– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with YEAR OF NO LIGHT?

Hello. We’re currently mixing «Tocsin», our last album: the beast is about to arise! So: tired and exicted I suppose.

– First off, how and why did you pick «Year of no Light» as the band’s name?

YONL is a Three Mile Pilot song we all used to cherish. And it suits well the aesthetic we’re trying to build.


– Last May you released your latest album, entitled «Vampyr». How is the album working thus far? Has everything fulfilled your expectations?

Well, «Vampyr» is not a realy «proper» album as we mean it: it’s a soundtrack preceeding from our two years performance on Dreyer cult movie. YONL played «Vampyr» for the last time in Bordeaux in February 2012. The performance was a recorded one and gave birth to this LP. So far «Vampyr» is working great.


– Your previous «Ausserwelt» was, somehow, a turning point for you, as it was your first album with the current line-up and your first instrumental opus. Why and how did that change take place?

As you have noticed, we got ride of our singer and added a second drummer and a third guitarist. It came naturally. With this configuration allows us to expand the range of our writing.


– In fact I personally think we can find certain similarities between both records and, if I’m not mistaken, «Vampyr» started to get form around the date «Ausserwelt» was released but, what could you say are the main differences between both releases?

Ausserwelt is an album. «Vampyr» is a soundtrack: we tried to give life to a sonic reverberation of Dreyer’s obsession for beauty, death, love, vengeance, sin, forgiveness, evil, redemption and faith. «Vampyr» is a more drone/ambient/abstract/synth oriented than «Ausserwelt».


– After giving this new «Vampyr» some spins I could say is one of your heaviest records to date, enhancing the overall atmosphere. Was this something you were aiming for or rather a natural evoltuion?

For us, «Vampyr» is the most atmospheric/ambient work we did, even if you may find some loduness from time to time. Facing Dreyer’s movie gave us the opportunity to develop this kind of writing.


– It caught my attention this album features shorter songs, which I personally think leaves more impact on the listener and makes stronger certain elements as the dark and low guitar tones or the oppressive atmosphere. Was there any special purpose behind creating shorter songs in length?

«Vampyr» was conveiced as a single piece: the titles only highlight the narratives of the score, they should be considered as different movements of a unique entity. This is the longest «song» we ever did.


– In fact this record contains 16 tracks, the previous one contained 10 and your debut album 4, there is always 6 songs of difference. Is this something planned or just coincidence?

It’s the contrary: «Nord» featured 10 songs, «Ausserwelt» 4. «Tocsin» will have 666 songs.


– With just 3 full-length albums after 12 years, you are a band that it seems to take things slowly, due to this I would like to know how uses to be like the songwriting process for the band.

Heroin, darkness and moonlight tell us what to do. We’re nothing. But just have a look to our discography, yes only 3 LP but one live, dozens of splits & collabs…


– All this about «Vampyr» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Ambient, Ethereal, Doomed.


– Later this year you will be releasing your new album, «Tocsin», is there anything you could already comment on it?

«Tocsin» will be released in November on Debemur Mortii. We’re proud to have dealt a blood pact with this cult label. Expect a twisted sonic liturgy and a great artwork.


– You are hailing from France, a country with a strong extreme Metal scene, but there aren’t a lot of bands into your style actually so, any ones worth suggesting?

No but go listen to Monach!, Gasmask Terror, Blut Aus Nord, Aluk Todolo and Deathspell Omega. They rule.


– You have done a few live performances in collaboration with contemporary artists so, which artist would you like to work with you haven’t done it yet?

Kim Jonh-un, definitely.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

Polishing the next album. Then a few dates in Spain and Portugal (Amplifest), then releasing «Tocsin» and touring a bit.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for your interest.


Sergio Fernández

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