– Hello Paul, thanks for taking your time. What are you currently up to?

Currently touring for our album Carbon-Based Anatomy in the states.

– First of all, how did you come up with the idea of releasing your second EP, «Carbon-Based Anatomy»?

My manager asked if we could get some music out this year since we were working on another album and I said yes, so we essentially made this album over the summer of 2011 in about 6 weeks.


– The EP flows really well, so naturally that it’s just not enough for your fans I think, it seems to be like a short full-length as its so well-cared and structured. Did you have more ideas and/or songs beside the ones there are in this effort? I mean, it seems to be so much creativity and inspiration behind this record.

It feels like a full length to me as well. We have lots of music recorded and when we go to make a record we choose from this pool, and refine the songs to craft a specific record / experience.


– Beside some space/futuristic elements, this time around tribal details play a bigger role. What’s the concept behind this «Carbon-Based Anatomy»?

Without being too literal, it’s an album that begins in the Amazonian jungle with a heart song (icaro) and travels through the human realms, finally ending in the astral realm.


– There are also some interludes; what do they mean?

The work is suppose to be heard as one big piece. So it’s as though you’re looking at a large painting and able to focus on specific aspects of the work. The opening track is a heart song to help move ‘stuck’ energy in the body. Bija is an Indian style raga that goes through the Bija mantras and Hieroglyph is a final look at exiting the human body.


– Cover artwork is really different to what you have usually used; would you mind to shed some light on it?

It’s an abstract work of Robert Venosa’s. He chose the piece just before he passed away. For me it represents birth and the evolution of mind in a human body.


– As I said, all tracks in this effort flow so well, and so they do with the overall atmosphere. How important is the general atmosphere in «Carbon-Based Anatomy»?

Not sure I understand your question. Cynic’s music is completely feeling driven and the atmosphere or mood feeling on our albums runs the show. CBA could be more heard as a tone poem record.


– In songs as «Box Up my Bones» vocal parts seem to be quite important, in fact in this concrete tune you have mixed you voice with Amy’s. Why did you think of Amy again for this piece?

My only explanation would be that she just felt right for it.


– I could say you are exploring new territories with «Carbon-Based Anatomy» still keeping the band’s essence. Will you dig a bit more into what you have done in this EP with your next album?

It’s possible. The record making journey writes itself, and although I never know what a record will sound like till it’s done, there’s always an underlying thread and continuity that seems to do itself.


– In fact «Carbon-Based Anatomy» has so much hidden details lying underneath that it must be heard with special attention; don’t you think some people, due to this, will miss some things there are in this effort?

Sure, and that’s ok. Each album will be its own journey for the listener and what they are able to hear depending on their current life experience. Music is so incredibly subjective, it allows each person to hear it differently. Our records are designed to keep evolving and shifting with each listen, so it will sound a bit different every time.


– As I said, there are plenty new elements in «Carbon-Based Anatomy» still sounding like CYNIC. Is this something to get? Is something easy to achieve trying new things without loosing your usual sound?

I can’t say we calculate any of this. The music just unfolds and appears as a result of our attention to it. Art in general naturally has some of the energetic imprints of the human whose body was used to manifest it, so the ‘sound’ pretty much does itself since it’s coming through the same source.


– I could also say is a really expressive effort, it creates different emotions in the listener so, what’s your music for you?

It’s about spiritual freedom, expression, love, surrender, honesty, beauty and just doing it for the sheer joy of it without the process leading to anything. Art for art’s sake.


– And finally, what can we expect from CYNIC from now on? Or in other words; can we expect anytime soon a new full-length album?

Expect a new album by the summer of 2012.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks again for answering to our questions. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thank you for the interview. Peace, love. Check out cyniconline.com for more info.


Tania Giménez



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