– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp?

Hello, and thank you for your interest in SMFN! We are receiving loads of reviews (and it has been really overwhelming so far) and interviews these days, so I guess that’s mainly what’s happening these days. As well as the vinyl edition of Livsgnist will be out in a week or so. Many musicians claim that they don’t care about what people think of their music, but I do. I think it is great to receive the feedback we’ve received so far!

– You have recently released your debut album, “Livsgnist” so, first of all, would you mind to share some history of SO MUCH FOR NOTHING for all those that haven’t heard about you yet?

It all started in 2007 when I wrote a couple of songs which didn’t fit my other band Sarkom, so instead of just throwing them away, I decided to write a whole album as a solo project with a different sound and lyrical theme. I knew that this would take a long time, but as the songs started to take shape, I also knew that it would be worth it in the end. So after several years of decadence and darkness, the result is finally here! A destructive, dark metal-pop/rock album of it’s finest art! We also released a 7” split with Angst Skvadron last year, but as you might know, a vinyl single doesn’t get much attention, even though the songs featured on that one are really good too!


– And what does this project provides you SARKOM can’t and vice versa? How does each band compliment the other?

First of all, with SMFN I have total control over the music myself, and don’t have to compromise with anyone or anything. I write all the music and decide what I want to do. Uruz was supposed to just play on this album as a session drummer, but I guess he liked the songs really well, as he didn’t hesitate when I asked him if he wanted to join as a permanent member! Another factor is that with SMFN I get to play the guitars myself, and not be just a vocalist, as I am in Sarkom(even though I’ve been the main songwriter in that band so far). Last, but not least, I feel that I can do whatever I want with this band and explore different musical styles than with Sarkom. That being said, it feels fine to be able to do both, as Sarkom is a much more aggressive and bang-your-head-for-Satan kind of music, while SMFN gives me a much more dark and laidback kind of feeling.


– The band’s name, as your music and lyrics, on my eyes depicts certain negativity. What meaning does it hold personally to you?

It’s about all the disappointments in life and how meaningless things actually are in general. I mean, what’s really the point of living? When you die, all you ever did won’t have any meaning anymore. At least the way I see it, as I don’t believe in Karma, resurrection or heaven or anything like that. When you die, you’re dead – nothing. So as this is what I believe will happen, I can’t find a good reason to stay here, at least if you don’t actually enjoy it that much… But while I’m here anyway, I like to leave some traces behind, instead of just being a follower. So when I’m gone, at least my music will still be out there, even though we’re not talking about a successful band like Nirvana for instance.


– You are working with drummer Uruz but we can find several guest artists on the album. Could you please tell us who are they, how did everything start (as well as how did you come up with the idea) and what have they brought with their cooperation?

I came up with the idea underway while I was writing the songs, when I felt that something was missing. For a new band it’s also not that easy to reach out to an audience, so I knew that certain names would draw more attention to this release than if I had chosen not to bring them in. And when it comes to guitar solos, this is nothing I can handle at all, so there was no doubt that I needed help with this matter! I can write a short version about each and everyone, as it will be too much to write the whole story… So here are all the people, step by step in the order of the tracks they feature on:

D. Stiberg – saxophone: Met him only twice my whole life(one time before we recorded the saxophone). I was suggested to contact him by a friend, as I said I needed someone to play saxophone.

K. Olavsrud – piano: My best friend for the last 15 years and he has nothing to do with metal at all. However it was no doubt that I wanted him to take part on it, which he really appreciates!

P. Huss – guitar solo: I have been on tour with Shining two times with Sarkom, and we got along really well! Great guy and a fucking great guitarist!

L. J. Kostøl – cello: One of the guitarists in Sarkom also play in a band called Pantheon I which includes this woman on cello, so I have known her for years.

I. S. Kaare – violin: One of the Sarkom guitarist’s sister. He asked if she wanted to help me out, which she did. Then I called her, sent her the song and set a date we could meet to record the violin. Easy as that!

M. Storm-Olsen – acoustic guitars: Known him for years, and he is a great guitarist. He also helped me out a lot during the recording phase.

N. Kvarforth – additional lyrics and vocals: Same story as Huss. Asked him while we were on tour if he would like to write some Swedish lyrics and do some vocals. A great and twisted guy…

T. Nefas – guitar solos: Sarkom has played some concerts with Urgehal and we have also met several times through friends. I called and told him about my project and asked if he would like to do a couple of guitar solos, and one day he just showed up in the morning not having slept all night. I was amazed he could pull it through that day, but luckily he did!

E. Renton – trumpet: The previous drummer and other founding part of Sarkom. Multitalented musician who can play all kinds of instruments!

Seidemann – bass: A good friend I’ve known for 8-10 years or so… He lent me one of his expensive basses for this recording, so obviously he should contribute on one track as well!

A. McKay – guitar solo: Former guitarist in Absu. Pantheon I did a tour with these guys and I was introduced to him a couple of years ago when he was visiting Norway. I guess he liked staying here as he quit Absu, packed his things and moved to Oslo!


– After giving several listens to the album I can’t really compare your sound to any other bands. I assume this is something quite positive into a scene where everything has been done a million times before but, is this something you strive for?

No, I don’t strive for this, but when I decided to start this project I knew from day one that I was not going to write another typical black metal album like so many others do. So I simply tried to make songs out from music I listen to myself, which usually is pop or black metal, adding my own personal style and vocals. If I had a keyboard and knew how to play it, I would probably have done something with that as well… Maybe next time?


– Lyrics feel like they are real; where do you take inspiration from and what do they deal with?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s about all the disappointments in life and how meaningless things actually are in general, as well as the frustration and darkness which surrounds me in one way or the other… So I can be inspired by everything from going to work and walk through Oslo on a rainy day to watch TV where everything seems so perfect, as this again reminds me of that I’m not living this kind of life.


– Is it easy to channel your thoughts through both your music and lyrics? As they both seem to work as one.

Hmm… I don’t know, but it feels right anyway. And I usually write the lyrics while I’m listening to the specific song over and over again, so that the lyrics will become one with the song, if you know what I mean…


– Your idea was to SMFN be a solo project, so I guess this may be a really personal project for you. Is in that situation easy to be objective with your material?

Hard to say, but I both think and hope so. I spend a lot of time listening to what I have done to figure out if there’s something I can improve, as it’s very important for me to know that I couldn’t do anything to make a riff /melody sound better.


– I read you have already written some stuff for a second album. Could you advance us something about it or its direction?

Yes, and I’m really looking forward to the next album! Even though Livsgnist is new for you, I’ve heard it for a couple of years now, so it’s about time to finish something new! As for now, I have 7-8 songs finished, and three more in progress. It looks like it will have an even more pop feeling, and even some “happy” tunes, but it will still be a very dark album. Several of the lyrics are also starting to take shape and it looks like it will be about 50/50 with Norwegian and English this time. But as Livsgnist has received massive reviews, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to follow up this. Time will show!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words, last lines are all yours

Thanks for having me here, and if anyone is interested, feel free to add us on for the latest news etc! We are also planning to put together a live band in the near future, so if someone who’s working with booking is reading this and want to give us a shot, don’t hesitate to take contact!

Tania Giménez


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