– Earlier this year you released your latest «Glorious Collision». How was its feedback? Considering the line-up changes; did feedback fulfill your expectations?

RZ- Its been great! We were a little bit worried since we lost so many members and we didnt really know how the fans would react to that. But we knew we did a great album so we were at the same time anxious for the response. From what I heard its the best recieved album yet in the Evergrey catalough so we cant be more happy about the feedback.

– I noticed keyboards in this effort are more prominent; was this something you aimed for?

RZ- Yes . We wanted at least put it up in the mix since the keyboards kind of disapeared in the last two albums. Keyboard has allways taken an important role in the Evergrey sound so I think its right back where it should be.


– If I’m not mistaken you recorded this piece at a different studio from «Torn», as Division One studios don’t exist anymore. Would you mind to shed some light on this and the recording sessions?

RZ-The Division one studio does not exist any moore. So we recorded GC at some different places. The drums in one studio called surroundwork studios, the guitarr a, base and vocals we recorded in Toms house and most of the keyboard I recordet at my home. It was a very fun and smooth recording though we did it in some different places.


– Seasoned Daniel Bergstrand took mixing duties. Are you satisfied with his work?

RZ- We are very satisfied with his work! He helped us set the drum sound and then we did the whole mix at his studio. It was amazing to hear what he did with it ! A pure genious:)


– With an almost completely new line-up, did you ever think about putting an end to EVERGREY when the other members left?

RZ- We were talking about it for a couple of minutes but we almost directly felt we had so much moore to give and we still thought this was very fun . We felt we couldnt just give this up just because some other people didnt want to continiue. Its allways sad when members leave and we have been friend for so long time but Im just glad we chuse not so stop.


– Anyway the final outcome turned out quite fresh and energized. How could you say the new blood has affected the final result? Moreover you lost some songwriters if I’m not wrong.

RZ-Yes both Henrik and Jonas did a lot of songwriting so at first we did not know how the new material would turn out. But after we wrote three songs we were even more convinced that we could make a great album. We also found the new members really easy and that ofcourse gave us new energy. Also Marcus our new guitar player has contributed on a couple of songs.


– You shot a video for «Wrong», which I think is quite different to anything your fans could expect. Does this mean that, in some way, this is a new period for EVERGREY?

RZ- This is nothing that we have thought about but yes… it is a new period for Evergrey.


– In fact that single became certified gold in Sweden. How did you feel about this?

RZ-Of course that felt great. Nothing that you ever can expect.


– As I said, it seems like you are now starting a new period for the band, in fact you will soon release a «best of». Does this compilation album mark a new era for the band?

RZ- We havent really thought about it in that way but maybe in a way you could say that since we are almost a complete new band.


– And how did you come up with the idea of releasing a «best of»? Why was now the right moment?

RZ- I dont know if it was the right moment. It was acctually an idea from our record company but since we have never made a compilation before I guess it is a good idea. Hopefully we can find some new fans get into the world of Evergrey.


– This compilation album is «A Decade and a Half». What’s the balance you now do of all these years? How could you sum them up?

RZ- Well a lot of different members:) I think we have a whole fotball team if you count them together:)


– And what does keep you motivated to keep on going with EVERGREY?

RZ- At this point the thong that keeps me going is the fact that I still think its fun and love playing music. Its very hard to make any money in this business nowdays so you have to give a lot of your time for free.


– Finally, what does future hold for the band? 15 more years of music maybe?

RZ- Probarbly not but you never know:)


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final ideas to the interview, last lines are all yours.

RZ- Stay grey and hope to see you on tour in the future!

Tania Giménez



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