– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How is everything doing right now with NIGHTFALL?

Hola Sergio! Everything is fine; new year, new album and great feedback so far.

– First off (despite you were formed two decades ago), could you please make some history of the band? Some kind of introduction for all our readers.

Been around for two decades and one year; we have released nine (9) full length albums; Cassiopeia is the second with the legendary Metal Blade records; the previous was Astron Black & the Thirty Tyrants; the line up is a blend of musicians from Greece, Germany, and the USA; cool isn’t it? ; )


– You will soon release «Cassiopeia», your second album since your comeback in 2010 so, what are your expectations on this opus?

We don’t sell our souls for rock n roll, therefore we don’t expect any crazy things Sergio. The fact we are part of the world metal scene for so long it is the biggest achievement for us. We use music as a painkiller to relieve us from the pain and the suffering reality is feeding us all, and we feel nice sharing it with other people who may feel in similar ways. Sounds kinda romantic, I know, but this is the only truth here.


– Talking about that comeback, how do you think has the band evolved since prior to your «split-up» in 2006?

Remain silent when you don’t have something interesting to say is a good option everybody should follow in life. We were fed up by the ways the metal scene evolved back then. Everything was around sales, and success in numbers. The old days of the underground where people liked the music as a way to express their souls seemed to be forgotten. We didn’t feel like we had anything to share with that attitude back so we remained silent. As simple as that amigo.


– After your comeback you also signed with Metal Blade Records so, after 2 albums with them and 3 years, what’s your evaluation of your cooperation?

We are doing fine together : )


– Getting a bit depper into your new CD; what’s the main concept behind the lyrics on the album?

It is about arrogance. Arrogance is like a narcotic that makes people who happen to have some kind of power at one point in their lives to feel and act like gods. And then comes the fall. The problem is that usually the victims are many more as powerful persons have followers. See what is happening in Europe right now. There are many people from many countries who forgot the reason EU was created and they act in arrogant ways because they feel powerful now in contrast to others who are weak. This is dangerous thing that may lead the entire place in extremities or even war, like it did in the past. Cassiopeia was a very beautiful queen; her daughter Andromeda too. That was fine until she claimed she was more beautiful to nymphs Nereids, triggering Poseidon’s wrath and punishment. Alike some leaders who may claim their authority is greater to what people can tolerate only to suffer the punishment that will soon follow. This is an allegory, a metaphor, but the essence of the act is the same. Be simple human; superiority is for Gods who can cope with it their way.


– Throughout your years of career you have been through several line-up changes, and have always taken different musical directions so, could you say both things are connected in some way?

We are not a “boy band” where the fans need to identify their life style with the member they prefer best. We are an artistic vehicle that produces small dramas. I don’t believe there is any reason why not changing members. It is healthy cause when somebody feels he has nothing more to offer he leaves. For me it is very revitalising as well as a challenge because I always work with interesting people and musicians. In respect to our sound and style, despite the differences there are some basic, typical elements in all albums that characterise the Nightfall manner.


– For instance, I would dare say your new «Cassiopeia» is your most melodic record to date. Was this something you were striving for?

I think Athenian Echoes is very melodic too, and maybe Macabre Sunsets as well. But yes, Cassiopeia is very melodic and it turned out that way without a special planning.


– As I said, after experimenting a little bit with your sound, you are now playing a really melodic kind of Black Metal. Are these different musical approaches something you force or do you just let things flow naturally?

Naturally of course! No compromise in that. The songs always know what they want and ask the musician to give it. This is normal. Sticking in the same things again and again is not normal. Bands usually don’t experiment or change that much in fear of losing fans. I understand that fear especially from bands who want to make a serious profit but we all understand it is not normal. It is like a juke box; you order what you want and it just plays it for you. Sorry, we can’t do it that way : )


– This makes me believe you are open to diverse inspirations and influences so, where do you draw inspiration from?

From real life. See what it’s going on right now Sergio. Things change. The whole life is pushing us to move forward. Through pain, through tears, through suffer. Humans are very small and weak in front of natural changes that come from time to time. These glorious shifts are a source of inspiration. We sing our fears and our worries. This is magical.


– Due to this evolution is really hard to say which album by NIGHTFALL is the best or which one is the worst, but I think «Cassiopeia» is one of your best released and, first and foremost, one of the most dynamic ones but, what are your thoughts on this? Is it a good way to keep things interesting both for you and the listeners?

Thank you for the nice words! I consider metal as a subculture, an underground life, and on this basis I feel like I have to be true to my self and to others. The last years metal became something like mainstream where the numbers counted more than the feeling. We don’t want that. We want to stay in our small dark dorm and not get out to the flashy party. If you think about it deeply you will realise that the cheap money poured in western societies in form of loans the last years before the crisis of 2008 reached subcultures too, including metal. That brought many “pros” in our scene longing only for profit. Recession will bring things back to normal and we soon see metal music being played again by people who don’t care about numbers.


– And talking about such, does NIGHTFALL have any limit?

Only time will tell : )


– I have read you recorded the album at different places so, would you mind to shed some light on how did the recording sessions go? Was ir comfortable to record in four different places?

Totally. We decided each one of us to work in the studio he liked most with the sound engineer he preferred best. That way we all felt absolutely comfortable during the recordings and you can hear that in the album. Of course the final stage took place in Germany, at Soundlodge studios that belong to our drummer Jorg Uken.


– And all this about «Cassiopeia» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Brutal Heavy Metal – cause after all, it is heavy metal to our ears ; )


– As 2012 is about to end; could you please tell us what are your 3 favourite albums of the year as well as the least favourite one?

Is it bad to say I still listen to old stuff I grew up with? ; )


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Maybe a tour. We are considering that option these days.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you very much Sergio for your time and support. Truly appreciate!

Sergio Fernández

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