– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the SATAN’S SATYRS camp right now?

All’s well with us Satyrs. We’re currently spending most of our time and energy putting the finishing touches on a whole lot of new material. We’re quite excited about it.

– You are a pretty young band, with a quite unique style and I guess some people haven’t heard about you yet so, first off, how could you describe your music?

Raw, bombastic, fuzzy, scuzzy, and unwholesome are some good buzz words, but the sound has always been evolving and will continue to evolve. I think the one constant is the decibel level. It will always be loud!


– And what have been some of the most influential bands for SS? As I guess they may be quite diverse.

We have our core influences which should seem obvious enough; bands like Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Venom. Black Flag was a critical influence during the early days. Davie Allan and the Arrows taught us the ways of the fuzz pedal. And of course Blue Cheer!


– You are now the only band member so, is it easy to handle everything on your own? Or is it easier, as you exactly know what you want? Anyway you had some other band members in the past so, have you considered doing SS a full band?

The band is a full line-up now; myself on bass and vocals, Jarrett Nettnin on guitar, and Stephen Fairfield on drums. We’re in power-trio mode. I’ve had to carry on SS in the past as a one-man project because I knew no one else who could help me get the sound I had in mind. It could get very frustrating recording on my own, though. I don’t miss those days! I’m very happy with the line-up now. It’s a real band now. You’ll be able to hear that on the next record.


– I imagine the band’s name was inspired by the movie «Satan’s Sadists», am I wrong? In fact the cover artwork looks like an old bikers movie. Was this what you were looking for?

Yeah, the name was inspired by “Satan’s Sadists.” So was the cover art. It’s no secret that I am a fan of vintage biker films. I really enjoy the aesthetic that surrounds those old films.


– In fact you use on your songs a lot of sound samples from movies. Do you take inspiration from cinema? Lyric-wise as well?

Cinema is a huge inspiration for me lyric-wise. It’s a primary influence, I’d say. I like to write lyrics about the fantastic, the unreal. I don’t want to write about the “real world.” What a drag! We’re definitely a band with our heads in the clouds, or perhaps a band with our heads in the fog!


– Now I would like to talk a bit about your debut full-length album, «Wild Beyond Belief!», which I think has a lot more groove compared to the «Lucifer Lives!» EP. Was this something you wanted to get or just a natural evolution?

It was certianly a conscious descision to incorporate more groove into the band’s sound, but all the material came about very naturally. For me, “Wild…” was the next logical place to take the band’s sound at the time.


– In fact I would dare say SS evolved a lot from the EP to the album so, how do you think will SS sound in a future?

Our sound has changed immensly since “Wild…” was recorded. Basically, everything has improved! I feel that with every release we get a little closer to our 60’s/70’s influences and in that regard we’ve made leaps and bounds since “Wild…” You’ll hear it on the next LP. At the band’s heart we want to be up there with our Heavy Rock heroes of old, we just do it in our own fucked-up way!


– And how could you say did SS evolved from the «Lucifer Lives!» EP to «Wild Beyond Belief!»?

It got heavier! Thicker guitars. Meaner attitude, but easier to dance to.


– Your latest opus is the «Live at the Black Cat» EP. How is everything doing with it? How are sales going? As, if I’m not mistaken, your previous releases sold pretty good.

Ha! It’s no opus! Just some live tracks to give people a taste of what the new line-up sounds like and that recording is already a year old, so it’s not such an accurate depiction of the band anymore. I supposed it’s sold well, I don’t really care. The first pressings of our last LP sold out in pre-orders. It was a promising sign, but there a lot of people already posting the LP for sale in eBay for insane prices! I’m not into that at all.


– And who are you playing live with? I’ve read some time ago you got The Ghoul again for gigs…

Clayton Burgess on bass and vocals, Jarrett Nettnin on guitar, and Stephen Fairfield on drums. The Ghoul is long gone! Old news…


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

We’ve got a new split 7” with Canadian rock ‘n’ rollers OHMWAR, put out by At War With False Noise records. Other than that, our new LP is coming soon! Bad Omen Records will do it in UK/Europe and Trash King Productions will do in the USA.


Tania Giménez

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