– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What’s currently going on into the OPERA IX’s camp?

Now we are working at a new clip and some live gigs to the «Strix» promotion…..and a large number of interviews, that’s cool!

– «Strix Maledictae in Aeternum» is the last part of the trilogy started with «Maleventum». You are still covering the witchcraft subject but from a medieval perspective. How did you come up with this new approach for the concept?

All the Strix concept was born after a personally consulting of real documents dating from 1471 of a trial for witchcraft happened near the town where I live.


– And would you mind to elaborate a bit on the lyrics and how have you tried to express the covered desire of man?

Oh Goddess!! Everything I write in the Opera IX texts is never identical to the books or documents that I consulted. For me it’s very important that there is always a poetic part to contour all the music work, and this is my human desire.


– I could say this is your darkest album so far, and also with a certain horrific and macabre touch but; how do you see it?

I’m fully agree with you! From the beginning of Strix album composition, we wanted this type of ambience.


– In fact to create that «horrific» atmosphere I think the way you have used keyboards helped a lot. Have you taken a different musical approach as well?

Yes, the album was initially composed with two guitars, mine and that of M the Bard, which in the past had never been done. Not having a official keyboard player in the line up, we decided to work this way, so the role of the keyboards has been merely to create a dark and sinister backgrounds which could best describe the Strix concept.


– For example the record sounds more symphonic and less epic; was that something planned?

No planning, it all happened in a natural way.


– In my ears this is a more straight-forward piece; do you think this helps to express better what you want to transmit and it will cause a bigger impact into the listener?

You are a good listener! Maybe and maybe not, but we really wanted a sound more «in your face».


– Songwriting and structures are just superb, and they seem to be really well-cared. Has anything changed during the songwriting process?

Thanks! Nothing has changed from the past, our lyrics come first and then we make the music, as a film soundtrack.


– In fact you are mixing details from different Metal styles but, far from sounding blurred or messy, everything sounds clear, and that is something that makes you sound so recognizable. Is this something that comes naturally?

Yes, absolutely!!!!


– You have recorded the album at your own studios, Occultum; does this makes the final outcome more loyal to what you were looking for?

Certainly, but all proportional to my technical equipment.


– On the other hand, Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios took production duties, and I’ve always thought they are great capturing a good mix between a raw and clear sound, and he has done no exception with you guys but, are you pleased with the work done by Tore?

Yes, but Tore was employed only of the mastering album, the mix is my work.


– Artwork was crafted by Kris Verwimp; how does the artwork represent the album’s (or trilogy’s) concept?

The artwork represents the song «Mandragora», but Kris created a good interpretation of the entire album.


– You have filmed a video for «Mandragora», which I think is a tune that sumps up the whole record quite good, as well as that sinister way of using the symphonic elements. So, why that concrete song? And what could you comment on the video and its shooting in general?

Mandragora has also inspired the cover of Strix and we thought that the text would have also produced attractive images for the clip.I am very satisfied with the work.We followed personally all the work, writer,director,set desgin, filming and editing….all from Opera IX minds and arms.


– If I’m not mistaken this has been your first album with Agonia after being unsigned for some time; how’s everything going with them? I guess you may got some offers from other labels before going with them.

For now we are working very well with Agonia records, there is a lot of enthusiasm from both sides.


– Your previous album came out in 2007, why has taken you so long to finally unleash your latest opus? In fact have been almost 10 years since you started this trilogy.

We were not idle during this time because we have several things planned for the band that has taken us a long time, first of all we changed the line up with a session keyboard player after the split of Lunaris, before the decision to partner with Alexandros we tried different keyboard players and this made us lose a lot of time.So we did some reprints, a triple DVD, over 300 minutes of the band’s history, and collect all that material took me a very long time. but mostly we’ve taken the time to compose our new album and try to replace the previous record label …all in seven years.


– Anyway, in between, you have celebrated your 20th anniversary re-releasing your first demo and releasing a DVD. What balance do you now do of these over 2 decades of musical career?

This year we have 24 years of existence and I’m quite satisfied, even if I can say with all sincerity that might have gone better. Yes! I would have expected something more, because I do not know how old Opera IX can still exist, for this reason I hope a greater consideration by the whole «music system», however I’m very proud that Opera IX have been an example and a pioneer of genres and styles very special and no one can erase it!


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? After finishing this trilogy, do you know what are you going to do next? Any other project of this kind?

No, the future plans are concentrated to the Strix promotion, with live acts and some clips. We would like to make a live DVD, but we must find the right event.


– And do you have touring plans to support this new album live?

We are working!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you again for answering to our questions. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thank you for your support and interest for the band, all news you can find on www.operaix.it or http://www.facebook.com/OfficialoperaIX.

We are wolves in the sacred wood of life!


Tania Giménez



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