– Hi Nocturnus, thanks for taking the time. How’s everything going and what are you up to just before releasing “Luciferian Frequencies”?

Hail! Been very busy rehearsing and preparing things for a european tour, that we will have in September and early October along Inquisition and Revenge.
Besides some local dates also in some fests. So yes, we are busy and focused.
We are finally a band with 5 local people, so we can rehearse, so we are taking this very steady and fluent, more than ever before.

– This is the first time it has taken you 4 years to release a new full-length album. Has been any concrete reason for this?
“Rising” was a very intense  album, took much out of me, we also played quite a lot, and this in between issues with band members coming and going and other stuff which is not needed to mention here.
So I was keen on taking my time, also because I wanted to focus a bit more on my other band Morte Incandescente. We did a new record, played around and so on.
Othe reason was that “Rising” was a very big leap for me, musically and mentaly, so I knew I needed to step up for a next record, so when the time came, I did it.
This time doing more home work, going to studio with more finished parts than ever before.
Besides, I do my music when I have the time and above all the will and inspiration. I do consider myself a very hard working guy but I do not like to get out releases just for the fucking sake of it. I need to give my all to everything I put out, all of them have to make sense and have my twisted fucking obscure aura in it.


– And how was the composition process like? Did you already wrote any of these songs during those 4 years?
As mentioned before, I did quite some material at home, this time I had also help from my two guitar players, J and Angel-0. So it was a big step for me, cos I am very hard to work with, I know what I want to do and it has to be that way. But this time I was able to get opinions and ideas from them two.
Was all worth it cos they already know what I like and do, so they would be prepared before giving me some ideas.
All in all I still do my own thing and most of the record is done just by me, but they helped, be it in a way or another, and I appreciate their dedication for that.
But still if 4 years, I must say I did most material just before heading to studio, and also have to mention that the album was recorded one year before it was bound to come out. Took this long cos I had to do the mixing and mastering some 3 times, I was never pleased, but now I am 100% pleased with it.


– All your albums got overwhelming reviews. Do you try to top your own standard wich each release?
There must be some pressure in my head and heart before doing some new record, but all in all I just pick up my guitar, bass or drums, whatever and do what I do best. Comes all very spontaneously, do not need to think much about anything really. But of course if after some listens something sucks, I do get rid of it, obvious. Still it is very rare. Regarding the reviews, yes, we have normally just good reviews, still we have a hard battle to even get tours and make anything out of this. I do believe that being from Portugal always made it much harder. Something i´d thought these days would not matter, but it does.
But we go on, my devotion to Black Metal and Our Master is eternal and none nor nothing shall stop me.


– And due to this, what are your expectations for “Luciferian Frequencies”?
I would like there to be more gigs, more people hearing what we do, sell decently, but sincerely one just has to focus on what one does, which is do his best. If things happen fine, if not just move on. Corpus Christii is 13 years old, I have endured with so much shit you´d never imagine, so if I have not stop so far, it is certain I will not stop in the near future. Be it if we sell just 1000 copies and play for 50 people, does not matter, would suck of course, but all in all I am here for this Art and not to sell myself.


– I have always thought your music has to be listened carefully, it has many different details and, unfortunately, with all the download thing going on, people uses to listen music just as background music. Do you think, because of this, some people may not appreciate your music as it deserves to?
You are fucking right, people these days do not focus on the music nor read the lyrics, just have it as background music. And if they care to hear carefully it might be cos it is some new album from some very known band that everyone likes it, be it good or bad. And yes, our music has quite some detail, specially in this new album and “Rising”, even myself find it hard sometimes to figure out how I did what I did. Also with my musician s we do take a bit longer to know the tracks than usual.
I think there is people who like more intense and complex music, I mean, it might sound more odd or something but in the end it is very straight forward. Even if you do not get all details, there is still a stream line where you can appreciate and understand most of the music as a whole. Which in my opinion might be even more important than trying to catch all details.
I am a big fan of Abigor that complicates things and also of course more technical Death Metal, so in a way some of that might transpose into my music, but still all I care for is the right groove and deliverance.
But yes, people do no longer make an effort, why you think there is new trend with Glam Rock and Thrash, easier music to listen to.


– In each album you provide us something new; your first albums were more straight-forward, then you sounded a bit more technical, lately you introduced some Doom elements and, I’d day say, this brand new peace is a perfect mix of all that… Could you say “Luciferian Frequencies” is, somehow, the perfect culmination from the best things off each record?
I never like to do again what I once did, thus why I think C.C. Is somewhat of a diferent league of most Black Metal bands, most bands find a formula and keep it cos it works, I like to go over the edge and introduce new aspects of how I can express my self. Some people have said we even have some Led Zeppelin in this album, I do not hear it, but great people come up with such ideas. Shows people care to listen to it, but then again, comes the bad part, which is everyone has to try compare to something else.
I am not afraid of what I do, it all comes from my heart, my soul, never I sit down and think what I should do next, no, I just start composing and that is it.
And even if “Luciferian Frequencies” is a bit shorter than “Rising”, I must admit I have the whole roster of CC in one album of 43 minutes. It passes by fast and it is exciting each moment…at least for me. If people agree with that, the better.


– And, is important for you evolving constantly?
I think I replied to that already, I do not stagnate, can repeat myself, but always something “new” comes to my head.


– Due to this, I guess everything works quite spontaneously or, in the other hand, is this something intended to keep your music interesting? Not only to please your followers but, overall, to please yourself and/or fill your own expectations.
One thing straight, I never do music thinking of my followers, I do what comes naturally, if people like it, the better. I mean, if one releases music, one expects someone to figure it out and admire it, but in the end I never come with a comercial side to try sell more records, fuck no. If so I would have kept a formula.
For me Black Metal is unlimited, it is the genre where one can put in more influences and get away with it. I find that truly satisfying as an artist.


– In “Rising”, for example, I wouldn’t say lyrics were positive, but they all had a lot of strength, and it also had to do with the album name. This time, what are your lyrics based on? And, as it seems in your albums everything work as a whole, how do lyrics fit with the album’s title?
It all started with “Tormented Belief”, I was having a realy rough period and was in fact considering to stop the band once that album was out, but we got such great response that it gave me strenght to continue. Back then I had no clue it would turn into a Trilogy.
The lyrics shifted a bit by “The Torment Continues”, cos I was still pretty low but had some more strenght to continue, that shows in the record, there was some rage.
By the time I reached “Rising” I was a diferent man, I have much to reveal through my music, wanted to give a wide range of what I am as a musician and person. It has the rage, the hollow moments, the obscure feeling, all that I am as a person.
In fact I thought that after “Rising”  could not top it, but then came inspiration again, and yes, since “Tormented Belief” that the records are a whole, music, lyrics and all combine, nothing is really losen up. All has a purpose.
“Luciferian Frequencies” is a new pattern, reveals my interest in the world today, my expressions about it, it is not an album just about me, but at the world, how it has fallen so hard, and why and what is behind all that.
It has a truly strong mystical side to it, but that I want people to find out through the lyrics, I don´t want to give it all away.
Am sure some people will figure it out.

– Since several years ago you own your own record label, Nightmare Productions. How’s going now? As these are tough times for the business side of music…
Things are going so slow that I basically stopped it, barely doing any work nor releases. I might come now with a new release but in tape in fact, want to do some tapes again.
But all will be very underground and not really working hard on it, just want to still out out music from bands I believe in.


– In fact, “Luciferian Frequencies” is the first album you have released with Candlelight Records (and not via Nightmare Prod.). Why did you do so?
In fact Candlelight re-released the 2nd european version of “Rising”, it started with that, but yes, they are putting out the new album.
I decided to go for another label, not my own cos I was fed up of doing all the work. I need to focus yes in the music and management, cannot do it all.
I am just one man, a busy one but I need to have some space to think things through.
But sincerely I am not so sure the label choice was the best.


– Maybe Candlelight can open CORPUS CHRISTII some doors? In terms of live shows, for instance though, unfortunately, both “metalheads” and promoters seem to be more interested in bringing always the same few bands instead of more underground bands. Anyway, this being said, you have already confirmed a tour with INQUISITION…
They do not help us with gigs so it is a no. Nor do they do management so also a no.
And with them we will barely see any Cds in small distros, distros that have been the one selling our records since day one. So no, am not so sure this label will be able to take us to other territories, it might in fact make us sell less. But yes, we do get more promotion, that might help to maybe play live more ?!?!
Sincerely I am not so positive about all that, just know we needed a decent budget to record and not having me to worry about distribution, and they do that, to an extent.


– Although I haven’t had the chance of seeing the dates yet; what countries will you visit? Is Spain among them?
Spain is not included, which is normal, but a pain, cos we have only played in Vigo, never we played in Madrid or Barcelona or somewhere else. It is quite odd since we are next to eachother, but we just never got decent proposals from Spain.
It is somewhat sad cos I would like to play there, maybe the Spanish do not want to support a Portuguese band ?!?! I let you figure that out.
We will do the tour with Inquisition and Revenge, go to countries like: Germany, UK, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland. I think that´s it.


– And, how do you take your atmospheres/vibe to the stage? And how do you work on researching live musicians for your shows? Does this prevent you of playing that much?
I like to meditate and get into my self before going on stage, but still I have to worry about if all is ok and prepare the other guys and this and that, so normally I end up going on stage somewhat stressed, but that is normal for every musician I am sure.
Once I go on stage and all starts working out, I get myself out of the cocoon and let the music and atmosphere do the rest. We are very spontaneous, we do not do coreography and shit like some (Black) Metal bands do. We just hit the stage and give our best.
Session musicians was always a struggle, had many foreign ones cos they clicked with my ideas or were friends, but was always very hard to conciliate rehearsals. Many times we would go on stage not prepared, but we would have our homework done.
So with so many struggles I decided to finally try find 4 local people, people that care for my music and feel it, even if not into the same mystical “options” as I am, to at least be dedicated and deliver  themselves fully. This new line up is real strong, we were never as good live on stage as now.
We still have issues getting local gigs cos of past polemics and shit that is of no interest to mention here, and sometimes hard to go abroad cos we are 5 people and promotors think our trips get too expensive. But we manage somehow, I mean, we are not here to make money, but no fucking way I will continue losing money with this band.
Has been far too many times we basically paid to play, that is not a way to go with this band. People need to respect us more and be more realistic.
How can we barely get paid to pay expenses, and then some bands that sell the same as us get fees paid ?! There has to be a balance once and for all.


– I guess you have been asked this many times but, have you ever thought of having any members really involved in the band? As I guess working alone gives you total freedom and confidence towards your creations.
I asked several of my current musicians to join the band full time, and some of them answered “Corpus Christii is You, so it has to remain that way”. I guess that answers you.


– We don’t know that much about the Metal scene in Portugal actually so, both as band member and owner of a record label, how’s the Metal scene in Portugal like?
Black Metal wise there is some few good bands, but barely play live nor take it that seriously. They do demos and albums but then do not work hard to make something happen.
The Heavy Metal scene is growing but it is always the same people, trends you know.
There is pretty good stuff here, but extreme stuff is rare.
Corpus Christii is the biggest export of “extreme” Metal abroad,  we don´t really have a competition, what is there to compare, to Moonspell or Heavenwood ?!?! All due respect for them, but all very diferent leagues.
I don´t see people here battle as hard as I do in the more extreme scene. Which is a shame, cos I do think we should put Portugal in the map of more extreme Metal.
One thing is sure and many recognize that, once C.C. Started and did what we did, that some “doors” opened to more bands here. Am glad that I could have helped with something, but what is the use, if the people I helped end up backstabbing me.
Jealousy is a very degrading thing.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?
Playing as much we can with Corpus Christii and early next year maybe start working on a new record, if I have the will and inspiration for it of course.
Not much more to it really. Just keep spreading the Black Flame of Satan as hard I can, like i´ve been doing for the last fucking 13 years.


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. Feel free to add any final words.
Black Metal is not dead, you might as well die right now if you think so bastards!!!


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