– Hi and thanks for answering to this interview. What’s currently keeping TANKARD busy?
Hi, Olaf here cause we have to spread all the requests in these days. It’s to many work for only one. Sorry!
We just finished the recordings for the new album and as you can see the promotion for this has already started. We also prepare for the last few shows for this year and we looking forward to play in Venezuela and Colombia in December for the very first time.

– How important is alcohol for you? Attitude, titles, covers, lyrics, band name… it’s obvious is a big influence for you guys.
It was more importand in the early days and since we had this image of a bunch of beer drinking clowns we found out that this matches what we are on stage and so we don`t try too serious to get serious but we are serious with that…and we like it!

– And how important is it in your compositions?
We can`t count the songs where the word beer is included but we usually don`t play them all in a roll so nobody will realize it.

– Did you have clear when you formed the band how do you wanted to be?
At the beginning there was no masterplan to form it this way. It just happened while
a few schoolboys try to have some fun.

– You will soon release “Vol(l)ume 14”, what are your expectations about it?
We hope that the Metalworld will like it as we do  and we hope to entertain our fans in the way they like it. Maybe we get some younger people to watch one of our shows for the first time.

– If you want, and since it’ll be out next month, take these lines to introduce your brand new album or to “sell it” in a few words.
Folks, here is our latest release witch contains all the things that we`re known for and also some surprisingly changes (not too much) so if you like Metal- keep a ear to V14

– Why did you choose that title for it? Some people may be wondering due to it if is your 14th record, but curiously is not…
It`s the 14th  full length release if you don`t count the Live stuff or best of`s or the Tankwart stuff.

– I’ve heard the album and even is still fast Thrash Metal it seems that, since some albums ago, you have calmed down a bit your sound; is this a maturity symptom or is it a natural evolution of the TANKARD’s sound?
Before we started the recordings we decided to change the producer to get some new inputs. The result is that we have changes in the sound but that was what we where looking for.

– “Thirst” had surprising elements such as female vocals. But what’s new in your upcoming album?
It contains some more melodically parts not only on the guitar tracks but also on the vocal side.

– I found a more modern sound on it instead of the classical sound of most German Thrash Metal bands (obviously, each band has its very own trademark, but it seems German’s sound has some kind of elements in common). Have you been listening to any “new” bands lately?
If we record a new album we don`t have a plan how it has to sound if it`s ready. The typical “german” sound is not in our mind but maybe it`s the way we play or the way germans play in general that makes the sound typical german. I`ve never thought about that too much and I think I don`t have to do it `cause i`m not sure in witch direction the answer is going – what was the question? Oh yes we also listen to new bands sometimes but there is nothing special in doing this.

– I’ve read several times TANKARD is more like a fun band; have you ever considered recording a serious album or just becoming a more serious band?
If we once do that we probably have to be serious on stage every night and this makes us frightening. BUT we are serious in playing Thrashmetal and it is not as simple as it looks sometimes. Sometimes we have people at our shows who realize for their first time that we play some tricky stuff with smiling faces.

– I also read in an old interview you were not having too much recognition back then in your hometown, has this change during the years?
We are well known by the scene in these days and if we do a show at home it is usually
a  success. Maybe cause we don`t do that too often but also cause we`re doing this for all these years without a break like other bands did??

– What happened to TANKWART? What prompted you to form it and why did you stop its activity? Have you ever thought of taking it up again?
We have actually no plans to continuo the Tankwart stuff but we never say no. As we started it we tried to do simple music with funny lyrics but we where bored of it very quick so we returned to do not so simple music with more funny words in it.

– During all these years of career you have influenced several Thrash Metal bands that came later. What are your feelings about it?
That`s a good feeling. Whatching bands on youtube playing our songs and listen to the
stuff they send to us. Sometimes someboy send us a line where he just want`s to say thank you for inspiration and that feels very very good.

– TANKARD has been around for almost 3 decades now but, how do you see the band in the next 10 years?
I don`t know if we can do that for another ten years but what else can we do than having fun with the band and travel around the world to play as much different countrys we can? We don`t select the offers for Tankard shows only to maximum profit but to have maximum fun and to visit new countrys. We all have regular jobs and so we don`t have to run the band to pay our bills. We also have families we have to care for and so we feel very comfortable playing 30 shows a year instead of 150.

– Do you expected when you formed the band reach the place where you stand today?
Who could expect that it works well after such a long time? We did the same in the middle of the 90`s as the room for Thrashmetal was not as big as it grows again in these days but we liked it and so we kept it going.

– It seems most Metal musicians can’t live only from their music, so I guess you also have daily jobs; which are they?
Gerre is a social worker- working with drug addicted people.
Frank is working for a big Asian car company.
Andy is working as a Software designer in a big company and I
(Olaf) am  working at the prototype department in a big car supplying company.

– I bet you’re tired of being asked about funny anecdotes or memories about shows, etc. But, what are the worst anecdotes you have experienced as band so far?
The worst thing I remember right now was in Bosnia where we had a 5 minute break beside the road when Gerre was walking straight into a Minefield cause he didn`t saw
the warning signs. A big red sign with a skull on it. The local promoter screamed like hell “Gerre, do you like to kill us all?”
Later on this trip we passed some rivalling Hooligans and they hit our car with a few really big stones and we where scared to death for the second time on that  day.

– Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to ask you a few offtopic questions: which is the most surprising CD in your collection?
“Die Moldau” from Smetana

– What was the last show you attended?
r Soul

– I know you’re Eintracht Frankfurt followers and as I’m writing this interview
you’re in the 5th place; how do you see the teams future?
As I write this they appear on 4th place but I don`t know what the future will bring. At
the moment it`s looking very good.

– I’m going to ask you a few round questions, just answer whatever first comes to your mind when reading these following words:
Beer: SchlappeSeppel is my favourite
Whiskey: No good experience with it
German Thrash Metal: Solid and „unauslöschlich“
Vinyl format: Antik
Bayern Munich: Beer
Tankard: 17.12.2010 release date of V14
Angela Merkel: reminds me on a old cover artwork from the Titanik-Magazin                                   https://www.titanic-magazin.de/shop/index.php?action=showdetails&from=search&pageNr=1&productId=3f7192907ef34
Stone Cold Austin: Have to ask the web , Stone Cold who?

– And finally, what are your plans to promote the album? Any tour to support it live? Will we see you guys this year in Spain?
The schedule for the next year is not finished yet but I don`t know if spain is on the list or not. We will support V14 as always with some Headlinershows on weekends and a few festivals in summertime.

– That’s all. Thank you again for your time. If you want to add anything else to the interview, last lines are completely yours.
A agua pasada todo se ve más fácil.??    Ole, cheeers   Olaf

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