UFO (Eng.)

– First off, thank you for answering our interview, is a real pleasure interviewing one of my favourite bands ever. How is the band currently doing near to the release of your new album?

Doing many interviews before we go on the road to promote the album.

– This album is entitled “Seven Deadly”, tell us a bit the reason behind this title and its cover artwork.

Wish that I could but it was Phil’s concept, you probably need to ask him.


– I have had the chance of listening to it before doing the interview and I think is a really honest effort and with a huge essence of those 70’s UFO. How were the recording sessions like and is the final output what you expected?

The recording went very easily. This is the third album that I have done with Tommy Newton and I am very pleased with the finished product.


– UFO has always had a special feeling when it comes to write songs. The line-up has had several and great musicians as Schenker, Archer or Vinnie Moore, but that feeling has always remained the same. What is it, on your view, the secret recipe?

The one constant factor, Phil Mogg.


– Vinnie has been with you since 2005, he is already a steady member. Do you think he is the best guitar player that has been in the band or maybe the one who has adapted the best to the band and the most professional one?

There is no doubt that Vinnie is a great player and a true professional. It would be hard to say he is the best player that has been in the band, but I believe he is the best player for the band at this time.


– And what about the rest of the band? How do you see both Mogg and Raymond? And what’s going on with Pete Way? Is he or not with you?

Mostly from behind. Unfortunately Pete is not currently with us.


– And now, if you don’t mind, it will be a pleasure to check a bit the greatest moments UFO has given to the music world and review with you your history as a band. How did UFO start and what are your memories of albums like “UFO” and “Flying”?

UFO started like most other bands in the 70’s, by playing as many shows as possible and building a following. The thing that I remember most about “UFO” and “Flying” is that we didn’t get paid for them!


– In 1974 Michael Schenker joined the band; how was like bringing a German guitar player to England?

Pretty easy except that he didn’t speak English at the time.


– During that decade you released top notch records as “Phenomenon”, “Force it”, “No Heavy Petting”, “Lights out” and “Obsession”, all of them in a row. How were those years like? Those shows, your lifestyle… Was that your best period or, on the other hand, due to all the excess that are rumoured, was also the worst era of the band?

The period when we released those albums was hard work but a lot of fun and very successful for us. It was later that things got out of hand.


– Then it came the live album everyone most own. “Strangers in the Night” is the live album with most classic tunes in the history. How were those shows? Tell us things that happened during the recording of this masterpiece.

Not much to tell. The album is typical of the shows we were doing at the time. We just took a mobile studio and Ron (Nevison) and recorded the performances. I’m glad that you think it is a masterpiece, so do I.


– During the late 70’s and early 80’s you are in the band with albums like “No Place to Run”, “The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent”, “Mechanix” and “Making Contact”. How did that period work, already without Michael?

Pretty much business as usual. Same band, different guitar player.


– You disappeared from the band in 1995 with “Walk on Water”. What were you up to during that time? And how was your return to the band?

I actually left the band in ’83 after “Making Contact” to spend time raising my daughter. I came back to do “Walk On Water” in ’95.


– Then you disappeared once more until 2006, why did you left once again? Were you in contact with them during all that time or weren’t you involved with the music world at all?

I had other commitments which I needed to fulfil. I was not really in contact with the guys at that time and not involved in music.


– And coming back to the present; what are your thoughts and feeling on the latest albums and tours you have done? Is UFO experiencing a good moment?

I am very pleased to be back with UFO and feel that it is a great time for us.


– How’s the live situation for this new effort? Do you already have some plans?

Yes, we begin extensive touring at the end of this month, starting with the U.K.and Europe.


– And how does your future look like? I hope we will have UFO for many years, how do you see it?

I hope that we will be around for many more years, this band still has a lot to offer.


– That’s all from our side, has been a real pleasure doing this interview and wanted to thank you for all these years of good music and our best wishes. Thank you.

Paco Gómez



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