– Hello, thanks for your time. What’s currently going on in the TRIALS camp?

Hello there, thanks for having us! We are preparing for the release of our debut album «Witness To The Downfall,» on August 1st.

– «Witness to the Downfall» is your debut album so, could you please introduce the band?

Sure thing. We are:

Mark Sugar – guitar, vocals

Remy Walle – guitar

Usha Rajbhandari – bass guitar

Adam Kopecky – drums


– And why «Trials»?

When we started putting the band together, we threw around a few different names, and the word «Trials» just kind of stuck. Since we have a habit of doing things the hard way, it seemed to fit us very well.


– As I said, your debut album is «Witness to the Downfall». What does this name mean?

We felt like we were seeing a lot of things in the world go bad very quickly, both in our personal situations and in the world overall.


– And what are your expectations both for the album and the band?

We know better to expect anything out of the music industry at this point. Our only expectation was to make a killer metal record, and hopefully people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


– The cover artwork has been done by Seth Siro Anton. Could you please shed some light on this?

We were fans of his work, particularly with Paradise Lost and his own band Septicflesh. We contacted him and asked if he’d do a cover for us, and much to our surprise, he agreed to do it.


– Lasse Lammert (ALESTORM) took the production duties, did he get the sound you were looking for?

He achieved everything we were hoping for, and more. Lasse put a lot of work into this album, and the result is fantastic.


– If I’m not wrong, you also had drummer Sasha Horn. How did everything start and what has he brought with his drurmming?

Sasha was in the band when we first started, and he recorded with us on this album before he left. His style helped define the Trials sound, and was a very important part of the foundation that we’ve been building on since then. Sasha is currently drumming for NOVEMBERS DOOM. I should also mention that our current drummer Adam Kopecky is kicking so much ass that we’re not sure he’s human.


– One of the first things I thought when listening to you is the similar sound to MACHINE HEAD. Is this something intended?

We are definitely fans of Machine Head, but our main influences are mostly other things, and we were honestly not trying to sound like MH. If anything, Trials and MH probably share some similar influences, such as ’80s thrash and classic metal.


– Anyway, what are your main musical influences?

Sting, Michael Bolton, and Rod Stewart.


– I also noticed guitar and personal riffs are an important part of the band, isn’t it?

It’s all about the riffs! Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.


– And finally, what are the band’s near-future plans?

We’ll be doing some shows in support of «Witness To The Downfall» this summer, and then begin work on the next album as soon as possible. We have a lot of new music written already that we are very excited about.


– That’s all, thank you once more for your time. Anything to add before we wrap this interview?

Thank YOU for supporting our music. Our album comes out August 1, and you can hear some of it at . Thanks again and take care!


Sergio Fernández


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