– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you guys currently up to?

Hola. Just waiting to go to Japan to play with Lock Up and talking to people like yourself!


– First of all, why did you pick «Brutal Truth» for the band’s name?

I wanted a name that conveyed a concept of a band that played very intensely and had realistic lyrics.

– And what are the main musical influences for the band?

Marijuana. We have not had musical influences for a long time, we started out influenced by early grindcore and death metal, but we have been «self-powered» now for a long time.


– After your split-up in 1998 you came back in 2006 with a new guitar player, Erik Burke. What prompted your dissolution and what made you come back?

There were some personal issues between band members back then, this has been resolved with a member change. We returned to help out Eyehategod by participating in a benefit/tribute for them after hurricane Katrina wiped out their gear and jam spot 6 years ago.


– You will soon release your new «End Time»; what are your expectations?

I hope that all the grindfreaks out there will enjoy our new opus, I went to Toronto last Friday to see Napalm Death, and there I met some people who told me they really liked End Time, so this is good.


– And how could you describe this new album?

Not incredibly different than the previous one with the exception of having a few sludgy songs to mix things up a bit stylistically. Mostly hi-speed chaotic grindcore, but with some parts that will stick in the brain too. Yes, you can whistle along later!


– Something I’m curious about is the album’s name; does it have any hidden or deeper meaning? As it actually suggests certain apocalyptic theme.

It is a pessimistic outlook on the current state of the world, we do not want an apocalypse, but the way things are going with christians and muslims…let’s say religion is going to be the reason the world ends.


– How was songwriting process this time around?

Our drummer Rich would fly up from Philadelphia for a weekend once a month or so here to Rochester, NY where Erik and I live, we would get high and write music. Then we would make a basic recording of what we wrote and send mp3s to our vocalist Kevin.


– We could say «End Time» is a self-produced album. How positive has been this both for the band as for the final output?

These last 2 albums were recorded at Watchmen Studios with Doug White, who is an old friend of Erik’s. He is an amazing engineer who works well with a band who knows what they want, so between his skills and our knowledge of what we want the band to sound like, there was no need for anyone else to be there. we are quite satisfied with this process.


– Cover artwork looks quite «grind», which fits you and the album perfectly. What could you comment on this? Who did it, what does it represent, etc.

It was a collaboration between our drummer Rich and Orion the graphics guy at Relapse. It is a classic grindcore artwork and represents the music and lyrics perfectly, so the end result is a unified theme. An album should «look» like it sounds, right?


– BRUTAL TRUTH’s lyrics have always dealt with different social isssues but, what some of the themes you covered in «End Time»?

This is a better question for our vocalist Kevin, my job is to write music, ha. The basic theme is that the world is in big trouble, i believe.


– You’ve been around for several years now; what have been the best and worst moments for BRUTAL TRUTH?

Best moments- playing with S.O.B. in Tokyo ’93 and playing Obscene Extreme ’07. Worst moments- having to break up in ’98 due to personal tensions.


– And talking about you specially, I think everybody knows you have been involved in many different bands, covering all kind of Metal genres but; in what other projects we’ll see you in the future?

I am playing in a black metal band here in Rochester called NOKTURNAL HELLSTORM, please Google us and you will hear and see what we do.


– Is there anything left for you to do in musical terms?

I think it would be fun to play in a stoner rock band!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

After Japan we have a couple of shows here in the States, a festival in San Antonio, Texas in November and a show in Buffalo, NY in December, and then we will see about next year.


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add any final words; is your time.

Gracias to all the Spanish grindfreaks for supporting Brutal Truth, we love Espana, hails to Machetazo, Nashgul, Teitanblood, Violent Headache, Looking For An Answer and all other killer bands from there.


Sergio Fernández



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