– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp?

Right now we are preparing for the recording of our next album. Which will begin in a month or so. When Dystopium was released we almost had all the new songs written for the new album!

– First off, could you please make some history of the band? What does “Loch Vostok” stand for?

At the moment lake Vostok has actually made some headlines. It is a lake well hidden under Antarctica.


– And how did you come up with the band’s name?

Teddy as usual was being too clever for his own good! He chose a bandname that would be easy to find on the internet but impossible to pronounce or spell.


– Your latest “Dystopium” was released some months ago. How was its feedback like? Are you satisfied with the overall response it got?

It has gotten real good response within the underground and as usual more or less ignored in the bigger media. Anyway what’s most important is most people who have taken the time to listen to it thinks it’s or best record so far and we can’t ask for anything better than that.


– This is a really complete album in terms of equilibrium and the degree of maturity, shown with a well-cared songwriting. Do you think this is your best effort so far? What are your feelings on it?

Indeed we are very pleased with it, we actually set out to mind the song and not get too technical or proggy, which might be hard for some people to wrap their head around. Next time we are doing it the other way around.


– Anyway, how could you describe this record in just 3 words?

It is cool.


– This has been your first piece with ViciSolum Productions; how’s everything going with them so far? Why prompted you move from Nightmare Records?

We are very pleased with ViciSolum even though it is a small label they don’t come up with false promises and they are very easy to communicate with because of this. We are superhapppy to be on a label that cares about the band.


– I read lyrics on this new “Dystopium” deal with religions and different aspects related to them. Would you mind to shed some light on this?

Most of the lyrics are about the abuse of power and control. Religion fits very well with this theme because it is the perfect mindcontrol tool.


– And what could you comment on the album’s artwork?

Kind of dystopic in a sense… it fits the modern feel of the disconnected human being.


– Since your previous “Reveal no Secrets” have been some line-up changes within the band; could you say this is a steady one? And what does Lawrence and Jimmy bring new to LOCH VOSTOK?

As steady as a sturdy thing. They brought beer and are good company! Ahh yes they are excellent musicians as well! We now have a line-up that is very eager to get out and play.


– Your sound has progressive parts, Thrash parts, Death parts and atmospheric passages as well among other so, what are the main musical influences for the band?

Perhaps people would be surprised, but mostly it is NOT the bands we are being compared to in reviews. We are however very openminded musically so it could be anything from duran duran to devin townsend.


– And due to this, how does the songwriting process tend to be like in LOCH VOSTOK? How do you melt all those different inspirations?

In a pot.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Recording our next album in the spring and hopefully more live gigs in the autumn!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words, last lines are all yours.

Final words.

Sergio Fernández



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