– Hello, thanks for taking the time. What’s RÊVERIE currently up to?

At the moment, we’re totally relaxed. The In Extremo Tour was a great success, we won many new fans and our routine as a band increases all the time. Apart from that, I am really happy with the release of «Wandel» our debut Album. I am writing new songs all the time and I can’t wait to do some new demo recording again!

– First of all, would you mind to share some history of the band? As you have just released your first album.

Well. I have founded Rêverie back in the beginning of 2010 as my solo project. Back then, I started writing some dark rock stuff with many piano lines (I love the instrument, I’ve been playing it since I was seven years old) and heavy riffing. At that point I didn’t know how it would develop but I had the dream of releasing my own music. In 2011 I turned the project into a full band for live presentation. I keep on writing all the music and lyrics but in everyday life we work together as a band in our practise room.

It is a wonderful work so far.


– And why did you pick the name of “Rêverie”? Both the origin and the meaning it holds personally to you.

Satie, a french piano composer of the early 20th century, wrote some pieces and gave them the name «Rêveries nocturnes». Rêverie is the french word for dream or reverie. I loved the sound of the word so I thought, it would fit the topics and sound of my music perfectly.


– You have just unleashed your debut album, “Wandel”; how’s being its feedback so far? Are you satisfied with it?

Oh yes, I am really happy with the album. So far, I have got so much great feedback and compliments i can’t really believe. It is a great experience to me! The songs are all very important to me, every single song has got a unique certain message. Every feeling described comes from my own soul. I love this album.


– On my view, this is the “discovery» of this year so far; your style is fresh and innovative, you draw from different musical inspirations and take the best of each one of them but; how could you describe your music?

First: thank you very much! 🙂 I would describe it as atmospheric, dark and passionate rock music with heavy riffing, melodic piano parts and deep lyrics. Every song tells a different story. I have put my whole heart into them and I think you can hear that.


– Due to this: what are the band’s main musical influences?

Rêverie is influenced by many different types of music. Bands like Type O Negative, Sinamore, HIM, Lacrimas Profundere or Before The Dawn, composers like Satie or Debussy. The lyrics are influenced by nature, emotions and different experiences I have made.


– And how was the songwriting for this CD?

I would say, it was a real adventure. I wrote everything on my own without recording too many demos. That means, I learned the songs by heart and recorded them right out of my head, without any reminders. I think I took only one sheet of paper with me when I entered the studio.


– Each track on the album is a different world; there are some melancholic ones, others more catchy, some others really powerful but; what one would you choose from this record?

To live in? I think I would choose «Abgrund» (the German word for «abyss») because it fits my life perfectly. The song is about a group of voyagers who saw the whole world with all its beauty and also its ugliness. They travel around and suddenly they arrive a huge abyss which seems to try pulling them into the deep. They escape very closely. «Abgrund» is an image of our world full of heights and depths.


– Thomas Heimman-Trosien, known for his work with SCHANDMAUL and SALTATIO MORTIS, took production duties. Are you pleased with his work?

Oh yes, I am! Thomas is a great person and an incredible producer. When I was in Berlin at his «Turnstye Mastering» Studio, we both had many great ideas and were able to improve what I had written. It was great teamwork!


– I think German language fits perfectly your sound; will you change your singing language in a future?

No, I don’t think so. I love my mother tongue. In German I am able to express things I could never express in other languages. My language is part of my art. Don#t get me wrong, I like speaking English as I am doing now, but I want to write my lyrics in German. It is just my personal taste.


– Due to this, I would like you to shed some light on the lyrics on this “Wandel”.

«Wandel» is the German word for change. On Wandel I am telling you that everything we see and live with changes all the time. For example, look at the tides or the phases of the moon. These two are the best examples for constant change in life. Also the lyrics on Wandel are very different. There are emotions like love, anger, sadness, happiness or despair, there are wonderful situations and dramatic stories. The whole album itself is constantly changing. 🙂


– And what could you tell us about the artwork? (the artist, its meaning, etc.)

The artwork was done by angst-im-wald, an unbelievable company! They have also produced our video («Mond») and the Rêverie logo. I am totally happy with their work. On the cover you see the phases of the moon, one of the best metaphors to demonstrate change, in my opinion. The phases change all the time and there is nothing one could do about it. It is dramatic and impressing at the same time.


– Starting with a seasoned label as Napalm Records, does make you work under more pressure or does the fact of starting with such a well-known label supporting you makes you feel more confident?

In fact I am feeling confident right now. Napalm Records is a fine company with many well-known artists. I’ve allways been listening to many of the «Napalm bands», so I have known the label for a long time. Being one of their artists right now is like a dream which has come true.


– As the year has just ended; what are your 3 favorite albums released past 2011? And the worst one?

The 3 best:

– Lantlôs – Agape

– Before The Dawn – Deathstar

– Katatonia – Night is the new Day (although it was released earlier- I love it!)




– And finally, what are the near-future plans for RÊVERIE?

Reaching more fans, writing new songs, playing more concerts, showing ourselves to the world!


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for answering to our questiosns. Now feel free to add some final words.

To all out there reading: be proud of who you are, never give up making your dreams come true!

Sergio Fernández



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