– Hello, thanks for taking your time. First off, how does it feel like bringing a new album after all those years?

Hello, thank you for your time as well. It feels great bringing the brutality with a new album. It is called “Macabre Eternal,” and was released in May 2011.

– How did this come back come up?

Well, we recorded a couple new songs in 2008 for the 20th Anniversary of our 1st record “Severed Survival.” It felt good and fun again to play as Autopsy. After we received an offer to play Maryland Deathfest 2010 we decided to record a new ep called “The Tomb Within.” After a short while we realized that we wanted to do this and we knew we could still play and write brutal music. If not, then we wouldn’t be doing thie at all.


– And what prompted your split-up?

After the U.S tour 1993, I became burned out and didn’t want to play anymore. When we were done with the tour we agreed to split on good terms. We recorded a last record “Shitfun” and played a final show in San Francisco. I needed a break really. Chris and Danny formed Abscess. In 1996 I recorded an ep with a new band named Funeral. That band also broke up but the ep was finally released in 2010 on a label out of the U.K. called Aphelion Productions. Another project I was a part of was a fusion jazz rock I don’t know what band called Dark Hall. It was Steve Diogiorgio’s band. I left after the first demo because I felt that they needed someone better suited to the stlyle than provided. Reall cool stuff though. I didn’t play for years after that.


– Did you expect when releasing the “Horrific Obsession” EP it will all get like this?

No, not even. I knew that people who liked Autopsy would like the new material as well but I didn’t know the metal scene was as strong as it is. What a Horrific sight!


– Have been 16 years since your previous full-length album. How has the Metal world evolved during these years?

There are all these new metal genre names that I don’t understand. The metal cores and shit, I don’t know. There are a ton of good death metal bands now. I love playing the festivals with all the good bands to see and hang out.


– And how has been the composition process like after all these years?

Like it always has been. We write songs and bring them to the band once we have self edited it and pronounced the song ready to kill. Chris and myself sat down with guitars yesterday and wrote a song together. It will be on the next album because it is heavy as fuck! No title yet but it will be there. We will write more songs this way, it’s good to mix it up like that.


– Reviews for “The Tomb within” whee overhelming actually, did this fact affect in any way the creative process for “Macabre Eternal”? In terms of pressure, etc.

No, we do this because we like it. We hope others like it too, but our focus is making brutal death metal. If we do that, everything takes care of itself. To say there is never any pressure would be wrong. There is always a little pressure, recording a solo, playing in front of a large crowd, it’s that pressure that drives us but it never shapes what, why, how, or anything we do.


– I think with the album’s name, “Macabre Eternal”, express quite good what is this album about and what has AUTOPSY always been about…

Eternally Macabre! It says all you need to know, and the soundtrack matches it perfectly!


– So is the title some kind of statement you guys are what always have been? Is what we find in “Macabre Eternal” 100% AUTOPSY?

You bet yer bloody knickers it is! We are no nostalgia trip. We stand by all ofour previous records, but we are here now, to kill you all over again, and again, with no plans of letting up.


– Anyway, I think there are some refreshing elements in the record. A proof of that could be the track “Sadistic Gratification”, which has a long length. What call you tell us about this song?

I wrote Sadistic Gratification in pieces. While playing guitar and writing songs, sometimes I would come across a riff that belonged in Sadistic. I would then find a place for that riff in sadistic, and I did that until I felt that the song was complete. It combines some dark places I was going to with some music I was listening to. One record I was listening to while writing this song was Darkthrone “Circle the Wagons,” a brilliant record. I wanted to do something different, a piece that could take you somewhere, a place that you do not want to visit. A friend came in a did the horror screams at the end, the death march torture kill. Autopsy is more than death metal, we are horror music and that is what Sadistic Gratifaction is. Horror music.


– Beside that, there’s also an acoustic part in “Bridge of Bones”. Have you tried out some new things intentionally in the album?

Not intentionally. It is what we are doing at that particular time, we just do what comes naturally for us. Sometimes we might hold something back if it is not ready, but the plan is to make it ready at some point or shit can it. I love when acoustic guitars are used correctly in metal. Some bands can do that and some cannot. I hope we are one that can!


– I’m also curious about your record label as, if I’m not wrong, all your albums have been released by Peaceville, which is pretty curious considering these “16 years hiatus”. What kind of deal do you have with them?

It is a great relationship we have with Peaceville Records. We sign what we want to do at the time. After Shitfun we had no obligations so when we got back together we talked to Peaceville and signed a short deal. We can stay with them or sign elswhere at this point.


– I guess some people may wonder if this is a stable “come back”. So, can we expect upcoming new full-length albums from AUTOPSY?

Autopsy is here. We are not going away, we have more sickness, filth, and horror to spew forth. There will be more full length albums.


– I saw you will do some summer festivals but, do you have any touring plans?

Not at this time. There are some things that require our attention at home for now. But in the future we hope to get out there more.


– And finally, what are the inmediate future plans for AUTOPSY?

We will release all the eps we have done along with Horrific Obsession, and the song Funerality on 1 release. Also included will be all the original artwork, a new brutal cover, and 3 new songs of madness! After that, a new full length record.


– Tha has been all, thanks for your time. Now feel free to add any final words.

Thanks to all keep it brutal

Tania Giménez


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