– Hello. First of all thanks for asnwering this interview. What are you guys currently up to?
We are doing excellent, thank you for asking!

– You have just released “Descend into Chaos”; how has been its feedback so far? Reviews from press are quite promising.
Yes they are and we are ofcourse happy with that. The repines has been great, and we are also very satisfied with the final result to that record.

– This time you have worked for first time with Peter Tägtgren instad of Andy Classen. Why did you decide that?
We just wanted to do something different and gain another experience, it was just another adventure for us, which turned out really well.

– And how has been like working with him? Are there any sound differences between both producers?
Soundwise yes, but working its abit the same, both super! In the end we all loved the sound that Peter brought forth.

– For this new album it seems like you have stayed faithful to your “formula” (though I found some tempo changes among other details) but, did anything change during the composition process?
No, legion stays legion! However I think this album is more slower than previous albums, maybe abit more groovy, we took more time in writing though, but never changed anything else

– And what’s new in the record? I found guitars sound a bit different, just as the drums…
The sound is new, the drums sound different because they were recorded in larger recordingroom than with Andy Classen, thats why the drums sound more ‘wider’, also the sound from the guitars since with Peter we did reamping, something we ever did with Andy, those little things made it possible to have this album sound different in a positive way

– I read you have been recording a clip for “The Hand of Darkness”, what can you tell us about it?
It was dramatic as for the conditions. It was -15 and 20cm snow outside the old factory, it was so cold that some equipment did not even work anymore and we had to stand outside in our shirts, it was hell so we couldn’t do it for much longer as we originally planned to

– How’s the Metal scene like in Holand?
Good, we have some good bands here like Hail of bullets, god dethroned!

–  It seems like your country has always had a strong Death Metal scene, but we don’t know too many Thrash Metal bands from there. Do you feel, somehow, “alone”?
Not at all.There are some thrashbands, only not as known as us I guess. But we are not alone in holland, but if we were it would not bother me at all

– You started your career under the name of “Occult”; why did you change your name and why did you choose “Legion of the Damned”?
We just ran into a brick wall with occult, to much negativity behind our backs, with releasing Malevolent rapture it was
time to do something and we changed the name into Legion of the damned because we already had a song with the same name, it was cool and also useful

– It seems like you have had more success after the name change; why do you think is this due to?
It was new for us as well as for the audience, nobody could link at that point legion to occult, it was a new band with a lot of good promotion and a killer album and from that time on it went upwards

– During the OCCULT times you were with a different record label, but all the LOTD albums so far have been release via Massacre Records. Is there any concrete reason for this?
We just signed with Massacre with option on 4 or 5 records, Massacre never dumped us because LEgion had good success, but Descent into chaos is the last one to Massacre atleast the contract says

– And, after 6 albums in 6 years, are you happy with Massacre?
Yes totally, otherwise we would have tried to leave them ofcourse

– It’s obvios you’re a pretty active and busy band; will 2011 be so too?
Not as active as the previous years. We will try to spread the festivals and shows over 2 years instead of pushing everything in 1 year.

– Do you have touring plans? Any chance of seeing you in Spain?
Spain is not in our schedule yet, don’t know if we get another opportunity to play Spain, would be cool though. We are leaving thursday for the Neckbreakers Ball tour in europe.

– And talking about gigs, one of the last times we saw you in Spain was at the Martohell fest. You played there round 02:00 AM; how did it was? And how was playing that late?
Yeah that was late and it sucked alittle, because we already left really early from home with the plane, so playing at 02.00 while we were up already 24 hours was abit hard, but it was a great and fun festival!

– And finally, what are the near-future plans for LEGION OF THE DAMNED?
For the next 2 years we will be playing some shows and tours/festivals. Thats all I can say now.

– That’s all, thank you so much for your time and good luck with your new album. If you want to add any last words to the interview, feel free to do it.
Thanks Tania for the interview! and hope to see the spanish fans soon! Cheers

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