– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently going into the VILE’s camp?

Well, we have just released the 4th Vile album titled “Metamorphosis” over the last couple months and are just waiting for some reviews to come in and for people to listen to it.

– First of all, could you please make some history of the band?

We’re from the California Bay Area and started playing together in 1996. Since then the line up has changed a lot and I am the only remaining member form the first album. I am the main songwriter so the music has had some consistency, but I have also worked hard to make each album different. We started out playing a Florida style and now the music has more melody and some black metal influences in there. We have released 4 albums over this time and toured the US and Europe a number of times.


– You took your time between “The New Age of Chaos” and your latest “Metamorphosis”, why did it take you 6 years?

Well what happens when you get into your 30’s is that you have to make the decision to dedicate your entire life to touring and making albums or you must branch out and have two or three careers. Personally, I didn’t see myself as the type of guy that is always on the road playing at small clubs until I am too tired to move anymore. I have many different interests in life and so I pursued those while also writing this album. So the main reason it took so long is that I was studying the subjects I love including law, economics, sociology, philosophy and also starting a small legal research business and operating Imperial Mastering, while I was writing. So I took my time and did not rush it.


– After all these years without releasing a new full-length effort; were you more excited than usual regarding the release of “Metamorphosis”?

Actually, It was less exciting because it was such a slow thing. The music was completed 2 or more years ago and then the rest of the time was for recording. By the time it was physically done, it had already been done in my head for a long time. But it is nice to get it officially finished, yes.


– In fact in this album we can find some changes in your sound so does the album’s name have a special meaning?

It does. The entire album, the music, lyrics, artwork, is about personal spiritual transformation and global transformation as well. Its about the evolution of human consciousness – my own, and that of the planet.


– I could say these changes in your sound are a more melodic approach for instance; was this a planned path to take?

Well I wrote each song with a few months in between so I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted. I just wrote the music that I would want to hear myself. This album is based on my own personal taste in extreme music, as it has been between 2006 and 2009.


– And we can also find certain progressive elements so; have you opened lately to new musical influences? Which are they?

Honestly, because I do audio engineering as a career, I don’t listen to as much heavy music as I used to. The main band that influenced the change in sound was Dimmu Borgir, but I have not really even listened to them for about 3 years. As I said, this is just what I would like to hear if I was going to buy the music myself, and I don’t really know what others are doing, I just know what I wanted to hear myself.


– This shows a more mature songwriting; would you mind to shed some light on the writing process for this piece?

Well I have always been aware of song writing techniques and the fact that a catchy song is not overly progressive. But in the years past, I was still very influenced by more progressive death metal bands so Vile was a bit progressive too. But recently I have found that less and less interesting to me and I want to hear music that I can remember more easily. So for this album, I tried to write about 5 parts per song and to arrange them in a way that feels right and I tried not to get too progressive.


– Anyway reactions from the press toward “Metamorphosis” seem to have been mixed but; are you guys fully satisfied with the final output of the album?

Right now, there is so much music out there, we are getting mixed into the crowd. So I think it will take some time for people to really grab onto this. But yes, you are right, I don’t care if people like the album, I only want them to recognize and respect the work that was done. There are not many extreme metal albums out there that are as carefully written and recorded. I cant control people’s tastes, but I am sure many will enjoy it.


– And despite all the aforementioned; how could you describe “Metamorphosis” in just 3 words?

Diverse, dark and catchy.


– This has been your first CD with Willowtip; what prompted you move? And how’s everything going with them so far?

So far so good. I liked the fact that the owner, Jason Tipton really liked the album personally. I want to always work with people who respect the music and enjoy it. I am looking for honest and respectful business relationships. Those are hard to come by in the music world, so I was attracted to Willowtip for this reason.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for the band?

Well, we have been offered some tours and shows recently but because the world economy is so shaky, I have been very careful and have not accepted any yet. We will play some shows in California this year and if the right tours are offered, we will take one or two. I look forward to that when the time is right. I think Europe may be first.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for answering to our questions. Now feel free to add some final words.

Thank you for the interview! I am always happy to respond> I know it’s a lot of work doing extreme metal media and working in the music business out of love. So I respect you for that!


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