, but not us. And why is that? Unlike us, animals are pure: they only kill for food and self-preservation; they use sex only for reproduction while we have pornography, prostitution and all sorts of perversions. Follows the example of animals, that’s the only way for salvation.

Sergio Fernández


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