– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with NEAERA?

Hi and thanks for this interview. At the moment we are busy promoting our newest album «Ours is the Storm», which has just been released. We`re right in the middle of some release shows across germany. Playing some of our new songs for the first time is very exciting.

– First off, what’s the maning behind the band’s name?

To make it short: Neaera is the Name of an ancient greek person. She was a slave and gained her freedom by court. The trials have been written down and thus prevailed over time. They are a proof of a functional justice system as well as a reminder of personal drama. The name is a Symbol of freedom and reason.


– You will soon release your new album, «Ours is the Storm» so, what are your expectations on it? And,how is its feedback being so far?

Feedback has been throughoutly positive. Most of the reviews we got seem to really like the album. And from what I got to hear during our last couple of shows, the fans love it too. We`re very happy about the album ourselves and feel our work over the last 2 years being approved.


– How do you think has NEAERA evolved during these 3 years have been since you released your previous album, «Forging the Eclipse»?

I think Forging the Eclipse was a very strong output. We have many well working live songs on that one. Between writing two albums we dont really stop and take a musical break for long. we Just continue writing songs. So the evolving happenes slowly. We know forging the Eclipse by Heart now, so it is normal to make a new album set itself appart slightly. Its more of a intuitive process that changes our music that even I can`t really explain. Between «Forging» and «Storm» we were really busy touring, moving rehearsal rooms and had to sort out some minor personal stuff. So thats the only reason why «Storm» took a bit longer to write.


– With this new album you have even pushed boundaries, something you have always done though, having a really vesatile sound. Due to this, could you say your music is, somehow, a challenge both for you and your listeners? Maybe this is also a way to keep things intteresting?

I think we know exactly what Neaera has to sound like, so if pushing the boundaries we`re still within the boundaries. But it is a challenge we enjoy much, to sound like the band we are and not like the last album, if that makes any sence 😉


– Anyway I think, instead of adding new elements, you have highlighted a few ones that didn’t play a really big role on previous albums. Is this something you consciously do? As, for instance, I’d dare say there’s more vocal versatilty, or some tunes with really technical moments.

Thats right. We often take certain elements we had before and try working with them in new ways. As I said we know what the band has to sound like. so Working with familiar sounds and grooves is one way not te get stuck in simply copying your older songs. Also sometimes we just like to «Jam» and see where it takes us.


– “My Night is Starless” could be a proof you are always evolving and exploring new territories, as on this song it seems you have given importance to instrumental moments. This makes me wonder if you use to follow a certain formula to compose your songs or if you just let things flow.

There is no certain formula. We just want it to sound interesting and make sense. On «my night is Starless» we did nothing we haven`t done before in someway.


– Is also a really mature effort so, do you think you have, somehow, reached your climax in that sense or is there always room to keep on growing and developing your identity?

No and yes. We don`t see a climax. We aim to be the best «Neaera» we can be. As I said we don`t want new songs to sound like older songs. So there will be always room for us to make progress. As for now we don`t see any limit or climax reached.


– All this about «Our is the Storm» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Heavy. Neaera. Nowadays.


– The album was recorded at Alexander Dietz’s studios in your home country. Could you say the fact of working with a musician, playing a not so different style to yours, had helped? As I guess he may understand NEAERA pretty good. Moreover I personally think the sound gotten fits perfectly your sound and what your music needs.

We`ve been working close with Ali for the past couple of years. He helped us out playing guitar at many occasions, and our guitarist tobi helped out his band Heaven Shall Burn many times too. So we are good friends and he is a great professional. Recording with Ali is fun and we always have a great time in his studio. It helps alot to comunicate when you know anothers bands and style of music. You don`t need to explain things too often and can focus on the music.


– The cover artwork is also superb so, could you please tell us a bit about it (it’s meaning, how did you work on it, the artist, etc.)?

The guy is supposed to be some kind of a chosen or enlightened one. The other people being in the cold water still need to reach his state. We wanted to display the contrast in awareness of todays problems globally and socially. Most people don`t really want to bother with their surroundings, focussing on their lives only. Being enlightiend as visualized here means accepting everything negative in the world, Where most people «drown» in denial of it.


– And what do some of the lyrics on the album deal with?

Like on our other albums we dont really have a general concept on «Ours is the Storm». So each song`s lyrics vary. Most of the time they deal with visions of a crippled society, failing mass media, greedy politicians. I don`t want to go into too much detail. We made shure to add some anotations along with each song in the booklet though. One song «Between us and the Anihalation» was Inspired by Cormac McCarthy`s «The Road».


– Something that gets my attention is you have always had the same line-up. Is there any secret recipe for that?

I think everyone of us feels this band to be a great chance. We haven`t stopped appreciating doing what we love, and getting to know other people of the same kind. Most of us have been friends longe before the band. And certainly we became friends during our experience as a band. Sometimes its difficult, like in any other band there can be trouble. But there really hasn`t been any trouble so big we couldn`t cope with as a collective and as friends.


– Next March you will be touring Germany and Switzerland with BURY TOMORROW and THE DEFILED; what are your expectations on this tour?

We want to promote new album and we hope people will like the new songs we play. Also we can test some of the new songs


– In fact you have already toured with several bands but; what bands you haven’t played with you would like to do it someday?

We have toured with so many cool bands. Many bands we didn`t know of before, we became friends with. I really cant give you an answer to that because my personal taste in music has been changing too over all this time. Most of the times you get to personally know bands you like are quite surprising.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We will play some cool festivals in Germany and continue writing songs for our next record, wich we have already begun with…


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you guys for checking our stuff out. Hope to see you in the Pit some day. Stay Brutal!




Sergio Fernández

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