– Hi Scott, thanks for taking the time and congratulations on your new «Fear of Infinity». What does the album mean to the band?

Scott – To me, the album title evokes a sort of fear of the vastness of everything. By everything, I mean all of time and space. Really, that is some scary stuff when you think about it. It can kind of make one’s simple life seem somewhat insignificant by camparison. The album title, though, probably has a different meaning for Tom, who came up with it.

– For this record you have signed with Nuclear Blast. Why did you decide to do so and how this benefits you?

Scott – Yes, we signed with Nuclear Blast because we knew they could push the music out to the masses more than the smaller independent labels. It’s really due to a desire to create music and share with as many people as possible who might appreciate. For me, it’s a desire to connect and to communicate on a larger scale.


– I read you record the album in a short period of time so, how was this process like?

Scott – It was very stressful, especially for Tom who is really the mastermind of WHW. Most of the band members came in and did their parts, but Tom oversaw the whole production, and we wanted to get it out on time for Nuclear Blast. The music was mostly written, but everyone had to quickly learn their parts. We are happy with the end result, but the time limitation did not create the best working environment.


– So I guess you went under some prassure but, are you completely satisfied with the final result?

Scott – I think there are some small things that maybe we could have tweaked to make it heavier in certain parts, but overall and considering the circumstances, yes I am happy with it. I really prefer, though, to take our time in the studio and make sure it is right. Once it is recorded and released, it is out there forever.


– I noticed a clear improvement in production terms. Did anything change during this process?

Scott – Well, I think the production for WHW has improved over the years in part because studio technologies have improved. Plus, we did the last two albums with Chris Salamone, who really captured the sound that we wanted. In addition that all of that, the band has improved as

players, which I think has translated to the recent recordings.


– And how was the composition like? As, if I’m not wrong, some songs were already written.

Scott – That’s right, some of the songs were more or less complete. In other cases, Tom would have some riffs, but the arrangements came together right before we recorded them. The lyrics and vocal melodies, I think, were the last parts to be written. This was actually the first WHW album where I contributed to some of the writing with ‘Saturn and Sacrifice.’ Basically, I wrote the first half of the song and then Tom wrote the second half. Hopefully, things will be more collaborative in the future. This is mainly due to it being Tom’s project. I’ve always offered to contribute, but we are sort of clearing out a lot of Tom’s back catalogue with these recent recordings.


– I think this time keyboards play a more important role, they have more pressence this time. Was this result of a new focus in the general instrumentation? As, moreover, all the instruments sound in great harmony as well.

Scott – Actually, keyboards have always played an important role in WHW. Well, since the album ‘Sorrow of the Angels’ anyway. It adds to the wall of sound concept, but we try to use them dynamically so that the impact of the wall has some context. I would say that the use of keyboards has changed from mostly being simple chords to melodic, or even solo-ish, parts.


– Though there are a few changes, «Fear of Infinity» reminded me a lot to «Vast Oceans Lachrymose». Could we say your new CD is a natural proggression for the previous one?

Scott – Yes, a lot of the material on both albums was written during the same time. In fact, there were some songs, I think, that are on FOI that were supposed to be on VOL. As I mentioned before, Tom has a lot of material that hasn’t been released, so we are getting it all out there so that we can move forward and continue to write really new stuff.


– What are the main concepts and ideas behind «Fear of Infinity»?

Scott – I’d really have to defer to Tom on that, as he writes all of the lyrics. I can only tell you that he writes from a very personal perspective. I believe all of his lyrics are somehow reflective of real life situations. For me though, the lyrics hold different meanings. It is easier to interpret them and sort of personalize them because the lyrics are not too specific. Since they are kind of poetic, if you will, it allows for unique intepretations.


– The cover artwork has a lot to do with the album’s title but, in which way are both things linked to the lyrics in the album?

Scott – The artwork does go along with the title and lyrics. My opinion of it is that the concept of eternity or infinity is about feeling a certain way for a long time. This album addresses some pretty dark concepts, so the lyrics represent a fear of always dealing with these real life situations. Of course, this is my take on it. I don’t really discuss it with Tom, in part because it is already expressed through the music and lyrics. I do understand it though, which is why I dig this band and continue to play in it. Not to mention, despite some of the negative emotions that we explore with this music, it is actually a lot of fun. Everyone is cool and really fucking funny, actually.


– I could say «Finality» is one of the most outstanding tracks in the album, I think it describes perfectly in just one song what’s (and has been) WHILE HEAVEN WEPT about. What can you tell us about it?

Scott – I know that Tom would agree with you on that. To him, it represented a lot of what WHW is “about.” I can understand this because the song actually starts off very slow and dark and then by the end it’s almost triumphant. It’s a cool tune because it takes the listener from one place to another, rather than staying on one emotion or thought throughout.


– Your music has always had a strong melancholic feeling. Is it changelling to maintain this level of passion?

Scott – For me, no. Though I’ve only written a little bit for WHW, when I do write music, which has been primarly for Brave, it usually come out pretty melancholic. Not sure why really, I’m a happy dude, but it’s easy and natural for me to write this way. It sort of allows for a nice release though, so it’s comfortable.


– I know you have already been in Europe but, is there any chance of seeing you in Spain anytime soon?

Scott – I really hope so. Our next priority is to start recording the new album, which is basically written already. There has been some talk of a 2012 tour, but not sure yet of the details.


– Now moving a bit from this theme; from Queens of Steel we have always brought special support to females into the Rock/Metal world. Nowadays it seems to be something natural finding women playing and singing in different Metal styles, is changing the role society and even metalheads used to give us some years ago?

Scott – Well, Michelle is my sister and we’ve been playing and writing music together since the mid-1990s. I don’t really think of her as being anything other than a very valuable member of the bands that we’ve been in together. In other words, especially with Brave, I don’t really like to say it is female-fronted rock or metal. It is, but it music and it’s a band. Not sure how others feel about it, expecially within the metal community, but I hope that people don’t assume things you know. Yeah, we have a girl in the band, but no we don’t sound like Lacuna Coil or anything like that at all.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Scott – We are doing a new album on Nuclear Blast in 2012, and then it is wide open. I hope that we just continue to write and explore some new musical territory. For me, my passion is writing music.


– That has been all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add any final words, last lines are yours.

Scott – Thanks a lot for the interview, we really appreciate your support!

Tania Giménez



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