– Hello, thanks for your time. What’s REIGN OF VENGEANCE currently up to?

The band is currently in the studio writing and recording a new single for the Brain Damage Films/Music Christmas horror movie releases. They wanted a song that they could put onto all of the holiday horror movies they release so that is what we are currently working on. Also, we are preparing for a slew of live shows we have coming up the end of this month and early August. On top of that we are engaged in research for the upcoming album. This research includes banging a lot of different types of women, drinking lots of alcohol, watching an excessive amount of horror and violent movies, and crashing my Dr. buddies autopsies and dissections at the local college. I can tell you that the yellow chunky fat of a human being tastes more like a chicken nugget than it does beef. It is best that I do not tell you how or why I know this…

– To start, could you please describe the band to all those who haven’t listened to you yet?

Reign of Vengeance is the horror oriented Brutal, Bloody, Death Fucking Metal band. We write technical music within classic song structures. For this album each song was written as its own graphic and straight forward short horror story.


– And what are the band’s main influences? What else do you listen apart from Death Metal?

Our main influences are horror and other musicians/bands that actually play their instruments proficiently. We do not waste our time with the nonsense pop music world contrived of commercially exploited “artists” who would not be able to write anything worthwhile to save their lives without the guidance of outside producers. We listen to metal and death metal classics and to other musicians/bands that actually know consciously what the fuck they are doing musically and lyrically.


– Have been 4 years between your first EP and this album. Why did it take you that time?

Aside from the other projects the Reign of Vengeance members are currently active in we wanted to make sure this album was done right. Tommy and I also have another band REBIRTH that we have spent a lot of time working on, aside from the many other different projects he and I are independently working on.


– Your first album was released a few weeks ago; how has been its feedback both from the fans and press?

I don’t know… who cares?


– And what were your expectations with this new effort?

We wanted it to be technically efficient both musically and lyrically. Personally, I think we have accomplished that and I feel satisfied (for now) with our work.


– Tell us a bit about its artwork. I read the dude in the cover is criminal Sheriff Arpario, who has a huge power; have you had any trouble because of that? And why him?

The only problem we have had so far is from the local Arizona media who has been too afraid to print/air the interviews or album’s cover artwork because of their fear of a backlash from Arpaio himself. I stand by what I’ve said and that we did not make the cover artwork to be “controversial”-it is meant to be a call to action. Joe Arpaio is a sadist who enjoys torturing his inmates and the rest of the Arizona community. He punishes severely and tortures Arizona citizens for offenses against even the most meaningless and commonly broken laws. Joe Arpaio needs to be removed from office and I don’t understand how America has tolerated him for so long. He is the worst example of what someone holding power in America can be.


– In musical terms, how was the songwriting process for the album?

Tommy had pre-written the song structures and guitars. We then flew Samus and Nick out here from their home towns and holed up in The Kompound studio for a couple weeks and recorded the album. We all had a great time saturated with plenty of alcohol, violent movies, music and drop in parties with other bands from Arizona that we enjoy. We gave a bunch of the video footage we had shot during these two weeks to our video editor and he has apparently posted some of these online as recording webisodes…?


– Your lyrics deal with crimes, torture, anti-mormonism… How’s the responsible for the lyrics? And what are the foundations behind them?

After Tommy had composed the music I wrote the lyrics based upon what each song sounded like to me. The music of Reign of Vengeance is a weapon to attack and point out a lot of the contrived bullshit in this world that we do not like or even hate. We are not the kind of people that are willing to simply sit back and keep our fucking mouths shut if we don’t like something. If we need to speak out, we will. If we need to take action, we will. We are not a band of cowards. It is that simple.


– There have been some line-up changes until this debut album; could we say this is a stable line-up?

As of right now this is the stable recording line up.


– You have had several guest artists from well-known bands such as DYING FETUS, ABORTED, VEHEMENCE, etc. What other guests would you like to have in a future album?

At the time these were not guest appearances but the members from each of those bands were members of Reign of Vengeance. As life moves forward people get busy and other projects and events take priority for different individuals. As a band Reign of Vengeance continues to move forward and whatever needs to happen member wise to ensure that, will.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Tour, play shows, spread our brutality.


-That’s all, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words to this interview, feel free to do it.

No. That is efficient.

Sergio Fernández


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