– Hello, thanks for your time. what’s currently CIANIDE up to?

Not to much. Summer is right here and that means lots of drinking, eating and Metal.

– CIANIDE is not too known in Spain yet so, could you please make some history of the band?

We got together in 1988, taught each other how to play. Wrote all original Death Metal from the begining and haven’t stoped since. With advent of the Internet its quite easy to track down the history of any band with just a few clicks. So, have at it….


– Have been 6 years between your previous “Hell’s Rebirth” and this brand new “Gods of Death”. Why did it take you so long?

We work at our pace and the songs come when the inspiration is there. We all have jobs/family so, the band is not the only thing we have to think about in life. We usually get together once a week to practice and have some beers, and generally just shoot the about whats going on in Metal and our lives. We have no hope of being a “big” band or whatever, so its not really important for us to just shit out a bunch of half-assed tunes just to get some ‘product’ out. We stand behind every song we’ve written like they are our babies and if it takes six years, then so be it.


– “Gods of Death” is such a straight-forward title. Is it some kind of statement?

No statement, just a cool title for a heavy as fucking nails Death Metal album. We feel no need to be quirky and clever with our titles and our sound. Let the dreamers do that.


– The album will come out soon so, what could you say people is going to find on it?

Honest, simple and effective Death Metal delivered by three life long Metal Heads. Like the hammer to the nail…it just makes sense.


– And what are your expectations?

None really. To have some people dig what we have to offer would be ok with me.


– What can you tell us about the album artwork?

It was done by a good friend of ours here in Chicago, E.C. Brown, who also did our Divide and Conquer album. We like his style and he is easy to work with. It came out exactly how we envisioned it. Very old school and very cool. There are certain tributes to the old masters to be found on it. They should be obvoius.


– I think you have managed to polished your sound and songwriting with each record. Do you think this album is the most mature and your best effort so far? Or would you can still improve?

Hard to say as that is up to the listener. We just write what we write and in the end we are satisfied and then we record the Metal. To move forward is not in vocabulary…we are happy to stay exactly the same. If it’s matured, we wouldn’t know. hehe


– I read you wanted to create with CIANIDE the heaviest Death Metal band… do you think you guys have already achieved that?

If we ever achieve our goal in heaviness then we will quit. We will always try and be heavier.


– And how do you manage to create that sound? As, in my humble opinion, you are a pure Death Metal band, when often DM bands with such a heavy sound tend to pierce the Doom Metal barriers…

Always keep things simple is the best way to keep stuff HEAVY. Simple guitar/bass set up..not many effect pedals as we rely on good quality powerful amps/instruments for our sound. Always keep recording as simple as possible….don’t overdue anything in the studio and try and get your exact sound as your practice room on tape. I think we have acieved this but, there is always room to make it better and heavier.


– And what are your main musical influences?

All the Gods of Death…..Deathstrike/Master, Post Mortem, old Death, Hellhammer/Frost, Slaughter etc etc…


– If I’m not mistaken, this is your first piece wit Hell’s Headbangers, how did you hook up with them? Does the fact of working with a well-known label benefit the band in any way?

Our first time with the great HHR was our split 7″ with Spain’s mighty Machetazo a few years back. So we knew that working with HHR was something we strived to do more of in the future. When I met Chase at a Nifleheim show here in Chicago, we had a short talk about doing our new album and we shook hands and here we are! Total metal and 100% honest is what HHR has been with us. They live for this shit and so do we. Hopefully we can both benefit from this.


– You have always gotten great reviews, do you expect this album to push you definitely?

I cannot read the future so, we’ll see. We’ve had our fair share of shit reviews..usually from the large ‘pay to play’ corporate rags.


– What are the band’s near-future plans? Is make it to Europe among your plans?

We have no plans or no hopes…just to be able to continue to do what we enjoy. We’d love to play Europe if the situation and time is right.


– Will you tour to support the album live?

We’ll most likely do some shows here and there but, a tour is out of the question. We are grown men in our 40’s and just don’t have the time to be fucking around and acting like children on the road. That idea is long past for us.


– That has been all, thanks for your time. If you want to add some final thoughts, take the last lines.

Thanks for the support and we hope you like the new album. We’ve been around a hell of a long time and we ain’t going away anytime soon, so ya’ll better just get used to us. Metal Never Bends!!!



Sergio Fernández

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