– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. What are you currently up to? How is everything going right now into the band’s camp?

Now that we have finished up the production of Behold Almighty Doctrine were waiting patiently for the release and working diligently on pre producing the next album. Were writing and collaborating our asses off to achieve the level were shooting for on our next record. Planning tours and regional runs and working hard to try to get Lecherous Nocturne to Europe and other countries.


– First off I would like to know the origin behind the band’s name; LECHEROUS NOCTURNE.

The definition of Lecherous Nocturne is a dark, lustfilled musical composition. The name states what our music says, we do venture into many different topics within our music and inspirations but almost everything we write about comes in one way or another from the terrors of the real world that surrounds us. Lust is a subject that is extremely powerful for us, its something that I believe everyone experiences through out their lives whether their cloaked in clergy or giving a lap dance but its a natural human emotion that seems to stay hidden from the fear of reveal. Its the basic energy that we can credit for the existance of our race, its both dark and beautiful and can be criminal or sanctified. Definately been alot of Lecherous Nocturne songs written and inspired by it.


– Since your previous album, «The Age of Miracles has Passed», have been none less than 5 years. Why did you take such time? Maybe due to the band members commitments with their other acts?

It had nothing to do with other acts or projects. It seems in death metal theres always some kind of issues with line ups in the bands and while we have fought our own battles with line up changes weve never let it affect the bands agenda. Theres no rule book that says we have to release an album every year or two, while that is the conventional metheod and we have nothing against it we take the time we need to make the album we want. If we crank out three in a year or one in five years its irrelovent to us. It all hinges on the flow of the music coming out of us. We refuse to subscribe to other peoples demands and pre written criteria on what «they» think Lecherous Nocturne should do. Mabey one day we’ll open a public forum to take suggestions on what others want us to do but until then we will do it the way we see fit. We have never been here to please anyone and we have managed to keep putting out albums and making music for over fifteen years so I think we’ll be ok. hahaha


– Five years is a relatively long time between two albums so, how do you think has the band evolved musically during this gap of time?

Leaps and bounds. People seem to make the common mistake of taking a bands latest release and chalking it up to thats all a band is capable of doing and thats just not the case. We have had minor line up changes here and there but the unit that is Lecherous Nocturne now is a strong one. Each member brings his own unique brand and talent to the table and the more we work together the more we grow musically. We have grown together in big ways thats exciting for us and the pre productions were doing for our next effort really say that. Were all still learning but I think the day you stop learning is either the day you give up or the day you die, but we have also come a long way together and I feel we have only touched the outer edge of the music thats going to be coming out of us in the future.


– In 2011 your long-time vocalist, Jason Hohenstein, left the band and was replaced by Brett Bentley. Why did Jason left and what could you say has Brett brought new to LECHEROUS NOCTURNE?

Brett never replaced anyone, he was a last minute fix for a tour that Lecherous Nocturne refused to cancel. He was a talentless drunken hack and got booted off the tour in the first week. I have replaced Jason hohenstein which is a long time freind of mine and musical partner. I did the backing vocals the first twelve years or so in Lecherous with Jason, we developed a style together and when the decision was made that Jason was not going to be doing Lecherous anymore it only made sense to bring in someone that understands the formula of the band. Brett whatever his last name is has absolutely nothing to do with the history of Lecherous Nocturne.


– There is also a new drummer, Alex Lancia, and a new guitar player, Ethan Lane. What do they also bring to the band that the older members couldn’t?

I dont know if you can really call them new anymore seeing as how theyve both been in the band for years now. But theyre both extremely takented musicians!!! Alex Lancia is an extremely motivated and solid drummer with great ideas and a great work ethic, Ethan Lane is also extremely motivated and precise. Hes a multi talented individual that really brings alot to Lecherous. We love those guys and they have become a key elements in the fornula of Lecherous Nocturne…


– Your new opus is entitled «Behold Almighty Doctrine». What are your expectations on it? And how is its feedback being so far?

We knew when we tracked this album that it would appeal to the metal heads out there and anyone else thats into metal for polished, frilly safety rock would have negative things to say about it. The bones of this record is that its real, theres nothing in this album but pure, blasting fuck your mother metal and thats exactly what we wanted out of it. It does serve a purpose of bringing a different contrast to our discography and were really happy about that. And as far as reviews go, mabey if we wrote albums to try to get random people behind computer screens to say nice things about us we’d take the time to read em. We do enjoy checking in from time to time to kinda see whats going on with the record but I dont think any of us are basing anything off of what the critics have to say. Their all generally people that have zero musical talent so the next best thing they could do is bash the people giving it an honest effort and trying to make music. The fans of Lecherous Nocturne are either gonna love or hate an album we release and I dont know of one that doesnt want to make that decision for themselves instead of reading some review and deciding that some random stranger saying «buy this album» or «dont buy this album» is good enough haha.


– I could say this album is more complex in songwriting terms. Did that process change in any way?

This album was mainly written be Kreishloff and Ethan Lane, it was arranged by all of Lecherous Nocturne but all the past albums were written by Kreishloff and myself so yeah, the approach is definately different and the dynamic is different. Whether its more complex is debatable but definately a little different than past efforts.


– Could you say this is the album that reflects the best the band’s personality in all possible ways?

I dont think so and thats my humble opinion. I think the best music and «reflection» is still yet to come.


– Lyrically it seems like you are telling a real story, dealing with real issues but, are actual real lyrics or from the perspective of an outsider?

Some are very real and some are from outside perspectives. Tracks like «Those Having Been Hidden Away» are about impaling Templar Knights and so on so forth. We speak often from reality and real expierences but we do get inspired from historical events, religious crusades etc. So theres always going to be some second and third party perspectives within our lyrics…


– The CD was recorded at SounLab Studios, and I think you’ve got a really good and powerful sound but, was this sound what you were exactly looking for?

Very close, Bob Moore at Soundlab studios is great! weve done quite a few records there with him now and his talent is a part of our efforts when it comes the time to track. I think everyone has a pre determined idea of what they want specifically out of a recording when they step into the studio but as the process grows so does the sound and usually it becomes something we never imagined but are very happy with. Were all pleased with how Behold Almighty Doctrine turned out.


– All this about «Behold Almighty Doctrine» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Sometimes less is more and in the case of the title of this album that is true.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Writing and pre producing, along with shows shows shows!! Were working on a cult as fuck regional run in the U.S. for the spring and summer, then were looking to get out with some bigger packages and other countries as soon as possible.


– That has been everyting from my side, thank you once more for taking your time. If you now want to add any last words; feel free to do it.

Thank you as well for taking the time to discuss Behold Almighty Doctrine and Lecherous Nocturne with me. We wish you guys the best of luck!!! Get Cult.


Sergio Fernández


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